Enhancing Cleavage: How to Tape Your Boobs

December 2nd, 2021 by

Enhancing Cleavage: How to Tape Your Boobs

Knowing how to tape your breasts for deep V dresses is a skill in itself. Many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jlo, and Beyoncé, among so many other people, have nailed ways to keep them alive every time they appear in public. For all of us, we can try the tricks and methods of celebrity-approved to attach our breasts to the red carpet display.

How to breast tape for deep V

If the dress has a plunging neckline, wearing the best push-up bra or going braless is not always the best choice. Everyday bras will be visible and can affect appearance. Breast tape, although it is said to be designed for specific purposes to serve as a bra for dresses or superiors with falling necklines, don’t always do work well. Most women who use it admit they glide effortlessly and do not offer support for their breasts. On the other hand, without some support, you risk a slight NIP slip. For women with big breasts, it’s like damage to the wardrobe waiting to happen.

The recording can be your new friend if you don’t have a sticky backless bra that works with your dress. Small breasted women might get away with only nipples. But, the boob tape does more by adding definitions to the breast and even increasing or making cleavage. Recording your breasts is not a complicated concept. It requires cutting adequate boob tape that can switch from the bottom of your breasts behind your shoulders. You will start at the bottom of your breasts and work behind your shoulders when you apply it.

Boob tape and nipples must, tape lift breast,

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  • Adhesive & sweat resistance – there is a medical class adhesive on the inside of the breast.

Step 1: Cut the breast tape strip

On average, you will require at least 12 to 13 inches of masking tape. Three pieces are usually enough to cover and lift your nipples and breasts. You can do more if it will make you more comfortable.

When cutting the cassette, try around the tip a little. In this way, you don’t have a sharp angle of the poked ribbon and push your skin to the side.

Step 2: Your Breast Cup

The process of recording your breasts is a combination of steps that you must do simultaneously. Your breast cupping is very important because that is the purpose of recording in the first place. You want to lift it and provide a definition, and this is similar to finding the perfect way to wear your push up bra, so it works.

Step 3: Pull your shoulders toward the boob tape

Pull the cassette and stick it at the bottom of your breasts towards your shoulder when you do this. Remember to put cotton pads on your nipples before attaching your breast to make it less painful when you remove the tape and, at the same time, to provide another layer.

Put another boob tape next to this one to get into your chest. This will create a cleavage between the neckline will show you the fall. Doing so will have the same effect by using a plunge bra with a deep central gore for low cut tops and reduced costs!

Put another strip on the previous one until your breasts are supported, and you feel pretty comfortable with the tape. Repeat these steps on your other breast.

As a general rule, avoid using a solid boob tape that is likely to hurt you when putting it and especially removing it. If you don’t want to know what a “layer of skin from your body” feels like, make sure to use one of the recommended recordings below. With the correct type of recording, there are ways to reduce suffering.

Unlike a sticky bra where you can restore their adhesive, which can only be used and is suitable for use once.

·        Gaffer ribbon.

Gaffer tape is what works in the use of production. Usually to attach cables and cables in place. This recording is strong enough to hold your breasts. Not too sticky at the pain and irritating your skin is too much when you use it.

·        Athletic ribbon

Athletic boob tape is used, well, by athletes to treat injury and muscle tension. This is a bright or black tape that you see professional players, coaches of the gym, bodybuilders, and the use of the like. This tends to be injured because specifically made to put on the skin.

The upside to athlete’s tape is also sweat resistance. If you have a dancing night planned, you might want to consider this. The same thing as men must worry about sweat in their underwear; you don’t want your cassette to fall apart in the middle of your congestion session.

·        Medical tape.

The medical tape is a much smoother ribbon for use. The compromise with it is that it does not offer a lot of support. It will be much better for more petite breasted women who don’t need a lot of help carrying the burden of the breast. They may need more for cleavage and to cover nipples.

Tip to Tape Your Breasts

Now you know the proper steps you can follow to tape your breasts when you wear a deep V neck and the types of cassettes you can use, you need to consider several things. Here is a tip when taping your breasts:

·         Choose a fabric that works well.

Silk or satin usually makes it too clear that you have a recording, especially if you are on the thinner side of your clothes or up. Try to avoid recording your breasts while wearing this type of clothes. It can also be clear when you wear tight clothes or bosses that hug your body. With that thought, the cloth is always something to consider.