5 Reasons To Get A Lab-Grown Diamond As Your Engagement Ring

April 7th, 2022 by

5 Reasons To Get A Lab-Grown Diamond As Your Engagement Ring

Hurray! You have found the perfect one, and romance has never been more beautiful. You are ready to let the “together forever” journey begin in all sense of it. Then comes a very crucial question to ask – what engagement ring should I get for my partner?

Wonder if a lab-grown diamond would make the best engagement ring, or you should instead settle for the classic natural diamond ring? While getting a natural diamond remains classy as ever, there are several reasons why you may want to consider a lab-grown alternative.

1. Value for Money

Do you know that lab-grown diamonds cost 20 to 40% less than natural diamonds? If you are strict on a budget, a lab-grown diamond engagement ring will be your best fit. While they cost way lower than mined diamonds, you will get just the same physical qualities as a natural one.

Meanwhile, rather than opting for a less attractive cut of natural diamonds for  the lower price, you can purchase an even more beautiful lab-grown diamond in you or your partner’s favourite cut. Very few can tell the difference, and you’d be forever satisfied!

2. Environmentally Friendly

No hate on natural mining processes, but we all can’t deny how much harm they cause to the immediate and broader environment. Mining natural diamonds pose so much damage to the planet from excessive and extensive digging into the ground, deforestation, soil erosion, dangerous carbon emissions, and massive energy consumption.

Imagine how rigorous all of these activities would become in a bid to satisfy the ever-increasing craving for quality diamonds.

Thankfully, lab-grown diamonds are to the rescue. They are produced in a lab using processes that cause little or no environmental impact and would be ready for use in a much shorter time frame.

3. Unique and Stylish

If there is a time to embrace lab-grown diamonds, it is now when millennials are big about it. Who does not love to participate in positive trends? You can join the youthful world and embrace environmentally friendly jewellery and get extra fulfilment for contributing positively to the ecosystem.

What is more? Having a lab-grown diamond engagement does not in any way limit your options in shapes, cuts, and sizes. Whatever style you can obtain in natural diamonds, you can get the same and even more in a lab-grown alternative.

4. Look the Same

The truth is you may have encountered and appreciated a lab-grown diamond engagement ring and didn’t even know. Whether at the jewellery store or on a friend’s finger, a lab-grown diamond would be just as clear as a mined one, possessing the same colour and achieving the same radiance.

This is because natural and lab-grown diamonds like those from Biron-gems.com possess the same physical and chemical properties. Therefore, they are scientifically judged the same, except, of course, that one came from the earth and is pricey while the other came from a lab and is more affordable.

5. The Future of Diamonds

It is becoming more and more evident that sooner or later, the world may eventually run out of organic options such as natural diamonds. Although the world replenishes itself, organic substances like diamonds are produced in the earth through processes that occur over millions of years.

With the high demand for diamonds in the jewellery market, mining natural diamonds is fast becoming an unsustainable source. What would we do if natural diamond reserves were to get exhausted today?

Besides, the world is not ready for the negative impact non-environmentally friendly practices like mining is causing. The fast depletion of natural resources, deforestation, land destruction, carbon emission, and global warming are already beginning to tell adverse effects.

International bodies are raising a call for all to embrace sustainable practices and laboratory production of diamonds is one of them. Lab-grown diamonds are the future of diamonds, and they are already making a steady rise.


Natural diamonds have thrived in the gemstone market for centuries, but ethical and ecological considerations have made lab-grown alternatives rise in popularity. The good thing is that they are just as beautiful, trendy, and stylish as natural counterparts. And as a plus, they are way cheaper!

Now that you know something extra about lab-grown diamond engagement rings, we hope you are better informed to make the best choice for you and your partner.