The Best Smoking Tool: Glass Dab or Other?

December 31st, 2021 by

The Best Smoking Tool: Glass Dab or Other?

Smoking is a social activity. According to Statista, by 2025, spending on legal cannabis is expected to reach over 33 billion dollars worldwide.

One element of this communal activity is dealing with smoking tools. Not everyone has a grinder tucked away in their pocket, but for smokers who use paraphernalia, plenty of shared objects help them make their experience better. For example, using a glass dab tool is more efficient than twirling a joint or sticking a fork into an oil rig.

Even those who do not use other smoking implements can appreciate their tools, especially in the case of glass dab tools. With their functionality and beauty, these tools improve the experience of using all types of cannabis.

Here is some information on dab tools made from glass.

How Are Glass Dab Tools Used?

There are two main aspects to the function of glass dab tool:

  1. Scooping
  2. Smoking

Both of these aspects have their advantages. However, note that the primary purpose of a glass dab tool is to scoop concentrates out of a glass jar and place them on a hot nail.

The most frequently used tools with dab nails include:

  • Torch lighters – torch lighters were created with the express purpose of lighting places like bongs and bowls without causing too much damage to the surrounding area. Using an actual lighter to light a nail would cause the area to get too hot and even burn the smoker’s fingers.
  • E-nails – these were created in a very different time when e-cigarettes were all the rage. They work in much the same way as an electronic cigarette does: pressing a button makes something happen. E-nails are entirely electronic and thus produce no open flame. They are also reusable without causing too much wear and tear to the product.

Currently, three types of nails can be used with glass dab tools. The first is quartz bangers. It can be heated with a torch lighter or e-nail due to the lack of space between the nail and the sidewall of the bucket. There are also coil nails available for those who prefer using their glass nails with an e-nail. Coil nails don’t use a coil. But instead, a tiny metal rod is put directly into the coil.

  • Glass dab tools – for dabbing with glass tools are ceramic nails. These can be either domeless or with handles (recommended as they’re challenging to handle without one). Since these don’t contact the coil on an e-nail, they can be used without a handle.

 What are the Benefits of Using Glass Dab Tools?

There are clear benefits for using glass dab tools over other smoking implements to take dabs.

  • They are More Efficient Than Other Tools

Using a fork or something else to grab your concentrate is highly inefficient. Only so much can be done with what you have on hand, especially since oil tends to stick to things other than nails. Using a glass dab tool leaves the user cleaner and saves them money by not wasting concentrates. 

  • They are The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Method to Take Dabs

Aesthetics rarely add anything to smoking sessions besides making it look like you know what you’re doing, but they do make things more pleasant (plus, they make for some great Instagram pictures). Glass dab tools are aesthetically pleasing and can improve your smoking experience. 

  • They are The Safest Way to Take Dabs

Not only are glass tools less likely to break than traditional implements, but they are also safer for use on hot nails (such as e-nails). Since glass is more resistant to heat than metal is, it’s much less likely to break from being used with a hot nail. 

  • They Improve the Overall Smoking Experience by Making It Cleaner and More Efficient

There is nothing worse than having to clean up after a smoking session. Using a glass dab tool instead of an implement like a fork or lighter will keep your nails clean so that you can start new sessions without much hassle.

Furthermore, using one reduces the ways that oil can get onto your hands and clothes, which will improve the overall smoking session for you. 

  • Glass Tools Are Reusable with Proper Care

It is one of those things that is not immediately obvious to new dabbers, but it is fantastic once they realize they do not have to buy a whole new set of tools every time they get messy. Glass dab tools can be used multiple times without any wear or tear, unlike other implements, which will eventually need to be replaced.

  • They Allow for More Control Over Your Smoking Sessions

The best part about using glass dab tools is that they let you have more control over how much you take in during a dab.

Instead of being stuck with the size of your nail, you can adjust how much oil you inhale by adjusting the amount of concentrate you place on your tool. Similarly, having control over how much oil is being heated allows for better smoke sessions overall.

  • Alternative Options to Glass Dab Tools

Now that it has been established that using glass dab tools is the best way to take dabs, it’s also good to know what other options are available.

E-nails are an alternative for using e-rigs or coil nails with their glass tools, and they allow for dabbing without having a nail touch the heating element, allowing for an ultra-clean way to take dabs.

Titanium nails are alternatives that can be used with coil nails or other heating implements, but they aren’t as efficient since they’re more likely to break than glass dab tools.

Coil nails can be used without a heating implement but only work on certain types of glass dab tools and can easily break if used with a glass tool that is not meant to hold coil nails.

Dabbers for waxes or shatters can be used as another way to take dabs, but they aren’t as efficient as using a rag or a glass dab tool.

No alternative will be as efficient or aesthetically pleasing as using a glass dab tool, but they do provide options for users who cannot afford to buy new tools all the time.