Choosing Keratin Glue for Hair Extensions: Expert Tips

April 16th, 2022 by

Choosing Keratin Glue for Hair Extensions: Expert Tips

Keratin glue for hair extensions is a material used by all stylists working in fusions technique. It is intended for making keratin bonds, which fix the extended strands.

Read in our article how to choose the right keratin glue and where to buy it.

How Do You Use Keratin Glue for Hair Extensions?

Keratin glue is the material from which hairstylists form bonds, which are then used to attach extended strands to natural hair.

The process is as follows:

  1. With the help of flat iron, keratin glue is heated to 180-220°C (temperature depends on the type of keratin glue pellets: traditional Italian and gel keratin melt at different temperatures);
  2. The strand is applied to natural hair at a certain distance from the roots. The hair extensions process usually begins at the back of the head, with a gradual transition to the top and temples.
  3. The stylist fixes/twists a molten bond with their fingers. The resulting bond hardens during 2-3 seconds, providing reliable fixation of the entire hairstyle.

What to Consider When Buying Keratin Glue for Hair Extensions?

In order for keratin glue to fulfill all its functions: secure fixation of the strands and safety for the health of the clients, the stylist should know how to choose it.

Chinese plastic or silicone are very often sold under the guise of authentic keratin glue, but both of these products are harmful to hair.

Now we tell you what to pay attention to buy genuine keratin glue pellets and avoid buying a fake:

  • The high-quality product must have a specific neon glow under the UV lamp.
  • The proper size of granules is about 1 mm in diameter and 2-3 mm in length.
  • Transparent material should have a light blue hint. In turn, low-quality raw materials can be yellowish or look cloudy. Of course, this does not apply to color keratin glue, which is chosen to match the hair colour of your clients.

You can find quality keratin glue for hair extensions at the I Love Slavic Hair online store. There are two types of keratin glue in the range of the company: standard Italian (transparent and color: black and brown) and gel keratin of different shades.

This product is chosen by the top stylists specializing in fusion hair extensions in Canada and the USA, for whom it is important that the product is convenient to use, provides secure strands fixation and is safe for the health of customers.

You will also be pleased with your choice!