Using a Jelly Cleanser: Benefits and Tips

January 16th, 2023 by

Using a Jelly Cleanser: Benefits and Tips

There are many types of cleanser available that all promise to cleanse the skin for a fresh complexion. But there is one type of cleanser that has taken the skincare community by storm – the jelly cleanser

Jelly cleansers are a gentle type of cleanser that cuts through oils and impurities to clean the skin, while also hydrating to leave a radiant and balanced complexion. Below, we look into exactly what a jelly cleanser is, and why you should be using one in your skincare routine.  

What is a jelly cleanser?

As the name suggests, jelly cleansers are cleansers in a jelly-like formula. They are a thick consistency that will melt into liquid when mixed with water, soothing the face and banishing any impurities and excess oils. 

Jelly cleansers are usually packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients that work to cleanse and brighten skin, for a fresh and dewy complexion. 

What are the benefits of a jelly cleanser?

Jelly cleansers are thicker than liquid cleansers, which helps them to clean more thoroughly. They can be massaged into the skin to deeply cleanse and unclog pores. They’re also hydrating, so they can help to balance the complexion, taking away excess oils without stripping the skin. 

For this reason, jelly cleansers are usually more gentle than some other types of cleansers. Some cleansers use harsh ingredients to take away too much of the natural oils in the skin, which leaves it dry, red, and irritated. 

Jelly cleansers, in contrast, gently cleanse the skin of excess oils and impurities. They often contain hydrating ingredients, such as glycerin to prevent moisture loss. This helps to soothe the skin and prevent any irritation. 

Jelly cleansers can be effective in fighting acne. Unlike oil-based cleansers, which can clog pores further, jelly cleansers dissolve dirt and clear pores. The soothing properties can also help to calm redness. 

What skin type is best for a jelly cleanser?

Thanks to their gentle and balancing formula, jelly cleansers work great on all skin types

If you have dry skin and find that foaming cleansers are too drying, a jelly cleanser can help to add moisture while you cleanse the skin. 

If you have oily skin and find oil-based cleansers too rich, a jelly cleanser will effectively remove excess oil to leave a fresh, balanced complexion. 

It’s important when looking for the right skincare product for your skin type that you don’t go too extreme. For example, if you have oily skin, you might think that a harsh, foaming cleanser is what you need to banish the excess oil. However, you could find that these are too severe and will leave your skin far too dry. So, a jelly cleanser can make the best solution to cleanse the skin while hydrating.

How to use a jelly cleanser

Jelly cleansers can usually be used to both cleanse the skin and also remove makeup. When using a jelly cleanser to remove makeup, it’s best to massage a small amount into dry skin. Most jelly cleansers are gentle enough to use to remove eye makeup too, so you can gently massage it around the eye area to remove mascara. 

You can then rinse the cleanser away with water. You might want to follow this with a double cleanse to remove any impurities or makeup that could remain. 

You can also use a jelly cleanser for a quick cleanse when you’re not wearing makeup. You can do this by massaging a small amount of cleanser into damp skin. Then rinse it away with water and follow with a toner to balance the skin.