Looking Your Best While Traveling: Beauty and Style Tips

January 4th, 2022 by

Looking Your Best While Traveling: Beauty and Style Tips

Traveling broadens your worldview and creates lovely memories for you to look back on time and time again. You get to experience new cultures and viewpoints while experiencing interesting food and music. There’s no better way to learn a culture than to live in the culture itself and immerse yourself amount the sites, sounds, and experiences.

Of course, when it comes to traveling, taking care of your skin may not rank high on your priority list, but dealing with painful breakouts and less than picture-worthy skin can cause stress and take away from the moments you experience during your travels.

Here are a few tips for keeping your beauty routine on point while you enjoy the sites around you.

Keep it Simple

You may have been planning a trip for weeks, or even months. Whether you’re going on a Transatlantic cruise or backpacking across the country, you’ll want to be prepared for your trip. Of course, you’ve probably already planned out how many outfits you need, what tech you’re taking, books you’re going to read, and naturally, the pictures you’ll take, but have you thought about your skin and beauty routine?

If you have a routine that works well for your skin and helps you feel your best, then don’t risk changing it right before you leave. Finding the same products you use daily isn’t a guarantee when you’re traveling and if you have sensitive skin, then you want to avoid any unnecessary and painful surprises. Don’t forget to pack a moisturizer and the beauty essentials that you use every day. You can’t always count on finding the right products or brushes when you arrive.

Make it easy and keep your basics in a small travel bag that can hold your makeup remover, moisturizer, and products. Don’t forget the touch-ups you’d like to carry in your travel purse.

Think Smart

What do you do if your trip requires light packing? If you can’t find your favorite products in a smaller travel size, finding creative solutions to keeping your favorite products may be easier than you think. You can order travel-sized jars or containers to keep your products paired down and still with you.

But what do you do if you still can’t fit everything you need? Focus on the true essentials. Those essentials are things that keep your skin healthy and feeling its best. A good lipstick or coverup can be found elsewhere, it may not be your perfect match, but usually, you can find a close fit. However, when it comes to skin redness, breakouts, or sensitivity, you don’t want to risk a new product while traveling. If you have to pair down, make sure your products that involve keeping your skin healthy, are the ones you take.

Get Sleep

It probably won’t come as a surprise that sleep is essential for your body to feel its best. The same can be said for your skin. If you’re not getting enough rest and you’re feeling exhaustion, your skin will react to it. Bad sleep causes you to age faster and have splotchy, uneven skin. Not only can you increase the lines around your eyes, but you can find yourself losing that healthy dewy skin that keeps you looking young and vibrant.

Use these tips to help you get the sleep you need and take care of your skin:

  • Wipe off your makeup before laying in bed.
  • Use a moisturizer.
  • Play soft music to help your mind relax.
  • Dim any lighting.
  • Put your phone away until morning.

Having perfect skin isn’t a requirement for enjoying your trip, but not dealing with breakouts, splotches, eczema, or other skin issues will certainly help you stay in the moment with your travel memories. Take time to stick to your normal routine that you know works. If you have to pair down, pack your travel essentials and keep the best products that you know work for you. Lastly, don’t forget to let your body rest and recuperate for your next adventure. Your skin will thank you, and the memories you make, along with the photos you take, will be ones worth holding onto.