How to Watch Netflix in 4K UHD: Enjoy High-Quality Streaming

January 12th, 2023 by

How to Watch Netflix in 4K UHD: Enjoy High-Quality Streaming

Netflix has a lot of 4K-quality movies and TV shows in its library. And not taking advantage of that, along with paying for its subscription, is a huge waste. Watching movies or TV episodes of high quality will definitely improve your viewing experience. To be able to watch movies in 4K, you need to be subscribed to the Netflix premium plan. Other things you need to stream Netflix in 4K will be discussed in this article so that you don’t miss out on amazing viewing

Get the Required Bandwidth

4K is huge, which means you need to have an internet connection that is able to meet such a demand. Netflix claims that you need at least 15 Mbps internet speed for streaming in 4K.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when you choose an internet provider for Netflix streaming, don’t go for the internet plan that has a data cap. Having a data cap means that the internet connection is limited. As soon as your internet reaches that limit, your internet speeds will be slowed down until you pay for more data.

We recommend that you go for one of the Xfinity internet plans because of their exceptional internet speeds and seamless connectivity. Just make sure that the internet speed you need includes streaming speeds as well as other online activities and Xfinity will hook you up with the right internet plan.

4K Streaming TV or Streaming Device – Yes, you need it

This is too obvious but we are going to say it anyway. Yes, you need a 4K TV for streaming Netflix in 4K quality. 4K TVs are often smart TVs that come with the Netflix app pre-installed. Or if it’s not pre-installed, you can download it. Having a 4K TV means 2160p or a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Or 7680×4320 as 8K TVs that are just starting to hit the markets, but it’s probably overkill. Netflix doesn’t have any plans for the 8K yet, so let’s just look into the 4K for now.

If you are looking for a recommendation for a new TV set, note that Netflix releases a list of recommended models that you can buy.

And if you don’t have a 4K or smart TV, you can go for streaming devices that will do the job just fine. Following are some of the streaming external devices that you can use for streaming Netflix in 4K;

  • Apple TV 4K
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox Series S/X
  • PS4 Pro
  • PS5
  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire TV stick 4K/Max
  • Roku Streaming Stick+
  • Xfinity Flex
  • Google Chromecast

As long as you have a 4K streaming device or TV, you are all set to stream Netflix on a 4K quality.

 Can I Watch on PC or Mac?

Definitely, you can stream Netflix in 4K on Windows PC, having an operating system such as Windows 10 or above. Your PC also needs PlayReady 3.0 as well as 10-bit HEVC encoding support, the latter for which you need a 7th-generation Intel Kaby lake processor or later. To sum it up, your PC shouldn’t be dated older than 2017 to stream Netflix in 4K.

Streaming 4K Netflix on Mac is all new and available for everything to use now. Make sure the operating system is at last macOS 11.0 Big Sur or a 2018 or later Mac.

Best Netflix Movies and TV shows from 2022

Netflix introduces new content every Thursday mostly and has already released plenty of shows to watch. But now that you are planning to get a 4K experience, why don’t you give some of the following shows or movies a go in 4k?

  • The Gray Man
  • Wednesday
  • The Adam Project
  • 1899
  • The Witcher
  • Stranger Things
  • Our Universe
  • 6 Underground
  • Day Shift

Is My Netflix Streaming in 4K Now?

Funny question, but quite legit. But the answer is that Netflix automatically streams in 4K if you are fulfilling all the required criteria i.e. the ones mentioned above.

If you are wondering how to find 4K content on Netflix, you need to be subscribed to the Netflix premium plan to be able to view 4K content on your screen. If you are already using the premium plan, then type 4K or UHD on the Netflix search bar on any device to reveal a list of content that is 4K or UHD in quality. You will also be able to spot the 4K or UHD tag on these movies or TV shows.

If you just have the standard Netflix plan, then the same movies and TV shows will be available in HD quality.

Final Thoughts

Streaming Netflix in 4K quality is more than just having your favorite movies and TV shows on the TV screen. You get to see the details that you missed in low-to-standard quality videos. If you prefer watching every detail, then Netflix in 4K is your answer. And this guide has already explained what you need to stream Netflix in 4K. Happy Netflixing!