What is a V part wig?

April 11th, 2022 by

What is a V part wig?

The cool modern woman of today knows what her options are when it comes to her hair. The latest innovation in wigs is the V-part wig,you can find there are some texture of the human hair wigs in Unice shop.

The top of the wig has a V-shaped opening and is a modified half wig. The V-shaped opening on the top of the head gives your hair a natural classy look and allows you to pull a small part of your wig through the opening, showing your natural hair.

The best part abut a V part wig is in experimenting. If you are not sure whether a full wig would suit you, try a V part wig. With a V part wig, you can experiment with different colors, styles, cuts, and textures. Try that smooth slinky look or go for that wavy long hair that you see in the movies.

The top of the V part wig has a V shaped opening which allows for a natural look. V-part wigs don’t require glue or gels and are not fastened to lace or artificial scalps. This allows for you hair to breathe and keeps your scalp cool. No stocking caps are ever needed with a V part wig.

Best of all, V part wigs blend so perfectly with your natural hairline nobody will be able to tell your real hair from the wig hair. Your wig hair blends naturally with your real hair. V shaped wigs can be worn every day and only take about 10 minutes to put on and take off, giving you the rest of the day to enjoy with your carefree modern style beautiful hair.

How to apply V part wig.

V part wigs are made with a V-shaped opening in the centre. The hair is sewn onto a wig cap with an opening. This opening allows for your natural hair to grown through, which means you can have different and more versatile style as they suit your mood and your dress.

With a V style wig, you can create a parting in the middle or on either side of your head. The choice is yours.

Today’s woman have fallen in love with the V part wig as it looks so natural, and they can use their own taste to style their hair.

Create the style you want for office or play by simply changing your parting. Have your hair sideswept for evening and use a middle parting for those all-important office meetings.

Applying your V style wig

Step 1 – Wash your hair and blow dry it to ensure there is no moisture on your natural hair

Step 2 Now braid your natural hair into cornrows, ensuring they are as flat as possible against your head. Leave a portion of hair unbraided in the centre and front of your head to fit through the open V part of the wig.

Step 3Now for the exciting part. Put your new wig onto your head, carefully attaching it into place with the adjustable clips and straps provided. Adjust and fit the wig until it looks perfect and feels comfortable.

Step 4Gently pull your natural hair through the V opening to cover the section of your scalp.

Step 5 Before choosing a V part wig ensure that you choose the perfect wig that will match your natural hair texture and color.

Step 6 – Now for the exciting part. All that is left to do is decide whether you want a middle part, a side part or even be daring and pull your hair back to show you beautiful natural forehead.

Advantage of V part wig 

This wig is ideal for ladies who dream of thicker or longer locks of hair, curly or wavy hair. Yes, and even ladies that yearn for the long sleek look. With a V wig you can be who you want to be and exude the confidence you always knew you had inside you.

V part wigs are made from real human hair so it can be colored and styled as you want to suit your personality, be it a bold outrageous blond or a sexy plumb color. The most important aspect when you choose a wig make sure that it has the same texture as your natural hair.

Ladies with sensitive skin, this is the perfect wig for you, and it allows you natural hair to breathe and because the wig is a clip on it wont harm your natural hair.

A V wig is made from chemically unprocessed hair and is safe for sensitive scalps and will allow your scalp to breathe and not get hot in sunny weather.

The best part – you can sleep with your wig on!


  • V Wigs are made from human hair and look natural and blend into your own hair
  • No glue or gel is needed to keep the wig in place
  • You can adjust the V shape to suit your style
  • The V wig uses an easy clip-on system that saves time
  • Since there is no lace, people with sensitive scalps don’t need to worry about being allergic to glue or gel fixers.
  • V wigs make your natural hair look and feel fuller – giving that extra bounce that we all strive for.
  • V wigs tend to cost less as they don’t have the lace caps and are not full heads of hair.

We recommend these stunning V wigs 

  1. Body wave V part wig
  1. Jerry curl V part wig
  1. Kinky curl V part wig

These are simply a selection of the wigs we have, contact us now and find the perfect style for you. Whether it is bodacious or long and sleek. We can help you choose what is best for your lifestyle and advise which style compliments your natural beauty.

Start your year with that stylish look you have always dreamed of!