How To Throw Up Yourself? 8 Ways To Puke Yourself

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How To Throw Up Yourself? 8 Ways To Puke Yourself

How To Throw Up: Vomiting is an action that many times we’ve done, unfortunately, since it’s something that is part of everyday life on countless occasions.

Vomiting consists in dismissing the gastric juices of the stomach, including the food they contain, in an ordinarily violent manner.

What happens with this is that it’s usually an unpleasant action that nobody likes to do.

However, like all the actions that happen in our body, vomiting is right, and if we do, it’s for something good without a doubt.

The body usually vomits to lighten digestion if for some reason we have too much food or drink.

It’s also capable of throwing up when there is indigestion, something that happens when you exercise a lot, too much exercise, I would say.

However, what happens is that many times we want to throw up, but it’s somewhat impossible, and let’s say we’re on the edge of doing it, but we’ve not yet hit at it.

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The problem with this is that it’ll undoubtedly be painful, since we have a collapsed stomach and want to vomit, but we’ve not been able to.

However, this is not the only reason why we’re going to want to throw up since there’re many more reasons to do so.

Many times we’ve drunk too much alcohol, and vomiting can avoid significant problems, such as an ethyl coma among other things.

If you’re a person who wanted to vomit at some time and has not been able, do not worry anymore, since we’re going to show how to throw up yourself easily and in numerous ways.

Something that’ll undoubtedly serve you for the next few times when you feel like it of vomiting and for the reason that you’re unable to do so.

Put your fingers:

How To Throw Up

The first way that we’re going to explain you to throw up is a very classic way of doing it, traditional as well as simple.

The way of doing it is to put your fingers, that is, put your fingers in your throat and push inwards.

In this way, we say that we’re going to stimulate a kind of membrane that the body has to force vomit and vomit.

Yes, it is not easy. The first thing is that it will cost us a bit to put our fingers in there since it’s something disgusting.

Secondly, when we do this, we’ll notice how the body does not vomit at the beginning, but first, you’ve bends and burps to expel the gases.

What we’ve to do is continue with the task until we get to vomit, something that’s not as complicated as it seems.

Also on other occasions, we’ve to put fingers to another person, something unpleasant, but necessary when the person is drunk.

You must do this once and once you have an arcade, remove your hand and leave enough space to vomit everything and don’t throw it on you of course.

Drink liquids:

how to vomit yourself

The second step that we’ll explain when it comes to throwing up is to drink fluids.

When we put excess liquids in the stomach, what we’re going to achieve is the vomit is stimulated, since we’re going to have the stomach collapsed and it’ll allow us to throw it all at once.

Grab a bottle of water and drink as much water as you can, filling your stomach as much as possible.

Also try to drink very fast, because the quicker you get to drink, the more likely you’ll be able to throw up afterward.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll have to wait a bit until you throw it all out so you can throw up.

You’ll realize that the first thing that you’ll throw in the water.

However, this water will be only the beginning, since after that the vomiting really will come with everything of the stomach.

Once you’ve stimulated vomiting, the body will throw it all out, and you’ll be entirely at ease, throwing all the vomit that you have to throw out.

With warm water and salt :

How To Puke Yourself

If you feel bad because you ate a lot, drank a lot or eat something in poor condition you can cause vomiting as something quite natural.

It’s not pleasant, logically, but it doesn’t cause damage or outcomes.

  1. Fill a glass with warm water and add about 3 or 4 tablespoons of salt (according to the size of the glass), stir it until it dissolves completely.
  2. As it may take a while to dissolve completely, place the water warm so that in that process of dissolution of the salt reaches its proper temperature and does not get too cold.
  3. Go to the bathroom with the glass. Now you must swig it, a trick to make it less unpleasant is to cover your nose.
  1. Wait a bit, the vomiting can be almost immediate or take a while, but it’ll happen, and you’ll feel relieved.
  1. Something similar is to put in a glass of water a few tablespoons of mustard.

