Solutions for Gastric Problems: Causes and Remedies

October 21st, 2020 by

Solutions for Gastric Problems: Causes and Remedies

We are often served the advice of mindful eating whether it’s our grandparents telling us the benefits of slow-eating or the dietary professionals emphasizing on chewing our food properly. 

We seldom pay attention to such instructions until we land ourselves in the serious consequences of not having practiced these healthy food rituals.

One such instance is when gastric problems trap up in its wall and we are left in the space of discomfort while revolving between the cycle of bloating and belching.

If you are one of those who frequently suffer from gastrointestinal issues, stick to this post where we’ll not only discuss the root causes of these problems but would offer you the unconventional fixes like flatulence deodorizer pills apart from traditional solutions that would help you counter the painful symptoms of gastrointestinal problems like flatulence and so on.

So, let’s begin with understanding the Gastric Issues:

Gastric problems are when excessive gas accumulates in the digestive tract, making it painful or difficult for it to leave the body while causing extreme discomfort to the person suffering from it. 

Generally, we tend to gulp in the air while we eat that gets released in the form of burp or flatulence. The root cause of gastric problems is when excess air gets swallowed along with the food, drinks, or otherwise. 

Burping, passing wind, and bloating are general symptoms that happen from time to time and bear no serious implications unless it starts showing extreme conditions of abdomen discomfort or foul odor flatulence beyond the level of normal.  

 So what are the causes of Gastric Problems that trigger it within our system?

Fast Eating:

Fast-eating might seem a simple exercise of consuming the food at a faster pace but this is not all that it looks like!

It lets you swallow the excessive air along with the food and drink that later becomes the cause of excessive burping, flatulence, and sometimes serious gastric problems.

Aerated Drinks:

Aerated drinks or soda are the easiest way of ingesting large amounts of gas.

The reason why these are counted among the harmful substances is not just because they have high concentrations of sugar but the gas they put in our body becomes a major cause of such gastric problems.

Consuming Insoluble Fibers:

The foods that consist of insoluble fibers such as bean, cauliflower, wheat, and bran products are the flip side of the carbonated drinks that causes gas concerns.

These foods are not just complex but take longer to ferment and in the process of breaking down by the bacteria, the gas that gets released results in gastric problems like bloating and excessive flatulence.

After hearing all the probable causes of Gastric Problems is time to hop on to its solution that could give you relief from the problematic symptoms.

Possible Solutions for the Gastric Problems:

Eating Smaller Portions:

Isn’t it the one thing that you hear from every single diet freak!

Well, the reason this little trick does wonder is that it doesn’t burden your digestive system with a lot of work at once but allow it to function slowly and efficiently while having small intervals in-between.

Also, when the digestive system is working at its best, the probability of accumulating the food which might take longer to ferment goes down and so does the probability of encountering the gastric problems.

Slow Eating:

Slow-eating and proper chewing not only helps the digestive system to stay intact but keeps the gastric problems at bay.

Wondering how exactly it works?

The way it works is simple enough that the slow eating process causes a little or a negligible air to get in through the food or drinks which then later rules out the possibility of having any gastric issue in place.

Avoid Foods and Drinks that have a direct correlation with Gastric troubles:

Foods having complex-sugars, starch, and insoluble fibers that take longer to ferment and cause the gas to build up while becoming the cause of stinky flatulence.

Also, the carbonated drinks that have carbon-dioxide trapped in it are a potent way of slipping into the pitfall of gastric problems.

So, the simplest thing to do is to avoid the foodstuff that triggers the gastric concerns that put you in a place of suffering.

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Also, post in the comments of what is your quick remedy of dealing with the gastro-problems like these. We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!