Hyaluronic Acid: Benefits & How To Include In Skincare Routine

June 22nd, 2021 by

Hyaluronic Acid: Benefits & How To Include In Skincare Routine

Known for its moisturizing properties, Hyaluronic acid is the latest trend in the skincare and wellness industry. Today, some of the best body care products, natural body moisturizers, and natural products for skin boast of this ingredient. If you’re looking to buy organic skin care products that plump your skin, then we suggest you opt for the one that has Hyaluronic acid at the top of its ingredient list. But what exactly is this magic ingredient, and how does it work? Read on to know more.


Hyaluronic acid is a humectant and has the unique ability to attract and hold up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water. Found naturally in our skin, joints, eyes, and tissues, Hyaluronic acid helps give structure and moisture to the skin, repairs tissue, and lubricates the joints.

Hyaluronic acid attracts water from within the dermis or from the atmosphere and delivers it to the skin surface, the epidermis. It is key to keeping your skin soft, plump, and hydrated. However, as we age, the Hyaluronic acid levels in the skin naturally decrease, which is why as you get older, your skin becomes thinner and drier. Moreover, harsh weather conditions, pollution, certain face products, and underlying skin conditions often cause tiny breaks in the skin’s protective barrier, allowing water to escape. This is why experts suggest supplementing with topical Hyaluronic acid facial care beauty products.


  • Hydrates skin

Hyaluronic acid is like chugging a tall glass of water, but for your skin. Its ability to attract and retain moisture leaves your skin is feeling nourished and hydrated all the time. When moisture is available in the environment, Hyaluronic Acid latches onto those water molecules and delivers them to the skin’s outermost layer. And if moisture is not available externally, Hyaluronic Acid then attracts water from deeper layers within the skin.

Apart from hydration, Hyaluronic acid also improves skin texture, pigmentation, and skin tone. So, adding Hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine will ensure your skin is rejuvenated, moisturized, and even-toned.

  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines

Hydration is critical when it comes to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. With the use of Hyaluronic acid, your skin is nourished from within, which helps you look younger and fresher. Recent research also suggests that Hyaluronic acid has antioxidant properties which helps fight free radical and the damage caused by oxidative stress.

If you’re over 25 years of age, you need to take special care of the skin around your eye area as it is one of the first to show signs of aging. Using an eye cream that contains Hyaluronic acid will help keep your skin supple and hydrated and prevent new lines from forming.

  • Forms a protective barrier

As we age, the epidermis or the top layer of our skin weakens, leaving our skin vulnerable. Sometimes, this can also be triggered by certain cosmetic facial care beauty products, weather conditions, and environmental factors.

With the use of Hyaluronic acid, you can give a boost of hydration to your skin, which helps fortify and protect the natural lipid barrier and gives your skin a more youthful-looking appearance. People with oily skin or those who suffer from skin breakouts opt for harsher face products that strip the skin of its natural oil, which only triggers more oil production and acne breakouts.

  • Fast-absorbing and suitable for all skin types

One of the best things about this ingredient is that it works with every skin type. While it is great for dry and aging skin, it is fast-absorbing and makes it an excellent option for people with oily skin.

Its lightweight formulation is non-greasy, feels weightless on the skin, and nourishes your skin from within. Hyaluronic acid is also perfect for sensitive skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties and does not clog pores.

  • Heals wounds

Hyaluronic acid plays a crucial role in tissue regeneration. Some studies suggest it also boosts the production of collagen, which helps speed up the recovery process. Even outside of skincare, Hyaluronic Acid is often recommended for people with eye and joint injuries because of its proven ability to heal and repair wounds.

 As we mentioned earlier, the presence of Hyaluronic acid in our body decreases over time. So, if you’re someone who has blemishes, acne marks, or other wounds, make sure to include face products with Hyaluronic acid.


Hyaluronic acid is one of those few skincare ingredients that is the perfect example of how limited face products can deliver real and visible results. Hyaluronic acid can also be safely combined with other beneficial ingredients such as Retinol and vitamin C.

Today, Hyaluronic Acid is found in a variety of skincare, wellness products such as night creams, serums, masks, anti-ageing cream, eye cream, body lotion, and face cream for women. So, if you’re looking to incorporate this magic ingredient into your daily skincare routine, there is no shortage of options.

As Hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skin types, depending on your skin’s need or any existing skin concerns, you can opt for any of the products listed above. Since Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by the body, it doesn’t harm your body or skin in any way and has low chances of side effects. However, make sure you seal it in with a heavy moisturizer that contains ceramides and emollients to lock in the hydration. Applying a moisturizer also prevents your skin from getting dehydrated, as Hyaluronic acid is known to draw out moisture from deep within your skin if it is unable to draw moisture from the environment.

When scanning the ingredient list of a prospective face product or an authentic skincare product, we suggest you keep an eye out for this ingredient.