Drink coffee with salt:

How to vomit yourself

Surely you’ve ever heard something about coffee with salt, as it has been used as a home remedy to vomit in alcoholism for a long time.

I think what you heard of coffee with salt is that it’s a myth, but it’s true and also backed by science.

When we put something very acidic, and in addition to bad taste to the body, it is automatically going to produce a reaction.

A reaction that is going to do is to vomit of violent form with giving a pair of drinks to the coffee.

This coffee is served at any bar if you explain the situation. In the bar, they’ll put the regular coffee, and after that, they will give you a salt shaker.

So you can put salt on it. It takes a lot of salt so that arcades are produced and vomits since that is the idea.

After that, gulp the coffee down, as this way the chances of vomiting will be much higher than if you drink it in a slow and controlled way.

As with water, once you stimulate vomiting in one way, it’ll be relatively easy to throw it all at once, so don’t doubt that coffee with salt is one of the best remedies that exist at the time of vomiting.

Spinning on itself:

How to puke


As with the issue of putting your fingers inside the throat, often the simplest remedies are the most effective.

In this case, another simple and powerful remedy is to turn around oneself to induce vomiting, without a doubt a great idea that besides being simple, is useful.

When we go around a lot, what we’re going to do is get dizzy, because the liquid in our ears that controls the subject of dizziness will keep turning.

Something that’ll make us feel bad and vomit. Try to go around as fast as possible, as if you were a child and you’ll quickly start vomiting.

I know that maybe doing this can be a bit hard. However, you have to remember that many times doing something we don’t like is necessary and that it’ll provide us with a much more significant advantage.

In this case, turning around oneself is unpleasant, but once we vomit, the situation in your body will be much more pleasant.

Ipecac syrup:

How To Throw Up Yourself

Ipecac syrup is made with the root of a Brazilian plant used to induce vomiting (throwing up).

And this syrup is used mainly for cases of poisoning because it has its risks.

If used within the disorders of bulimia, to vomit what it has been ingested daily or more often can cause problems in the heart.

It is advised only for cases of poisoning.

Exercising excessively:

How to throw up

Many times you have to do things that are not recommended in the subject of the stomach to vomit.

Because if what we want is to vomit, perhaps what we have to do is to force a little more the machine.

It’s logical to think that if we don’t vomit, we’ve not forced the vomiting too much and it is time to do it.

Even if you feel heavy, try to exercise a lot, as if your life were in it.

The reaction of the body is going to be vomiting almost immediately, something logical since what happens, in this case, is that the digestion has been cut.

Having a cut of digestion, the reaction usually occurs when vomiting.

So to provoke it although it’s not usually recommended, in this case, it is an excellent remedy.

Being better, in this case, the disease itself the treatment of the disease ironically.

Drink sodas:

How To Puke Yourself

Let’s continue a little with the ironies. In this case, let’s talk about how drinking soda can force vomiting (throwing up).

One of the main reasons why people vomit is because they have acidified the stomach in excess.

This produces the stomach so acidic that it must discharge the gastric acid juice to balance the PH.

If we drink sodas, bubbles and sugar in large quantities will cause a massive stomach addiction.

Something that’ll make us throw everything we’ve inside because we’re going to increase acidity so much, that the body has to throw everything to maintain a normal health

Also, we’ve to take into account something else. If we’ve looked carefully at the remedy of drinking lots of liquids, we’ll realize that soft drinks are liquid.

For this reason, drinking soda in large quantities will undoubtedly help us to throw everything away.

Not only will we acidify the stomach, but we’ll drench it with liquids.

There are also other remedies to throw up yourself, such as taking a product that causes vomiting or even eating more food.

However, with the remedies that I have given you above, you’ll probably find more than enough to start with this, cause vomiting and reduce all the bad things in your stomach.

Something that is necessary for you to have good health again.

NOTE:  Vomiting should be provoked only when strictly necessary since stomach acids cause disorders in the teeth and throat.

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