The Best ShapeWear For Women A-Z

June 2nd, 2021 by

The Best ShapeWear For Women A-Z

Curves aren’t a curse, but of course, there are those moments where we want to be bold but hold back because of cellulite – that’s bonkers!

There’s no point in hiding what Mother Nature gifted you with under layers of unflattering baggy clothes. However, most women face a dilemma when putting their curves on display; comfort or size?

Well, what if we told you that you don’t have to choose anymore? Yes, the dawn of shapewear has made it easier for women to put the accent on their curvy silhouettes without compromising comfort.

Finding the correct shapewear lies underneath a simple rule – know your body type. A correctly chosen shapewear will give you a leg up on your fashion game and turn you into a fearless diva. So consider this you’re last hit-and-miss with body shapers because after reading this, you’ll never have trouble finding the correct shapewear for your body again.

Check out this five-step guide on how to find the best shapewear for confident, curvaceous women:

Step #1: Know your measurements

The first step to doing your curves justice? Find symmetrical, right-sized shapewear. Some women tend to buy shapewear one size down, believing that it’ll offer more solidity and be more effective – false!

In terms of finding the best plus size shapewear, a size too small will only create rolls and bulges where you don’t want them. Besides that, it’ll make you super-uncomfortable.

Also, shapewear sizes don’t always compare to underwear sizes. So don’t try to buy shapewear based on your undies’ size. Instead, ask for the nice lady behind the counter for a size chart and learn more about picking the right sized shapewear according to your measurements.

Step #2: Consider the shape of your body

Once you have the measurements, it’s time to move on to the shape of your body.

So tell us, have you ever seen a hollow-cheeked woman wearing a plus-sized body shaper? Perhaps not. That said, the shapewear that you pick should be as per your natural silhouette, trumpeting your assets. After all, shapewear comes in handy for emphasizing your sweet spots, not for hiding them. Therefore, consider every inch of your body when selecting shapewear.

Since every one of us is made different, one size doesn’t fit all. Whether you’re an apple, rectangle, or pear-shaped, there’s one shapewear for all of your needs. If you’re one with many hang-ups and want an all-over sleek figure, you can opt for full-body shapewear, a bodysuit per se.

Step #3: Know your style

Style is what you do with fashion, so in this part of our guide, we’re going to teach you how to acknowledge your style. 

The shapewear style for an individual depends on the design, material, and compression level. Determining compression levels helps pick the suitable garment if you want to look comfortable in your size.

Here’s what we mean by ‘levels.’

  • Light compression: This is the type of compression you’d pick if you want to remove all the lines and humps for a more flawless appeal.
  • Medium compression: This level of compression helps to highlight your breathtaking curves. Medium compression shapewear helps create the anticipated outline by shaping different sections of your body.
  • Firm compression: Finally, this compression level helps contour your overall body shape and works best for formal occasions.

Once you figure out your style, you’ll be able to tell the world about who you are without having to say a word.

Step #4: Understand your shapewear options

It all comes down to your trouble zones and what type of clothes you wish to wear when it comes to shapewear options. Here are the three best varieties to consider and what they’re fit for:

  • Control briefs

These are ideal for eliminating those tanned panty lines, slimming down the hips, stomach, rear, and thighs. A high-waisted shaper that stops right under your chest, with a panel that shades the stomach. It helps to tone down the tummy and torso, all the while highlighting your butt instead of flattening it. Moreover, if you’re aiming for a skinner look, wear control briefs with bodycon dresses or jeans – that’ll make you the apple of everyone’s eye.

  • Camisole

Camisoles are ideal for smoothing out bra and back fat, giving the appearance of a smaller waist and a flatter stomach.

  • Waist cincher

If your goal is to get a Julia Barretto waist, a waist cincher might be what you need. It helps to create a more definer and narrower waistline while drizzling off a sexy boudoir vibe. From the looks of it, it’s a modern corset that comes with hook-and-eye closures, flexible boning, and front fastening. What’s more, you can even throw it on over a dress or a shirt and call it a thick “belt.” So skip the pull-on tube versions since getting them off and on is pesky business.

Step #5: Pick the right color.

It’s easy to get tempted by the lively colors on display at the stores. However, be mindful of the fact that you’ll be wearing your shapewear underneath your clothing. So anything in the skin or nude color works like a charm!

All Hail Curves!

That’s all, shapewear virgins – your guide to picking the best shapewear for your body.

The keys to buying the right shapewear are determining your needs, figuring out what style you prefer, and getting the correct measurements. Know that shapewear isn’t a magical antidote for changing your body into something that it isn’t. Instead, it’s for boosting your confidence, making you accept who you are with a mere filter of an additional beauty. So stand in awe of your body and put on that hip-tight red dress because it is truly yours!