KatmovieHD Alternatives In 2021: Free Movies!

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KatmovieHD Alternatives In 2021: Free Movies!

KatMovieHD Alternatives

Let’s make some intro first…Ahh..well.

How have you been, folks, throughout this #SecondWaveCOVID-19? I hope everyone is okay and robust. If not, which I won’t say is strange, may the Almighty bless you with all your strength and positivity. Yeah! Stay positive; that is all we need right now.  

Amid this heavy-hearted period, we all need to calm and boost ourselves up to positivity. It is normal to feel stressed, lonely, blank, and stuff like that in these terrible circumstances. So I will tell you how I helped myself to stay relaxed and stress-free. 

I have gone through all my chores by myself (YES! I have put our house-helps on leave), which helped me stay fit physically and mentally, and what’s very important in this saddening time is to remain BUSY. 

Working from home during the pandemic was a real bummer. I cannot imagine what would have happened hadn’t it been for platforms like the pirate bay. Best torrenting vpn platforms helped me with my daily dose of entertainment, both in the form of movies, as well as the latest tv shows.

In addition to these, I have been watching plenty of movies online, which is one of my greatest joys in life and a total stress-buster. So, obviously, I need to find online movie websites to download or even stream my favourite movies, as well as new releases for free. Plus, I know I can make use of tools like the best torrenting vpn to help the content download as quickly as possible.

In context to this, KatMovieHD or KatMoviesHD came very helpfully. Want to know about KatMovies? Okay, let me introduce my friend (KatMovieHD), who stood by me during this pandemic 2019-present.

 Note: We are not promoting any illegal thing. Facts are written for information purposes only. Viewers, if caught performing any unlawful means, we are not liable by any means. visit 

Find out what KatmovieHD is?

KatMovieHD or KatMoviesHD is a website or an online page where we can get HD movies. Not only that, but we can also watch TV Shows and Dramas. Katmoviehd was born a few years ago, but it came in front of public eyes because of the genuinely achieved honour of pleased viewers.

KatMoviesHD is quite renowned as a torrent site in India, and as such, the website casts Bollywood movies. Nonetheless, you can watch movies in different languages and from different parts of the world illegally. 

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As mentioned before, KatMovieHD is an Indian torrent-based website. Although KatMovieHD releases Bollywood movies, the Indian Government has banned it. No matter what, the KatMovies is going on prosperously. Do you want to know how it is possible? 

The truth is, the KatMovie HD keeps shifting its authority from time to time; hence, lessening its opportunities of being banned by the Cybercrime Department. 

KatMovieHD Alternatives

Does anyone really want to be a victim of Cybercrime? We all know that KatMovieHD alternatives is banned in India. And you are here on our website to search for alternatives to KatMoviehd. But, fear not; you don’t have to sweat it out anymore because Inkbeau has figured out a detailed list of some of the alternatives of KatMovieHd. 

 Some of the alternatives of KatMovieHd, KatMoviesHD Alternatives in 2021:

  • Jalshamoviesz
  • 9xflix
  • desire movies 
  • Thop TV
  • Filmy Meet
  • Filmy 4 Wap
  • Ipagal
  • Mastihot
  • 8xmovies
  • DVD rockers
  • 9xrockers
  • movies4u
  • Cinemavilla
  • Jio rockers
  • Madras rockers
  • Downloadhub

Let us know them in some detail alternatives of KatMovieHd. 

Make KatMovieHD your favourite.



Jalshamoviesz permits consumers to download and watch movies free of cost. Like KatMovieHd aka KatMovies, this site also releases Bengali, English, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri Marathi, and Gujarati.

You can also have a chance to download songs, TV shows, and trailers. Apart from downloading the movies and shows, you can also watch them online, similar to Katmoviehd.

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9xflix is a website (similar to KatMovieHD) where consumers download movies from torrent and direct links. Similar to KatMoviesHd, 9xflix is a website for free movie download. But it claims that it’s like only movie websites in the world when it comes to picture and sound quality and the diversity 9xflixmovies provides.   

