Enhancing Breast Size: Options and Considerations

January 15th, 2022 by

Enhancing Breast Size: Options and Considerations

The decision to have breast augmentation surgery can be both exciting and terrifying. Although breast augmentation surgery has many advantages, some people don’t know what actually happens during the entire process. Breast augmentation surgery typically involves three phases: consultation, procedure, and healing. Each phase necessitates its own degree of thought. You will get the desired outcome by learning about each stage of the procedure. However, before you begin the procedure, you must first determine whether it is appropriate for you.

Is Breast Augmentation Appropriate For My Situation?

Prior to scheduling an appointment, patients should consider whether breast augmentation is needed for their situation. Time, funds, and physical pain are all required for treatment.  Because the procedure requires an upfront cost, you should consider the kind of result you desire and whether it is worth your money. Once you’ve determined what you want, you can consult with plastic surgeons in the bay area to decide the best way to achieve those goals.

Initial Breast Augmentation Appointment

Even though a lot of patients come to their initial breast augmentation appointment with a notion of their desired result after the procedure, a plastic surgeon will be able to give you sound advice. The surgeon that you choose should have done a number of breast augmentation procedures.

You should choose a board-certified and highly qualified plastic surgeon who is an expert in his or her field. A skilled breast augmentation surgeon has been trained in using advanced technology tools to determine the most appropriate breast size as well as implant.

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will go over the whole breast augmentation procedure with you. Aside from breast size, you will need to decide whether you prefer saline or silicone implants. You will then pick a shape based on your selected implant. There are numerous shapes to choose from, such as spherical and teardrop.  Based on what you choose, the surgeon will advise you on where the implant will be placed.

How Long Does the Procedure Lasts?

Breast augmentation is typically performed as an outpatient surgery, though numerous patients may choose to spend the night in the hospital. The surgical procedure can take up to two hours, and you will most likely be sedated.  The surgeon will make incisions beneath the breast, underneath the armpits, or around the nipples. Sutures will be used to seal the surgical site after the breast implants have been placed.

Recovery From Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery can sometimes have a lengthy recovery period. During recovery, you should sleep in a reclining chair, for the first two days, after the procedure, to decrease swelling and pain. You should anticipate to reduce vigorous exercise for at least three weeks following breast augmentation surgery. This includes avoiding elevating your hands to help minimize swelling. Physical activities and carrying heavy loads are examples of activities that should be reduced. The majority of patients will be able to resume normal activity levels after two months.

Tips on Breast Augmentation Healing

Put aside clothes and complete any required house chores before the surgery, to plan for breast augmentation. The week following the procedure will be the most challenging, so you should do the necessary work ahead of time. This will allow you more time to relax the week of surgery. Cold packs and comfortable clothing will help reduce discomfort after the surgical procedure. Finally, to keep hydrated during your recovery, drink plenty of water.

Make absolutely sure you are knowledgeable about every facet of breast augmentation prior to actually making any decision to get the procedure. This will increase your chances of having an easy healing process. You will also be pleased with the end result.