Vacuum Therapy Machines: The Era of Home Bum Lifting

March 16th, 2021 by

Vacuum Therapy Machines: The Era of Home Bum Lifting

A famous philosopher by the name Tony Samara once quoted “Live simply. The deepest joy is like a flower… Beauty is the essence.”  So if deepest joy is like a flower and beauty is the essence, then grooming of this flower is mandatory. In this era where beauty is classified on the appearance and the shape of the buttocks, it is without a doubt a must to take proper care of our buttocks. Vacuum therapy machines trigger the breaking down of fat deposits and cellulite. It also extracts toxins from our bodies improving lymphatic drainage. This machine also brings back the natural skin elasticity hence softening the thighs and bum areas. It is a simple and painless procedure that you can do at home.


The therapy is a painless procedure, very safe and effective. It has different action mechanisms that stimulate the blood, enhance lymphatic drainage which leads to stimulation of the fibroblast, and the increase in collage elastin leading to texture and tone improvement of the treated area. These treatments can be done twice a week.

The machine has suction cups that are placed simultaneously on the bum to perfect and tone the gluteal muscle. The machine has cups connected to a hose that connects to the machine. The cups are placed on the buttocks and the smaller cups along the thighs and left for 40 minutes while keeping the suction pressure medium or low depending on the patient’s comfort and the guidelines of the therapist. You can get your own vacuum therapy machine and training by clicking Bella vacuum.


There are countless benefits of using the butt lifting machines apart from the main buttocks lifting. Unlike the surgical procedure where you face a lot of challenges and also exposure to infections, butt lifting machines are the safest way to add lift to your buttocks and also numerous benefits come with it like:

Slimming:  due to the low pressure created by the butt cupping machine, there is increased blood flow to cellulite and areas with a lot of fat in the lower areas. This causes the fat to be transported from the fat cells to the active muscles where they are burnt. The increase of blood and oxygen to the lower parts of the body leads to high metabolism and faster burning of the fat leading to significant weight loss.

Increase in IQ: While this is not directly linked to the buttocks lifting machine, when the results are out, this leads to an increase in the IQ of the recipient- Feeling good and confident about our looks results in high intelligence. The results of the therapy will give you that added lift to your bum and also increase your intelligence and reduce the fear of people looking at you.

Easing cellulite: This low pressure also activates the lymphatic system which in turn removes metabolic waste from our system. The blood circulation on the skin caused by the machine enriched with oxygen, vitamins, and enzymes act against the orange skin peel. The structure tissues in the area that is affected by pre-deposition of cellulite and fat are regenerated looking much younger.

Tones and smoothens the skin: Due to the high blood flow in the area, the skin receives enough vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and oxygen supply which are components of making the skin healthy. This in turn smoothens and tones up the skin.

Eradicates stretch marks and scars: What easier way is there to get both bigger, good-shaped booty and also do away with stretch marks than using a butt cupping machiness? The regeneration of the skin due to the reduction of cellulite on the skin will also do away with those ugly stretch marks and scars.

These are just some of the benefits of doing vacuum therapy. There are many countless advantages of using this machine to enhance the look of your butt compared to any other options. It is also very cheap to acquire and maintain the machine. Also, the machine can be used to lift your boobs, face lifting, belly, and thighs. This machine’s advantage is multiple and is a must get for everyone who wants to look glamorous and fashionable.