Samitivej Esthetics Institute in Bangkok

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Samitivej Esthetics Institute in Bangkok

It is fair to say that almost everyone on the planet has at some point in their lives and, to varying degrees, has been concerned about their looks. It must also be said that many of those people have nothing wrong with their looks, they simply want to change their looks in the pursuit of what they perceive to be perfection, which is driven by pure vanity.

However, there are many people with genuine esthetic issues they may wish would correct which have a very real impact on their self-confidence and psychological wellbeing, effects which are all too often overlooked. Hair loss to a myriad of dermatological problems, including scars, blemishes and skin disease can be addressed by skilled and highly trained physicians.

But these problems are not a modern issue. An ancient Egyptian papyrus, from around 1500 BC describes dermatological ailments and the ointments used to treat them. The first recognized scientific paper to be published on dermatology was by Geronimo Mercuriali in 1572, and the first school of dermatology was opened in Paris in 1801.

Today, with the advances in modern medicine, the science of dermatology has advanced exponentially, and the technicians specializing in this field today are highly trained professionals with a wealth of knowledge. Arguably, one of the best teams of dermatologists, available to all, is to be found at Samitivej’s Esthetic Institute in Bangkok.

The institute has the highest possible international accolade as a health care provider from the Joint Commission International (JCI), which is the recognized leader in healthcare accreditation. The facility is modern, forward thinking and at the forefront of diagnosis and treatment for all dermatological health issues.

Bioscor International, the world leaders in dermatological and hair loss research and treatment, now work in partnership with Samitivej’s Esthetics Institute to provide diagnostics and solutions unequalled by any other facility worldwide.

Diagnostics and Treatment

Many people seek advice and help in dealing with residual scars, particularly those that are facial, from issues such as acne. The physicians at the Esthetic Clinic will initially assess these types of scars in one of their modern examination rooms prior to offering the most effective individualized treatment plan.

Many of those with scars as a result of acne, or from other issues that have caused spots or a rash, can be treated with topical retinoids. This treatment is designed to speed up the body’s natural ability of cell regeneration. As the body regenerates the cells, the scars fade, and in some cases can disappear completely.

For more aggressive esthetic scaring the institute employs the Bioscor process of scar alleviation. This is a carbon dioxide laser ablation process, which is in itself non-scaring and highly effective. Bioscor can be used, not only for facial scarring, but on most parts of the body.

Additionally, Bioscor can be used to remove, benign tumors. Perhaps the most common of which is syringomas which are usually, but not exclusively, found in clusters around the eyelids. Residual scaring from skin burns is also effectively treated at the institute using the Bioscor process, as are deep facial wrinkles.

Ultrapulse and Sharplan carbon dioxide laser processes are also effectively utilized at the Esthetic Institute for the safe and effective removal of skin outgrowths. These may include unsightly warts and moles on any part of the body. Also common are acrochordons, these are skin tags, papillomas and fibroepithelial polyps which are common benign neoplasms, often a sign of obesity.

The Esthetic Institute also has practitioners skilled in the use of Hyfrecator electrosurgery. This entails the use of low powered heat specifically designed to destroy unwanted tissue. This process is particularly effective in the removal of seborrheic keratosis, or sunspots, cherry angiomas, skin tags and a plethora of other skin blemishes.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is common, and not exclusive to the male human, hair loss in women is becoming more common. Women, and an increasing number of men, are extremely conscious of the esthetic impact of hair loss, consequently they look for answers to their problem. The Esthetic Institute is fast becoming the first stop for quality diagnosis and treatment for this complaint.

All clients coming to the institute with hair loss issues will first undergo a detailed hair and scalp examination in order to accurately diagnose the cause of the problem. There is a medley of reasons as to why a person may be suffering hair loss, and the root of the problem must be sought before an appropriate corrective treatment procedure can be recommended.

Aging is the most common reason for hair loss, along with genetics. Although there are many other causes, including illness and disease, stress, nutrition, prescribed, or non-prescribed medication, the environment and even excessive use of artificial hair products.

Once again, in conjunction with Bioscor, the Esthetic Institute has solutions to resolve the issue of hair loss. Therapy using light emitting diodes, or LED, is now a clinically proven remedy for the thinning and loss of hair. The LED process uses low level light therapy, or LLLT, which increases the hair density of the course of the treatment plan, usually 14-16 weeks.

The technicians at the institute, or indeed the client, may opt for an automatic follicular implantation, or robotic transplant. This is a hair transplant assisted by a computer controlled robotic system which analyses and selects hair follicles for transplanting by the skilled surgical team.

There is also the option of a traditional hair transplant, which is also a surgical procedure conducted by highly skilled professionals at the institute. This is a procedure whereby hair bearing skin is selected as the donor area, normally this would be from the sides or the back of the scalp.

The pieces of removed skin are then divided into micrografts, each bearing just a few hairs, between 3-8. Then, with great skill, these minigrafts can be implanted into the recipient area. Transplants of this nature provide a very natural line of new hair growth or can be used beyond the existing hairline to thicken growth for greater hair density.

At the Esthetic Institute, regardless of the treatment sought and given, there are specialists on hand to give each client advice and guidance relevant to their individual esthetic issue. The advice may include that of diet, lifestyle, and exercise, whatever may be pertinent. The Samitivej Esthetics Institute is a complete, all-encompassing service for dermatological and hair loss treatment.