How to Maximize Your Dabbing Experience with the Right Accessories         

June 22nd, 2021 by

How to Maximize Your Dabbing Experience with the Right Accessories         

Dabbing can be pretty simple but comes with many tools. Amateur dabbers usually go the inexpensive route by only having accessories such as a nail attachment and blow torch. But there are so many more innovative tools that can be used to elevate the dabbing experience. The market for dabbing tools continues to evolve, making it a smoother process.

Invest in a good dab rig bundle to get the most out of your sessions. From a dabber tool and carb cap to the torch lighter, your kit should have it all.

Quartz Bangers 

When you’re lighting up your nail with the torch, your rig could accidentally get damaged if the nail is very close to the body. This is an issue for most traditional dab rigs, where the nail is entirely straight.

Quartz bangers are a perfect solution for this. Its unique domeless design is set away from the body so that no damage is done. An added benefit to this is that quartz bangers are larger, which allows you to take in more concentrate or dab. They give good flavor and have excellent heat retention.

Carb Caps 

Carb caps are a must for dabbing, especially if you are a first-time smoker. Carb caps restrict the airflow to the nail so that vapourization of the concentrate happens at a lower temperature, eliminating any chance of wastage. Carb caps act as the carburetor for your dab rig and have many benefits.

Reclaim Catcher

It is no surprise that concentrates are expensive. As a smoker, you want to get the most out of what you pay for. Yet, it is very common for excess concentrate to leak into the water pipes or the rig itself, which can be very frustrating.

Not only are you wasting hard-earned money, but it makes it more difficult to clean up afterward. This is why reclaim catchers should be your next buy. They catch excess wax so that you can use them again.

The attachment fits on your dab rig and has a small dish that catches the residual concentrate. It does all the work for you while you smoke.

Dabber Tools

The wax concentrate can get very sticky, and there is no way you can put it onto a hot nail with your bare hands. Safety is paramount and can allow you to have a peaceful smoking experience. Using a dabber tool is the best way to put your dabs on the heated nail piece.

Quartz or ceramic tools will add a unique touch to your kit as they come in many designs, but you’ve got to handle them carefully, as they break easily.

The best way to know what tools you should get for your dab rig bundle is through trial and error. If you are a daily smoker, these tools are sure to enhance your smoking experience.

Always remember to buy quality accessories and invest in tools that can last longer than a cheaper alternative. This shouldn’t be difficult as the dabbing industry grows with tons of different designs and makes you choose from.