Happiness is all about a good hair day

June 9th, 2021 by

Happiness is all about a good hair day

Let’s get up close and personal. Right now, look in the mirror and take in what you see. We’ll ask you: Does your hair make you smile? Does your hair make you feel good? Does your hair seem healthy, or is it lowkey dryness? Do you really like this style, or should you book your next haircut appointment? Are you using the right hair products, or are you just picking out whatever’s available in your local grocery? This will take only a few minutes.

Yet, in only a few minutes, you’ll discover more about yourself than you know. These are essential questions that we should be asking ourselves and answering daily. Here, we want to openly hold the conversation about how great hair gives us great days. We believe that great hair truly begins with ourselves and our daily habits, from hair products to diets, to mental balance. When our hair is shiny and smooth, we’re able to flex our confidence a hundred times more. When our hair is beautiful and strong, then so are we. Now that is our favorite mood.

Does the state of our hair have an impact on our happiness?

A “good hair day” almost always means it’s going to be a great day overall. ThriveGlobal explains that having good hair is deeply rooted in the world’s history, human biological development, social interaction and aesthetics, self-esteem, and aging. Our appearance and our personal hygiene matter because they positively impact our lives. Let’s face it, a head riddled with dandruff is not good for your appearance and confidence.

On these “good hair days”, it almost feels as if we’re on top of the world; like we can conquer anything. Remember that task that you’ve been avoiding? You can power through it now. Nothing is impossible at this moment. According to Identity Magazine, hair can trigger a dramatic effect on your confidence, both positively and negatively. Perhaps we use our hair as a tool to cope with life changes, manage stress, feel empowered, and boost our self-confidence.

Yet, when our hair just wouldn’t cooperate, we’re a lot less confident and feeling a bit insecure. Has anyone else honestly noticed this? Because we sure have. On days that it gets too humid, we get unwanted kinks. And then we just want to hide. Forever. You grab a tub of ice cream and think to yourself – this is now how I expected this day to go. But that’s alright, because the next day, you can turn it all around.

How does hair affect our mood?

Flatness, frizziness, and unruly tresses are the top complaints of women. Do you face similar issues? Using the right products to keep your hair beautiful and strong. It’s important that we invest in products that actually work, even as early as our 20s.

American professional hairstylist and salon owner, Niki Moon, states that having great hair is a “mood” elevator.” She adds that she “chose this profession because I love making people happy. Often I get calls from my clients the day after an appointment, thanking me for making them feel so special. They tell me their new style actually helped change their view of themselves!” And she’s right! We totally agree that how our hair behaves will indicate our mood for any given day.

Does hair loss affect our happiness?

Yes, hair loss is a normal part of aging and can even be related to genetics and COVID-19, but these scientific findings don’t help make it any less salty. I’d be happy to lose my hair, said no one ever! But why exactly is that? Apart from dressing up the way we want to, our hair, which is so personal to each and every one of us, is an accessory that could make or break our morale.

Studies show that men and women who suffer hair thinning and hair loss take a steep dip in their confidence. In our society, hair plays such an important role. It is said that having a full head of hair may be a sign of youthfulness and attractiveness. Almost nobody would say they love to have a mature hairline instead of a head full of luscious hair.

Meanwhile, hair thinning and hair loss are deemed undesirable. These negative feelings brought on by hair loss and hair thinning undoubtedly take a hit on our self-esteem.

Final words

Here’s the tea: When you don’t take care of yourself, it affects your hair. When your hair is in bad condition, it most likely means that so are you, mentally and physically. It’s almost a cyclic battle that only we ourselves can truly really fix. Watch out for the signs of dramatic hair loss, hair brittleness, or even prevent frizziness. Here’s a quick run-down of tips before we wrap things up:

  • Take a breather, and stretch. Don’t stress out on things you can’t control. Light a candle and meditate, seek professional help, or simply have some major me-time at home. Achieving mental balance and stability is part of hair care.
  • Improve your diet. Eat your veggies and your protein. Get rid of the junk, but also don’t stop yourself from having that dessert. Keep everything in moderation. Switch from coffee to tea. Make sure you take your vitamins and keep the energy lit. And of course, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  • Use the right products to help maintain healthy and gorgeous locks. And be religious with them so you see results fast! Commitment is a huge part of the transformation. And again, it is crucial to stick to the products that do not just do the work but are also made of natural ingredients. Doing so, you might encourage more hair growth than the natural growth cycle.

Pay attention to your overall health, from the mind to your scalp, to your heart, and your toes. Use the right products that work and won’t harm the rest of your body. When you feel great inside, it’ll show physically. And while looking good physically, you’ll feel good inside too. Perhaps, the simplest path to true happiness is great hair.