The Last Mile-New Digital Delivery Process

May 2nd, 2022 by

The Last Mile-New Digital Delivery Process

The preceding 18 months has seen changes in the way that we shop, how our purchases are delivered to our doors and the immediacy of these logistic processes. People now know what they want and they want it now. The convenience of online shopping and ecommerce is only possible with speedy distribution and delivery, which is no longer just a basic requirement but a key expectation of every e-shopper. This article discusses some of the insights as to last mile delivery showing its importance and development.

Win-Win situation

The vast changes in the way people consume and receive products has not only made shopping more convenient but has also made changes to the logistics and supply chain industry essential. In 2020, consumers in the US spent over $790 billion online. This is more than a 30% increase over the previous year and is a clear sign of the way online shopping and consumption are changing the world we live in.

These changes are having a significant change to last mile delivery but also to the trucking industry. People want their purchases more immediately and the same day or next day delivery phenomenon has seen demand for courier and driver options skyrocket. As the logistics industry tries to not only cope with the demands of online commerce, but also improve the experience of customers, so they are trying to innovate in supply chain models to increase customer service, increase parcel volume and make deliveries faster and more efficient.

Innovation in the Logistics Industry

If the thought of having your next parcel delivered to you by drone may sound far-fetched, you may want to reconsider. Innovation in the logistics industry has been developing in leaps and bounds and the industry is consistently and effectively innovating with new technology and new ways to deal with growing demands. There are now electronic means to access truck loads that are shared in the cloud, where you can find loads for trucks. It is this online integration that is improving our last mile logistics.

The pandemic changed how deliveries were done. Yes, there was an increase in the number and frequency that people bought products which increased the need for delivery drivers and courier firms. The major change, however, was a de-personalization of the sector as parcels were left at the door and signatures forgone. It’s a different form of delivery, but perhaps emphasized the fact that this human interaction may not be required in the last mile automated delivery process.

These increased expectations and demands have meant that the automation and inclusion of machine learning and artificial intelligence for last mile delivery has become a reality. There are entire neighborhoods where drone delivery is the norm and companies that are now looking to apply for airspace to begin a detailed test of automated and self-drive delivery drones. The sector has also of late been more about green delivery options rather than simply fast delivery options.

The last mile of delivery is now accepted as the most important aspect of the logistics process. It the one point of contact with the customer and also the point that is most notable for the customer.