Wearing Wigs and Hairline Health: Understanding the Impact

November 1st, 2021 by

Wearing Wigs and Hairline Health: Understanding the Impact

Nowadays, wearing a wig has become a common trend. That is because one is either tired of getting up early to comb and style their natural hair or just for the addition of beauty.

Before today, wigs were mainly worn by ladies because of theater roles in which they had to play as someone else, which, by then, was a very common thing only for those who were part of the role. Now, anyone can wear a wig as long as you can afford to get yourself one.

Though we love wigs, we also need to remember to care for our hairlines. For newbies, their first concern would be if the wigs preserve their hairline or it recedes it. I will explain it in detail right below.

Do wigs affect my hairline?

We all well know that there are different types of wigs, there is synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, lace wigs and many others. When you decide that you are tired of dealing with your natural hair at that particular time, and you decide to wear a wig, it is best you know the type of wig that best suits you and does not destroy your hair.

I will talk of lace wigs for instance. The lace wigs can either be just a lace front wig or a 360° lace wig. Which one you chose is all up to you. Lace front wigs give an illusion of one hairline, making others think it is your natural hair and not a wig. What glue you use to stick the lace to your cap matters; size of the wig cap matters too when it comes to buying and selecting your wigs. When choosing a wig, it should be a perfect fit. Do not get a smaller or bigger size as those will damage hairs that are around the edges of your head.

Answering the question of whether wigs destroy our hairlines or not is NO! Wigs more than often help protect the hair and hairline. You buy a wig to protect your hair from damage, it helps protect and keep your natural hair from cutting because of not caring for it. However, whether or not wigs destroy your hairline is based on your method of installation, maintenance and removal e of the wig.

Below are some maintenance practices that if not followed or done right can cause your hairline to get destroyed or even recede.

Wig and cap size

This should be the first and most important thing you look at when purchasing a wig. It is required that you measure and know the size of your head and size of the wig and cap you will buy. helps you learn how to measure your wig size.

Proper hair washing routine

You need to make sure that when you are washing your hair, properly shampoo your hair and as you do so massage the scalp thoroughly so that you wash away the dirt and germs. Make sure to also moisture and apply hair lotion to your hair to keep it full of nutrients and make it look shiny and rich.

Your scalps need to breathe

When buying your wigs there is a need to consider that the wig allows aeration for your scalp. But you do not have to purchase a torn wig for aeration. If the wig does not allow passage of flow of air the wig will cause increase in temperature and this will cause a burning effect on hair that will cause it to break easily. You can purchase these amazing wigs.

Protective hairstyles

Mostly before the installation of a wig the most done hairstyle to give the flat look on hair is to braid a protective hairstyle. This helps strengthen your hair and hairline from breakages. Definitely it is a good idea to braid your hair before installation of a wig but then avoid excessive braiding for all moments you put a wig as constant braiding breaks your hair. So take some time to braid and sometimes take a break from it too.

Keep the hair flat.

Before the installation of your wig make sure that the hair is flat as this will make your wig not to look bulky and distorted as that will not be a good look. When the hair bulky it is prone to breakage and dryness along the hairline.

Adhesive usage

It is beneficial to use glue when installing your wig so as to keep it intact, but then you need to avoid excessive usage of these glues. They cause damage when you try to remove the glue. The type of glue used is necessary to be aware of. Best advice would be that before using a particular adhesive, it is best to test it on your hand to see if you react to it or not. Be careful, you do not want to lose your crown.

Irritation of the scalp

People scalp have different sensitivities thus if you buy a wig with material that causes your scalp to be irritated, if it causes excessive itching and you will feel a burning sensation these will cause your scalp to become tender and that causes breakages of hair.

Take a break from wigs

Its understandable that wigs provide a quick easy solution to have a ready to go hairstyle but it is not a good idea to always be having a wig installed as this just causes excessive damage to your hair and scalp. Thus you deserve a time off wigs here and there to rock a natural look.

Damp hair are a No!

Do not install a wig whilst you have damp hair. Having a wig that cause a temperature increase near the scalp surface and if now there is moisture it causes the growth of nasty bacteria and mildew and definitely you do not want this to happen on your head. Thus completely dry your hair.

Final Thoughts

Wigs are worn to add beauty and protect your hair and hairline. Wigs do not destroy your hairline unless you yourself are careless to take care of it and continue looking beautiful. Be sure to take good care of the process of installation, maintenance and especially removal because these determine whether or not you get to keep that crown looking rich and natural.