Learn the Rules of Bar Billiards: Golf and Billiards Combined

December 20th, 2021 by

Learn the Rules of Bar Billiards: Golf and Billiards Combined

Billiards is a very popular game that everyone is aware of. Especially after the globalization of multiplayer gaming platforms like GetMega, 8 Ball Pool, billiards have gained enormous popularity among people of every age group. 8 Ball Pool and GetMega have brought the game closer to us by developing apps with which we can enjoy and entertain ourselves. To be more specific, because of GetMega’s play to earn the opportunity, the billiard game has reached an unprecedented recognition among individuals of all age groups.

Bar billiards is a variant of billiards game with a twist.

Because of this enormous popularity of the billiard game, gaming platforms and game developers tried to bring variation in the billiard games. Now people can choose which type of billiards game they want to play without being bored. 

Among these variations that have been brought about by the gaming platforms like GetMega, 8 Ball Pool, etc., to make the billiard games more interesting, one such game is bar billiards. If you are someone who is interested in bar billiards or this is the first time you are hearing about such a game, don’t worry; we are here to help you. This article will brief you about all you need to know about bar billiards, including how to play bar billiards, where you can play bar billiards and the rules and regulations of this game.

About bar billiards

Apart from billiards, there is another sports game that has popularized itself through and through because of several famous gaming platforms, including GetMega and Miniclip. Although in reality, this sport can be limited to people because of its costly equipment, but, thanks to the game developers, gaming platforms and the internet sport games like golf can be accessed and played through mobiles, tablets, iPods, PC and other similar devices. 

Now, imagine if the experience of playing two premium sports like golf and billiards are brought together in the palm of your hand by a gaming platform, and that is bar billiards. Bar billiards is a variant of the original billiard game where the gameplay of golf and billiards are brought together to create an exciting and entertaining game with new challenges and even newer sets of rules. Pertinent to mention, there is an additional opportunity where you can earn cash rewards by just playing the game on a platform like GetMega.

In the bar billiards game, the main objective of the player would be to pocket the assigned balls in different holes that would appear in the table rather than sinking the balls in the corners (which traditionally happens in a normal billiards game). The main challenge of this bar billiard game is that throughout the table, bars or otherwise named as skittles, are tactically placed, and the player who is aiming to sink their assigned balls would have to sink the balls without collapsing the inquisitive structures. As you can see from the bar billiards gameplay, this variant of the billiard game itself is both challenging and entertaining at the same time. Moreover, this game is relatively tougher than the other variants of the billiard games, but there are no internationally acclaimed and accepted set rules for this game. If someone gets stuck while playing a match, they refer to the local guidelines.

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Number of balls used in bar billiards

The number of balls used in a bar billiards game is also slightly different from the traditional billiard games. The total number of balls used in the bar billiards game is eight. Seven white balls and one red ball are set on a table. The cue balls and objects can be chosen by the players in a random manner, but most of the players prefer using the combination of one white ball and one red ball.

The reason for such practices is that this way, whenever a player can successfully sink a white ball in a certain pocket or hole, they will be awarded specific points designated to that hole. Lastly, if a player pockets a particular red hole, then the score they will receive for that particular pocket gets doubled. Unlike the traditional billiards game, the bar billiards have multipliers assigned in the balls instead of points; sinking the red ball gets you a 2x multiplier and sinking the white ones will give you a 1x multiplier. 

Gameplay and rules of bar billiards

The overall gameplay of bar billiards is quite similar in comparison to other billiards games with a simple twist, which is the addition of golf in the game. The players do not start a game of bar billiards by breaking a rack or something like that; instead, they toss among themselves to who will have the first chance.

Players can pick the balls of their choice from the trough, and the balls are placed within a “D” shaped formation and behind the baulk line. The players use the ball of their choice to hit the other balls in the table using a cue, and their main goal is to sink the balls in a hole. If any player fails to sink a ball while it is their turn, then the other player will get their turn. And the whole bar billiard game continues in this way until there is not a single ball remaining in the trough. In this circumstance, the closest ball from the baulk line will be utilized as the cue ball.

During the whole game, if any player intentionally or unintentionally collapses the black skittle, then their accumulated points will become zero. On the other hand, if any other skittles get pummeled over, then no points will be deducted; instead, the player will lose their turn, but the points will remain the same. Remember that if any ball gets pocketed while any skittle gets knocked over, then the point for sinking the ball would not be added to the player’s total score.

Following are the reasons that fouls occur while playing the bar billiards:

  • If any ball gets bounced out of the table.
  • If the balls collapse, any billiard bars.
  • If the ball gets rolled back behind the baulk line.
  • If the player is unable to make the slightest contact with any object ball while using the supposed cue ball for the short.

The more you play the bar billiard game, the more familiar you will become with it, and the best way to enjoy playing bar billiards is to play in a multiplayer gaming platform like GetMega, where you can also earn money while playing the game.