10 Stylish Short Pixie Haircuts In Trend In 2018!

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10 Stylish Short Pixie Haircuts In Trend In 2018!

Whether it’s a paper or to experiment with their style, women have the power to influence beauty and fashion trends, especially with their hair.

In the 1970s, everyone wanted to wear the perfectly feathered haircut like that of Farrah Fawcett, the star of “Charlie’s Angels.”  But these long hairstyle which was very favorable, and ‘sexy’ is not suitable for all faces.

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In recent decades there have been a handful of iconic star haircuts that have caused a stir in pop culture, none more than Jennifer Aniston’s when she starred in “Friends.”

Jennifer Aniston

In 1994, her hairstyle, nicknamed “The Rachel” like her character in the TV comedy, was the universal cut in the United States. Interestingly, she was not a fan of the hairstyle that the famous stylist Chris McMillan gave her.

Nowadays, a short and bold pixie haircut has become popular in many stylists chairs. Many celebrities opt for this trending pixie hairstyle which is so versatile that any woman can find the perfect style for her.

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The British supermodel, Twiggy, started a trend with her daring pixie cut and her bisexual style which was one of the most influential trendsetters in the world in the late 70s. Everyone copied her hairstyle which rested on the top of the head and generally covered the ears.

twiggy pixie haircut

These pixie cuts have become the standard for women looking for a silky, elegant look. It is much more comfortable and tended to try new trends in shorter lengths. It is easy to comb and suitable for any hair and face shape.

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A woman with a pixie cut plus a natural color is a winning combo and a right way to drastically change your appearance. To add a bit of softness to your new pixie cut, we recommend you to add natural color.

You can design your pixie cut styles by combing back or tie with a lovely headband for special occasions. The messy pixie cut is also very modern, and you can quickly develop disordered looks with a longer pixie cut.

Pixie Haircut

Pixie cuts will be in fashion for many years, so have collected the latest ideas of pixies haircut with which you can get a new and innovative look.

How To Style A Pixie Cut:

To style a pixie cut, there are three steps:

Step One:

The first thing is, the hair needs to be washed and conditioned. Then dry hair until its moist. Cut the edges of the hair, starting from the front, in the central part, following a diagonal line downwards, to the temples (in front of the ears), and turn around the ears to leave a little below the top of the ear.

Repeat the same fashion on the other side.

Now, from the back of the head to the center of the neck area, cut the edge of the hair following a delicate line at neck top and a slight bend at the top, at the top of the ears, until you reach the forehead.

Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

Step Two:

Create layers working with almost vertical lines on the sides and the back.


You must work from back to front, and pay close attention to the hair length and the width of the cuts.

For very short hairstyles, professionals usually press their fingers over the head to have a long guide. Along the parietal region (the area of ​​the head where the skull begins to curve toward the top of the head), try to leave the hair a little longer.

Then, working sideways, use the front edge (the fringe area) as the basis of the length to cut the upper lock that will guide you, as it will be the longest of the entire cut.


You have to comb the hair from the top of the head in the correct direction before cutting, to ensure a suitable result.

Keep using the same strand as a guide for the next cuts, working around the hair segments that are on the top. Finally, drop the upper lock that was your guide between the hair of the parietal region.

Step Three:

If you want, you can stop here. But, if you prefer to add little visual interest to the hairstyle, or if your hair is too dense at the top, you can continue working on the hairstyle structure.

Starting from the forehead, in the area of ​​the fringe, the combed hair should be of 1.25 centimeters, from left to right, and should be placed between the fingers of the hand that was free.


Use the tips of the scissors to trim the tips of the hair into peaks.

While working on the back, bring your hair to a slightly more vertical direction and continue the work in the form of spikes. This process allows reducing the density of the hair where there is too much and is a useful tool to model and give a final finish to the cut.


Comb the hair following three successive steps:

  1. A soft drying on the helmet with a little mousse and brushing with a natural bristle brush.
  2. Apply gel with the help of a comb and fingers to soften and model the top and bangs up.
  3. A final hairstyle with gel to turn the hair down and smooth.


To get a good result, practice on a mannequin before moving on to a real person.

Pixie Cuts For Different Face Shape:

Pixie Cuts For Heart Shaped Faces:

Pixie Cuts For Heart Shaped Faces

Although pixie cuts for heart-shaped faces have transformed in many ways, Jennifer Lawrence cut is a style that we are dying to copy. This type of look suits for women having a super broad forehead and a  smaller chin, so the bangs should be a must when it comes to cutting your hair.

