How to Tan Your Skin Safely  

November 3rd, 2020 by

How to Tan Your Skin Safely  

Having gorgeous tan skin is everyone’s dream. We can all agree that most of us look better with tan skin. However, as much as we love laying under the sun, we should always be careful with the sun exposure that might harm our skin.   

If you’re not a fan of natural tanning or you’re too far away from any beach, you can fined tanning near me through a simple search – but, you should figure out the best options before you start making any choices on that front. 

With that, here are the tips on how you can tan your skin safely, whether you choose to tan with the sun or without:  

Whether you’re in for a tanning session or just simply heading outside, it’s a must that you apply sunscreen. When looking for the perfect sunscreen, you should always pick a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. If it indicated that it’s a broad spectrum, it’s pretty much the same thing. UVA is responsible for aging your skin faster and UVB is responsible for causing sunburn to your skin.   

On an everyday basis, you can wear SPF 15. On extra hot days, you can pick between SPF 30 and SPF 50. It’s recommended to go for SPF 30 since SPF 30 blocks out 97% UVB rays and SPF 50 blocks out 98%, which does not make too much difference according to a dermatologist. Along with that, SPF 50 tends to be heavier on the skin.   

Remember that sunscreen won’t remain on your skin for the whole day so you’ll be needing to re-apply sunscreen correctly every two hours. 

  • Take Note of Your Tanning Time  

When you’re exposed to the sun, please note that your skin does have a limit up to where it can produce melanin, which is the tanning pigment. There’s no use in laying by the pool the whole day as you might just risk your skin to UV damage.   

Usually, the cut-off of melanin production is after two or three hours – or less if you have fair skin. Make sure not to stay too long under the sun and have a little fun!  

  • Stay Away from Tanning Beds   

Since you wanted to stay away from the sun but wanted to achieve the perfect tan skin, you might go for a tanning bed. Whatever happens, don’t go under the strip of bulbs. As much as it looks effective and gives a good tan, tanning beds are not healthy for your skin at all. It has been emphasized that having just one tanning session under tanning beds before the age of 35 increases your chances of having melanoma by 75%. Melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer and you must do everything to avoid that, which includes tanning beds.   

  • Eating the Right Foods  

Did you know that there are many healthy alternatives to tanning bed sessions and tanning beds? For example, eating the right foods will provide you with a healthier and longer tan. An alternative to sunless tanning is simply eating certain foods that help your skin to tan from within. For example, you might like to eat fruits, but you should avoid acidic foods such as lemon, lime, or orange because they tend to dehydrate the skin and make it more prone to sunburn. On the other hand, tomato has been known to be the best food that helps to increase lycopene, your skin’s very own SPF. 

  • Go for Tanning Lotion or Spray  

If you want to steer clear away from the sun and want to avoid a tanning bed, then you should go for a tanning lotion or spray to achieve that perfect skin tone. These lotions and sprays contain dihydroxyacetone, which reacts and ropes with the surface-level cells on your skin, causing them to be tan. Spray tanning offers that natural glow which many people want as it’ll make your skin appear healthier than it already was.  

If you’re planning to visit a spray tanning salon, you should prepare your skin to achieve the best result possible. 

When you’re going to go for a self-tan, you should note that it does not shield you from the UV rays, so it’s still best to wear sunscreen. Don’t worry, as the fake tan won’t cancel out any SPF to keep you protected.   

Along with this, you should go for oil-free tanning lotion or sprays as oils tend to fade away faster.   


The perfect tan can be achieved in different ways, no matter what method you’ll be choosing, just make sure that you’re being careful and take all the precautions needed. No matter how perfect your tan is, wearing sunscreen is a must especially when heading outside under the sun. You should always reapply every two hours to fully protect your skin from any harmful rays. Your skin may look healthy today but you’ll see the difference as you get older and wish you had done it sooner.