9xflix provides various kinds of movies like Hollywood movies, Bollywood Movies, South Hindi Dubbed Movies, and Dual Audio Hindi Movies. 9xflixHd uploads the latest movies daily.

In addition, 9xflix adds new film genres every alternate week. Unlike KatMoviehd, 9xflix offers the best resolution with free HD Quality films at an incomparable speed.

Desire movies


Similar to KatMovieHD or KatMoviesHD, Desiremovies is an unlawful website that produces pirated films accessible to the world. Desiremovies Viewers largely use hd to watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Tollywood, and various local language movies.

By using many mirror web pages and intermediaries, Desiremovie maintained its activities. Therefore, the Government’s attempt went futile to ban these websites. These include KatMovieHD too.

Thop TV


This application was long ago made for IPL viewers. Thop Tv offers you to watch Free To Air(FTA) and premium TV Channels. You can also watch movies and TV dramas Thop tv, just like KatMovieHD. 

Filmy Meet


Primarily, Filmy Meet is another banned website as it leaks movies and also TV shows online. One can download various Hindi movies from Filmymeet as KatMoviehd Alternatives.

Websites like Filmymeet make it tough for the producers. Movie producers leak movies to earn money.

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The movies leak online on infamous websites like Filmymeet. Baring the theatrical release of the films. ISPs in some areas of India banned Filmy meet to prevent internet consumers from using the site and participating in pirated content.

Filmy 4 Wap

Kat Movie HD

Filmy4WapHd name itself the ultimate website for 1GB and 400MB movie downloads. Many other sites show 300MB films having resolution problems. We recommend this as the best alternative for KatMovieHd

Filmy4Wap swears to release 400MB films that are of better quality than others. Whether you use a PC or Android, it is a mobile phone-friendly site. It is aimed at a painless user experience.                     

The Filmy4Wap website has prominently leaked many free English, Hindi, English & Hindi Dubbed Movies, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, and others downloadable easily.

Lastly, Filmy4Wap also launches Bengali and Marathi movies as well. So not only Filmy4Wap launches stolen Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood. And other regional movies, but it is also prominent with Indian TV shows for free like KatMovieHd.



Ipagal is a badly-known torrent website that shares Bollywood movies and Hindi, dubbed versions of Hollywood movies illegitimately, And it is a Katmovieshd alternative.

Though downloading Hindi movies is the main purpose of the Ipagal webpage, users can even get hold of the latest Hollywood films.

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Not only Hindi dubbed versions of Hollywood movies, but IpagalHd also provides Hindi dubbed versions for Telugu, Tamil, and other regional Indian films.




Firstly, one of the most searched web pages of Google, Mastihot, is an illegal website in India and a KatMovieHd Alternatives.

Keeping in mind, you can download most of the well-known movies of all kinds of genres and regional languages, such as Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bollywood, Tollywood, Tamil, Punjabi, Pakistani, and many more latest things.

Moreover, MastihotHd publishes duplicated Hindi and Hollywood movies without any permission of the owners. Finally, find the different regional movies in different formats as you prefer. You are getting a lot of downloads HD movies.

8xmovies- a KatMovieHD Alternatives


8xMovies is a proxy torrent website. the 8x movies release the latest films and other entertaining content free for Indian customers.

8X Movies is famous for releasing recent films as soon as possible. This is the best alternatives of KatMovieHD.

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So, 8xmovies.com launches copyright materials for clients free of charge. There are many piracy movie sites online for film lovers, yet none is like 8xMovies Hd. 8xMovies also has an App in its name, so install and start using it.



DVDrockersHD is one of the illegal websites like KatmovieHD Alternatives. It is a piracy torrent web page known for providing free access to all the present TV series and so much more. Movie lovers like keeping themselves updated.

