New Fashion Trend for the Year 2021

October 6th, 2020 by

New Fashion Trend for the Year 2021

When the Covid-19 crisis abates, we will have another dilemma. After months of living in sweatpants and pajamas, will we double-down on casual wear? Or will we shake off our worries and quarantine wardrobe in favor of something dressier? 

What will you want to wear after being stuck in your homes for months? What will you spend money on with an economy in tatters? Soon, would anyone think about fashion? 

Granted, fashion is volatile. Who survives and who doesn’t, will depend a lot on how brands expect a new fashion landscape? This is the likes of which no designer, retailer, or shopper has ever seen before. Era predicated by nostalgia, this could jumpstart a yearning for suits and ties. This, along with facemask and some pre-COVID trends.

It’s a brand-new brave world, but this forces us to be creative. We’ll adapt and make the most of it. In this article, we will list 7 fashion uproar that can happen in the year 2021. 



Any of the latent post-pandemic trends are so dramatic. But it has with one possible exception, the face mask. 

The protective mask has become a medium for self-expression. And for some, it is to showcase their skills for traditional handicrafts. It’s a way to accessorize your outfit, but an accessory that’s about our health. It’s going to be part of our life.

Today, various facemask designs are usually made of anti-bacterial fabric. It is washable up to 60 times. Some are then made from denim. Some are also made from silk… this both get SOLD OUT right away. Facemask will definitely become a trend in 2021! 


Pre-COVID, minimalism was already poised for a comeback. People opted to dress propelling a simpler, cleaner aesthetic back in focus. Neutral tones, clean lines are then preferred in 2021 together with Monochrome colorways.

Minimalism complements sustainability through the purchasing of timeless investment pieces.  

For women: Classic staples with longevity. This includes a well-cut blazer, slip dresses, and quality tees. Also, high-waisted jeans will never go out of trend.  

For men: Versatile Pieces, a mixture of t-shirts, polos, button-ups and Henley’s. Men’s core colors, such as black, grey, white and olive will be enough to set this minimalist trend. Pair it with dark wash denim or olive chinos, then white sneakers or some leather boots. 


The high levels of unemployment post-COVID will see consumers spending less money. This means more time at home and contributing to the rise of the ‘home wear’ wardrobe. This trend promotes outfits that can be usually worn both on the couch and to meet friends (at a distance) in the park. 

With different seasons and consumers outdoors, loungewear will need to elevate to leisurewear. By the end of 2021, comfortable fabrics and casual dressing will be then favored as part of the new way of working. 

For women this can be then curated through roomy throw-on dresses. It is usually in easy-to-wash fabrics, luxury pajamas, non-wired underwear, and house shoes.  

For menswear, look to promote lightweight fabrics. This includes linen and organic cotton, knitted polos or short-sleeved shirts. Also, sweatpants and hoodies can be short sets as an alternative.


Backpacks are becoming a trend nowadays since Covid19 cases rises. This pandemic created a growing interest in “safe” travel. Thus, an increased demand for non-wheeled luggage. Also, people are now hooked with outdoor carry goods and that perfect weekend duffel. Backpack can be either for “one-bag-travel” or something you can bring when friends. This are more convenient for this pandemic. Backpack has a wide shoulder strap that makes for a bike-friendly commute option. 

Important essentials will be enough with a quality backpack. It will have enough pockets and compartments to help you stay organized. Comfortable-backpacks make it easier to carry everything. This can be from books to clothes and other essentials. 


The comeback of old fashioned that never goes out of fashion. Denims, Capris, High boots, Skirts are some of the trendiest vintage fashion styles. 

Examples of vintage fashion clothes (from the 1920s to the 1990s) 

  • The 1920s: Long beads, Flapper Dresses, T-strap shoes, and Heeled Mary Janes
  • The 1930s:
    Puffed and Fluttery sleeves, Bolero Jackets, Oxfords, Fedoras, Peep-toe Shoes and Slingbacks 
  • The 1940s
    Wool plaids skirts and straight tweed. Matched with Reptile Shoes and Handbags, Brooches and Platform Shoes
  • The 1950s
    Shirtwaist Dresses, and Full Skirts with Petticoats. Along with Fur Trim, Strings of Pearls, Twin Sweater Sets, and Wayfarer Sunglasses 
  • The 1960s
    Jackie Kennedy style, Elegant Pillbox Hats, and Box-Jacket suits. Matched with Flowing Tops, Bell-Bottom Jeans, and Bohemian Style 
  • The 1970s
    Birkin bag, Platforms, Boho-Chic, Flare Jeans, Block Heels, Thigh-High Boots, and Khaki 
  • The 1980s
    Gold Chains and Izod Golf Shirts. Mixed with Sweaters with Strong Shoulders Pads and Blazers, and Stillettos 
  • The 1990s
    Leggings, Chokers, Baggy Flannel Shirts, and Big Sweaters 


Casual wear invites you to dress the way that makes you feel comfortable to you all the time. It allows you not to focus all your attention into the formalities. Instead, it enables you to find the balance that you want between the comforts and personal style. Also, it includes individuality and allows them to dress fashionably and functionally. 


  • Sweater with a miniskirt 
  • Casual minidress
  • Denim shorts paired with a crop top
  • Cargo shorts paired with a white cobra kai t shirt
  • It looks stylish with black jeans wearing an army-style shirt or a graphic tee with long-lasting DTF prints.
  • Fashion printed Leggings  


Sunglasses have evolved from a necessity to the most wanted fashion accessory. Different oversized shapes signaled during pandemic changed this season’s eyewear trends.

The 2021 eyewear trends are shifting away from tiny, ’90 inspired frames to larger. Also, it includes face-shielding options that will make you feel truly protected. We are seeing a plethora of big frames, covering a half of the face, to protect the wearer from the virus.