Do you want a sharper face? Ask for long layers on the crown to give them volume and thus have much more length on your face.

Pixie Cut For Round Face:

Pixie Cut For Round Face

The purpose of the pixie cut for round face is to sharpen your face, so opt for a full volume cut on the crown and long layers, especially on the sides. If you leave long strands in front of your ears, you will highlight your eyes and pay attention to your cheeks.

The best thing for these faces is a long pixie cut. The bangs should fall on your forehead to form a sexy look. You can also place a little volume on the crown of the head.

For a messy pixie cut, apply some wax at the tips, or, if you want something classic pixie cut, the polishing serums + one iron will be your best ally.

Pixie Cut For Oval Face:

Pixie Cut For Oval Face

You are fortunate because the oval face is ideal for any look. So you can pixie cut for the oval face as you like, and you can make all the pixie cut hairstyles.

Your pixie can be long or have a more radical version and ‘tomboy pixie cut’ with short sides. If you are a fan of the second, do not forget to use very feminine accessories to make it softer: bandanas, brooches, pink lipstick, etc.

Pixie Cut For Square Face:

Pixie Cut For Square Face

If you have a square face and you want to wear a pixie cut, then you have to understand that to make your face look straight, all you need is volume. You can beat the hair on top and comb it with a little wax.

The most important thing is keeping a little extra hair in the back, as you have a very clear chin. Plus, when it comes to combing, do not forget to add volume with a bit of wax to comb and a dryer on top.


Remember to cut it regularly, so it does not become a mullet.

Different Types Of Pixie Cuts:

Pixie Cuts is the new trend used in the year 2018,  but you can use it endlessly because it is a very suitable cut for any fashion or any season. You must let the fringe long to accompany the hairstyle. No matter which side you go, the important thing is that it should cover a large part of your forehead.

Pixie Cut Shaved Sides:

Pixie Cut Shaved Sides

Rapa all your hair from the side of your preference. Leave the other hand long so that you notice that its a pixie. Make sure the length is not so long. Another way to wear it is shaved on both sides and combed back with a punk pixie cut.

Medium Pixie Cut:

Medium Pixie Cut

If you don’t like the short pixie cuts go for the medium pixie cut. Look for a height between pixie and bob.

Natural Hair Pixie Cut:

Natural Hair Pixie Cut

Opt for a classic natural pixie cut, very much like Anne Hathaway. Look for symmetry in your hair, a more smooth and natural look.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut:

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut is keeping a  short side and a long side, but not indeed shaved, what do you think?

Super Short Pixie Cut:

Super Short Pixie Cut

It is ideal for thin faces. If you come to this class, do not hesitate to take the head almost to rapa. Or f you want a classic short pixie cut, I recommend a super short pixie which is bold, sexy, and exceptionally comfortable.

Pixie Cut Long Bangs:

Pixie Cut Long Bangs

The pixie cut long bangs with side stripe is the most common and modern of all. The side stripe and the asymmetric cut will give you a very smooth touch.

Pixie Cut Long Fringe:

Pixie Cut Long Fringe

If you don’t like very short pixie cuts, I recommend one with super short hair and long fringe pixie cut. It will allow you to mold and comb it in different ways.

Pixie Bowl Cut:

Pixie Bowl Cut

This asymmetrical pixie cut with layered fringe favors square but thin faces. It is round, but you can smooth it, rip it or keep it in its original shape combing it with a round brush and a little heat.

Smooth Pixie Cut:    

Smooth Pixie Cut

The smooth pixie cut is leaving the front part a little long and combing it sideways. Keep it smooth or adding a wave that can be done with a flat iron. It’s a classic and modern hairstyle, and it’s a trendy pixie cut.

Pixie Cut Mullet:

Pixie Cut Mullet

If you want to change your hairstyle and style without breaking your haircut, pixie cut mullet is the best option for you. It’s ideal for square faces because it avoids the look of the chin towards the hair.

How To Cut Off A Pixie Mullet:  

A pixie mullet usually has layers on the top to be fluffed at the time of combing and giving a little volume to the hair. However, if you let them grow a lot and comb with an iron, it will render the feel having a mullet.

Mohawk Pixie Cut:

mohawk style pixie cut

Mohawk pixie cut has long bangs on the tip and slightly more trimmed on sides. This style looks better on heart-shaped faces. The fringe covers the forehead while the tip with which it ends gives the face thinness.