Tips to Make Your Mobility Scooter Battery Last

July 29th, 2022 by

Tips to Make Your Mobility Scooter Battery Last

The battery in your mobility scooter is the power source, so you need to look after it and care for it. The battery is vital in order for the scooter to run. Efficiency is important, so keep reading to find out more about charging, the lifespan of the battery, and ways to make the most of this vital part of a mobility scooter. 

How Often Should You Be Charging Your Mobility Scooter?

There isn’t a set rule when it comes to charging a battery in a mobility scooter since each scooter, usage, and battery is different. But, there are a few general guidelines you can follow:

  • Class 2 Small Scooters

The Class 2 Scooters contain smaller batteries which is why it is a good idea to charge the battery after each use to ensure you have sufficient charge for your next journey. 

  • Daily Usage

Similar to the small scooters, if you use a mobility scooter on a daily basis, charge the battery at the end of each day. This will ensure you have enough charge for the next day!

  • Occasional Usage

If you are only using a mobility scooter occasionally (once or twice a week), then charging the battery for around 12 to 14 hours once a week should be enough. 

It is essential to never allow the battery to run completely flat. Keep the battery topped up, so that it lasts for as long as possible. 

Is It Possible To Overcharge The Battery In A Mobility Scooter?

No, it is not possible to overcharge the battery. Today, most of these batteries come with a fitted cut-off point, which means the battery turns off when the charge is full. 

When you first buy a mobility scooter from Mobility Giant you should fully charge the battery and then let it run down (until the charger is flashing red). Repeat this around 10 times to increase the capacity of the battery with each use. This will ensure your mobility scooter is operating in the optimum range while extending the lifespan of the battery. 

Does My Mobility Scooter Need A Specific Charger?

It is vital to use the correct charger for a mobility scooter. If it is the incorrect size or type for the power unit it could damage the battery or not charge at all. 

Using the incorrect charger could even pose safety and health risks, so if you did not receive a charging unit with the mobility scooter that you purchased, contact your mobility scooter professionals (that’s us!) for advice on where to buy the right one. 

How Long Do The Batteries In Mobility Scooters Last?

This will once again depend on usage, but these batteries typically last from 12 months to 3 years. If you plan to use a mobility scooter daily and you are looking after the battery properly, you can expect it to last for between 12 to 18 months. 

If you only use your mobility scooter occasionally, you can expect your battery to last as long as 3 years. The typical average is around 18 months, so ensure you make the most of the battery over this time. 

How Can I Preserve The Charge In My Battery?

It is important to turn the electrical equipment off such as the headlights when you are not using the scooter to save the battery. You should also make sure your scooter is always turned off either at the power button or turning the key to the off position to make sure no charge is wasted. 

Temperature is another important factor that can impact the battery of a mobility scooter. If the temperature is too cold or too hot, this may affect the range and capacity of the battery. Ensure that your mobility scooter is stored in an ambient comfortable temperature of between 0 – 35°C, to maintain the battery.