Understand The Reasons for Hair Loss and What to Do About It

November 25th, 2023 by

Understand The Reasons for Hair Loss and What to Do About It

People have been wondering for years what causes hair loss, and although there may not be a simple answer, there is something you can do about it, like stimulating shampoo for hair growth.

But first, let’s look into some of the known reasons for hair loss 

Hormone imbalances: Your hormones have a lot of power over your body and especially your hair, so always keep an eye on what’s happening with your hormones.  

Genetics: Male or female pattern baldness is genetically inherited by either or both parents, and unfortunately there’s not much to be done about this.  

Stress & childbirth: Some factors in your life like high levels of stress and childbirth can cause temporary hair loss.  

Certain drugs: That are used in cancer treatments, blood pressure tablets, birth control pills, blood thinners and more can cause hair loss as a side effect.   

Autoimmune diseases can cause alopecia areata, and in this condition, the immune system works too hard, and this can affect the hair follicles. In people who suffer from this hair loss issue, the hair does grow back, although it may be temporarily very fine and a lighter colour before things come back to normal.   

Cosmetic alterations: Things like shampooing your hair too much, doing perms, dyeing and bleaching your hair can really contribute to overall hair thinness by making hair weaker over time. This also includes things like using hot rollers every night, hot curlers and over-brushing hair can also damage and break hair. In the case of cosmetic damage, your hair can grow back normally when you stop damaging your hair, but prolonged damage can end with permanent bald patches. 

 Medical conditions like lupus, diabetes, thyroid diseases, anaemia, iron deficiencies, eating disorders and others can cause hair loss. In most situations when the underlying condition is treated the hair grows back, but there can be scarring of the scalp and follicular disorders that prevent this. 

Diet issues such as a severely calorie-restricted diet can cause temporary hair loss as well as a low protein diet in addition to this, vitamin deficiencies such as a lack of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, iron and zinc have all been associated with hair loss.  

Heat damage from over-styling or using straightening procedures too much can cause hair to burn gradually over time and cause immense damage to the hair. 

Combat Hair Loss 

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