So do DVDrockers for the customers, a.k.a. movie lovers. The DVDrockers is known for providing videos in High Definition, being a KatMoviesHD Alternatives. The DVDRockers platform is well-known for delivering the latest Tamil and Telugu movies.


KatMovie HD

Actually, 9xrockers is an unapproved website that permits pirated content to be downloaded by clients. 9xrockers is renowned for its Bhojpuri Movies, Tollywood Movies, Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Gujrati Movies, Malayalam Movies, Kannada Movies, Marathi Movies, Punjabi Movies, Bangla Movies, Hindi Dubbed Movies, Web Series, TV Shows, and many more movies free of cost.

However, Find the Web Series in different languages especially, Hindi and English KatMovieHd Alternatives like 9xrockers.


Cinemavilla is an illegal online torrent platform. It is specially searched for watching and downloading illegally recorded movies online.

The Cinemavilla has plenty of movies accessible from several industries like Bollywood, Hollywood. And Telugu, Tamil film for complimentary. This website has an equal number of visitors to KatMovieHd.

Jio Rockers


Among many unauthorized piracy sites, Jio Rockers is disclosing content infamously, affecting the entertainment industry by creating significant losses for producers, theatre owners, and other investors related to the film industry.

JioRockers provides clients with a massive set of free like KatMoviesHD Tollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood, and more movies to download as KatMovies Alternatives.

The Jio Rockers HD’s viewers see a vast collection of Telugu and Tamil movies online for free. In addition, Jio Rockers’ customers receive newly launched films and shows as soon as possible with high print qualities from 360P to 720P.


Kat Movie HD

Madrasrockers is an illegal social torrent website KatMovie Hd. Madras Rockers’ website is renowned for illegally recording Tamil movies HD download online for free.

MadrasRockers.com exposed many blockbuster Tamil movies online in 2019 like others. People search for Madras Rockers platform to take down Telugu and Tamil movies for free or watch them online.

Downloadhub – KatMovieHD Alternative


DownloadHub.com is ill-famous for disclosing copyrighted content, specifically TV series and movies, before or during their actual release dates.

The success of such unauthorized websites like DownloadHub.com is due to their enormous collection of free downloading HD movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, Hollywood, and more like KatMoviesHD.

Let us know how websites like KatMovieHD launch Pirated Movies make money.

As the latest report, movie releasing teams race with each other in deploying content online and releasing it fast and creating humongous searches, making money quickly. But, most of the time, newly released movies are shot with a camera at the theatres; and uploaded on KatMovieHD, 9xmovies, websites as soon as possible. 

 More or less, the latest movie release groups use several tools for editing to assort the pirated video from one authority with the recorded audio from another. Generally, they bring in illegally recorded content from online providers such as EaseUS MobiMover, iTunes, Gihosoft iManager, etc. 

 Although some pirated materials are taken from televisions, the rate of content ripping online keeps heading day by day. Jerking material coming from Blu-Rays and DVDs has become very easy by the use of advanced software systems.  

Kodi Box- A Boon To KatMovieHD Alternatives

 Moreover, the Kodi Box is again a way of visiting movie content illegally. They are the British culprits who are handing out these boxes throughout the world. First, selling them at lesser prices to legal channels; after that, they adjust them for the home setting and resell them to sites like KatMovieHd. 

 But to improve your visibility online without being obstructed by Cybercrime, you ought to devise your illegal websites so that you stay online anonymously. 

Making Money Through Piracy?

Earning money through releasing stolen content online is a brilliant way of creating funds through piracy websites. Online pirates can vouch for this as they have tackled their ways of earning money along with big profits from piracy. 

 Let’s Face The Truth

There are many movie lovers in India, yet BitTorrent websites like KatMovieHD do not earn much. We are sometimes overwhelmed by presumptuous users showing off luxurious ways of life that they say are the result of income from torrent.

But there is very little proof that can show the high income from piracy websites KatMovieHD prominently. Though there are many risk factors, cleverly handling them will lead to success for sites like KatMovieHD.

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