Common Skin Ailments And How To Manage Them

June 21st, 2021 by

Common Skin Ailments And How To Manage Them

Most of us have experienced a skin ailment at one point or another in our lives, and while some conditions are concerning and require medical treatments, others are widespread and can be treated and managed at home. More often than not, everyday bad habits can affect skin health, which is why a skincare routine is essential.

Your skincare routine should consist of using suitable products for your skin type, as we don’t all have the same skin. With that said, these are the most prevalent skin ailments, along with practical tips to manage them.

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Eczema is a common skin ailment that mostly affects young children, although many carry the condition later into adulthood. The ailment can be tricky to manage, and the symptoms include dry, flakey, and itchy skin rashes that range in severity. Because the list of eczema causes is nearly endless, the best approach to managing symptoms is to find a product that can ease symptoms and reduce the frequency of flareups. Products such as Sigmacort cream show promising results for numerous users.

In addition, you should also opt for organic moisturizing creams and use as few products as possible in your skincare routine. What’s more, wearing loose-fitting, breathable clothing is another great way to manage skin conditions.


Acne is definitely not a skin ailment secluded to adolescence, as many adults suffer from the condition. Treating acne will depend on the cause and your skin type, although more often than not, you should avoid using skin products that contain oil and opt for oil-free products that are suitable for sensitive skin types.

In severe acne cases, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to assess the cause of acne and recommend treatment, as this condition is known to impact mental health and self-confidence significantly.


Hives are often mistaken for eczema at first glance, as eczema flareups are relatively similar. However, hives are an entirely different skin ailment. The most common culprits behind hive breakouts are insect bites, medication, and diet. While small breakouts of hives are often not a concern, as a topical ointment can’t alleviate the symptoms, if the breakout covers a large area of your body, you should seek immediate medical treatment.

Minor cases of hives should dissipate within a few hours, although in some cases, the rash can last for months or even years. In such cases, you should visit a healthcare practitioner to recommend a treatment plan and help determine the trigger.


Sunburn is undoubtedly one of the most widespread skin ailments around, as you can get sunburn simply by being exposed to sunlight for too long. While you can treat most cases of sunburn at home with soothing products such as aloe vera and others, you may develop sunstroke in severe cases.

If your sunburn is severe, you might need medical attention, anti-inflammatory medication, pain medication, and ointment to assist with painful blisters that can form. With that said, you should always use a suitable sunscreen to protect your skin, as sunburn can lead to skin cancer.