Tongkat Ali Effects on Hormones & Stress: 8 Versatile Benefits

August 31st, 2020 by

Tongkat Ali Effects on Hormones & Stress: 8 Versatile Benefits

Tongkat Ali is a herbal medicine native to south-east Asian countries. Although the result of Tongkat Ali’s capability is inconclusive, many researchers have advocated its effect on stress & psychological mood.

People of Malaysia, Thailand, & Indonesia have been using the roots of Tongkat Ali for centuries for various ailments. People of many regions call this herbal green shrub Long Jack. It contains many valuable components that can cure malaria, fever, infertility, and even erectile dysfunction. The government of Malaysia has recently placed a patent on finding such ingredients to solve older people’s stress issues.

In this article, we will discuss all those common claims that most of the research makes. So, hop on board to understand the below-mentioned effects of Tongkat Ali on stress & psychological mood state.

1. Improves Sex Drive

One of the earliest reasons for using Tongkat Ali was because it could cure libido problems. Libido problems occur because of the incapability of having enough sex drive. As a result, unwillingness occurs while having sexual intercourse.

Tongkat Ali helps improve the low levels of primary sex hormone. The testosterone level decreases in men with age. Chemotherapy, damage caused to the testicles, radiation treatments, chronic alcoholic diseases, etc. are also the reasons for reduced testosterone levels.

However, taking 200 mg of Tongkat Ali every day has brought enormous success. Statistics show that people noticed satisfactory changes with their sexual impulses. Sexual aspirations arouse significantly.

Also, sperm density improved by taking 200 mg of Tongkat Ali every day. Tongkat Ali Dosage varies for different problems. You should always consult with your doctor before using it.

2. Increases Fertility

After the age of 40, sexual drive in men decreases. Also, it is the time when the testosterone level drops strikingly.

As a result, men face common fertility issues as sperm density degrades too. But taking medication of Tongkat Ali has improved the conditions of lots of people. When some people over 75 years old took part voluntarily in the Tongkat Ali test, they reported that they noticed a change in their behavior. Unlike others who didn’t participate in the trial, their hormonal level rose to the average level.

Also, they all experienced sexual arousal after taking month-long medication.

3. Gives You Relief From Stress

Taking Tongkat Ali extract as medication helped many people solve anger issues. But researchers discovered this prospect of Tongkat Ali only a few decades ago.

Before that, people mostly used it as organic Viagra, which could only help them in regular intercourses.

But the components present in Tongkat Ali show almost identical nature to anti-anxiety medicines. As doctors heavily rely on these medicines to cure anxiety issues, finding the same ingredients present in Tongkat Ali is a fantastic discovery.

However, more research is needed to prove their claim that Tongkat Ali is the remedy to the stress issues. Using 200 mg per day for four weeks shows the moderate result of the claim.

4. Cure For Hypogonadism

Hypogonadism is a sign that shows in men with low testosterone levels and men who have reached their 40s.

However, people still want to keep fit & maintain their health as much as they can. Although you can treat hypogonadism naturally, it takes too much time & the result is not that satisfying.

That’s why people search for hormonal treatments to cure hypogonadism.

Taking Tongkat Ali extract to treat hypogonadism is a more reliable alternative because of all those adverse effects of hormonal drugs. A test of 76 people taking Tongkat Ali regularly for one month has produced a remarkable result – they had improved testosterone levels.

5. Builds & Strengthens Muscles

Tongkat Ali shrub has powerful ingredients like butyrolactone, quassinoids, eurycomanone, & eurycomaoside, helping a person build body muscles.

Besides that, increasing higher endurance & strengthening body muscles to save energy are two of the essential functions of Tongkat Ali. Resulting in that, Tongkat Ali is slowly gaining popularity among the athletes.

But there are some conflicts regarding lean muscle strength. Some studies suggest that they have improved the skeletal muscles after taking 100 gm of Tongkat Ali for one week.

Also, they claim that Tongkat Ali has reduced body fat to a great extent. Others argue that Tongkat Ali had no effect. They claim to have no significant muscular strength improvement. So, more studies and research are needed to support either party.

6. Booster Of Testosterone Levels

It is, without a doubt, the most significant result of taking Tongkat Ali. Almost all the studies have advocated this cause of boosting your testosterone level. The lower level of testosterone is the primary cause of libido problems & stresses.

A boost to the testosterone level will let you feel young again. Studies have also confirmed that semen density & amount of erection has rapidly improved because of Tongkat Ali.

7. Solution For Plateauing

If you are on a diet, maybe you are familiar with the term plateau. Plateau is a state where your testosterone level drops, but cortisol level rises—resulting in that you can’t progress weight loss beyond a certain point.

Additionally, a decrease in your testosterone level won’t help you much in building body muscles. As a result, maintaining both body shape & lean muscle becomes impossible.

But with the application of Tongkat Ali, you may have found the perfect solution. Tongkat Ali can help you with solving the plateauing issue. The components present in Tongkat Ali build lean muscles and give rise to the cortisol level.

8. Suppressed Immune System Activity

The modern urban busy lifestyle can cause many complexities like sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and chronic stress. To handle these problems, you need to keep your hormone levels balanced. To achieve this feat, you need to take the help of this ancient remedy as it can guard you against current chronic stress issues. A regular dose of 200 mg of Tongkat Ali for four weeks may produce satisfying results.

Supposed Side Effects Of Tongkat Ali

Many researchers have claimed mercury & lead contamination in Tongkat Ali. Also, it is not suitable for pregnant women & children. People with other serious medical conditions should avoid using Tongkat Ali as it gives a boost to the testosterone level, which may eventually cause kidney disease, cancer, liver problems, etc.

Final Thoughts

Despite its rich history, there are plenty of researches ongoing regarding Tongkat Ali. It has many tested and proven perks and some side effects. It should be treated as a medicine and should only be taken under professional supervision.