When to Start Using Eye Cream

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When to Start Using Eye Cream

When it comes to skincare, the sooner, the better, for many people, they don’t start using eye cream till they are in their 30s. Their 20s are behind them, and they have their first signs of wrinkly skin that they begin to notice how those years of youthful activities have treated their skin.

But, when it comes to hydration and caring for your skin, you should start a face regimen that includes eye creams as early as your 20s before a wrinkle even shows up. That’s because ageing is best caught by preventative care as a lot of ageing can’t actually be undone and only minimized.

That’s not to say that eye creams don’t help when you are in your 70s. They are just much more effective at slowing the ageing process if adopted early.

If you have dehydrated skin, dark circles under the eye, puffy eyes, or any other eye issues, you will want to take care of your eyes and the area around them no matter what your age is. We have broken down all you need to know about eye cream and how to decide when it is best to start using it for your preventative skin health.

What do Eye Creams Actually do?

Eye creams are specially created to deliver a super soaker of concentrated anti-ageing benefits while respecting the eye region’s delicate nature.

Since eye creams are used to close to the eye, they are formulated to ensure you get all the hydration and protection your eye skin needs while attempting to minimize any chances of product irritation in the actual eye.

All great eye creams include antioxidants and free-radical fighters and are essential to defending your skin from premature ageing caused by everyday exposure to UV rays and other environmental influences. At the very least, your eye cream should consist of Vitamin A/Retinol, which is one of the most extensively studied ingredients in skincare for its skin-renewing, age-defying benefits.

Night Cream or Moisturizer? Eye Cream Essential?

Many people are curious as to why eye cream is even necessary in the first place. Isn’t using a daily moisturizer or night cream around your eyes hydrating enough? Moisturizers and night creams may contain some of the ingredients that can help retain youthfulness and healthy skin around your eyes.

Still, if you paired these other creams with their formulated and specializing counterparts, you can do some real work on preventing the signs of ageing for years to come.

Starting an eye cream regimen in your 20s will only help your skin out with future ageing issues.

The skin on and around your eyes and eyelids is actually ten times thinner than your face. This means that this skin is much more delicate and it can easily crease and dry out quicker than other bits of skin bolstered with lots of collagen and blood vessels.

Your eye-area skin does create as much natural sebum as other regions of your face. Sebum is the skin’s natural oil. Even though overactive sebum is a hassle for those who incur constant blemishes, sebum is one of your skin’s best anti-ageing features.

Sebum keeps your skin healthy and smooth by locking in moisture and protecting your skin from allergens and toxins in your environment. Since the skin around your eye doesn’t have enough natural sebum, it’s your job to provide moisture to keep it smooth and healthy.

Thin skin is also way more fragile than collagen-rich skin. The skin around the eye is one of the first parts of the face to show signs of ageing. When we grow older, the structure of our skin tends to weaken.

Your skin loses its elasticity, and the collagen starts to break down slowly, causing sagging, loose skin, and wrinkles.

Wrinkles are a normal response to ageing, but these changes are accelerated by internal and external variables such as hormones, weather/climate, pollution, smoking, poor diet, and sun damage. All these improvements show up first in your eyes.

Your eye region is in continuous motion every day, which creates tension on the skin. Think about how much you blink throughout the day, plus every time you smile, squint, frown, or even talk throughout the day. We tend to speak with our eyes as well as our mouths.

Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

No matter your age, a healthy, hydrating, moisturizing, and cleansing routine will add years to your youthful skin. Never be too hesitant to start early with preventative skincare.

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