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After the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus, almost everybody is restricted home. The pandemic affected the global economy and took millions of lives while possibly endangering many more.

Due to low levels of physical activity,  most people started gaining a lot of weight. All they used to do is eat, sleep, and repeat, which was extremely unhealthy. Moreover, school-going children adapted to on-line classes and employed people shifted towards a work-from-home employment regime. That caused excessive weight gain. Amidst the chaos, nobody ever paid much attention to their health, but now it is the only way to a prosperous life. COVID-19 reminded us of how important it is to stay healthy, mentally and physically. Gaining weight is normal, but being overweight and causing distress to your body is not great.

Rather than taking additional stress about your current health condition, let’s find ways to deal with it. First and foremost, try to lose some excess weight of yours, which is not as hard as you think! By following some healthy and natural ways, you can make the impossible happen.

The following are the seven healthy ways to lose excess weight:

  1. Consider Working Out At Home

There is nothing odd to do exercise at your home. Since public gyms are closed, it is time to build a custom gym for yourself. You can invest in some high-quality exercise equipment that is an aid in your weight loss journey. Starting your exercise routine from a climbing machine workout will give you strength training and muscle building, which is apt for your immune system. The high-intensity cardio exercise will burn fat fast and give you a leaner body with excellent weight loss.

Moreover, try taking help from the internet and build a fitness routine. Look into different sets of exercises and start toning your body. You may feel overwhelmed initially, but working out at home will be a significant step towards staying fit and healthy.

  1. Never Ditch Breakfast

You will feel low on energy and have mood swings if you skip breakfast. You might have this perception that avoiding eating breakfast will help you lose weight, but it is not true at all. By depriving yourself of food, you will only struggle to achieve your goal weight. Breakfast is an essential component of your day that keeps you going throughout your day. That way, you will avoid eating any junk food and curb your unnecessary temptations resulting in losing weight.

  1. Stay Hydrated

One could not emphasize enough the benefits of staying hydrated. Everyone gets to hear about drinking plenty of fluids. Well, it is all for your help! To lose those extra pounds, start drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. At times, our body tends to confuse thirst with hunger. By staying hydrated, you are staying away from those extra calories and lose some in return.

  1. Consume Foods High In Fiber

Foods having a lot of fiber content will remind your body that you are full. When the body thinks it does not need more food, it will burn the excess fat. Hence, you will lose weight only if you consume high-fiber foods. Keep in mind that fiber comes from plants. You can find fiber in vegetables, fruits, wholegrain bread, oats, peas, beans, brown rice, and lentils. It would be best to have a well-balanced meal with whole grains and vegetables that will keep you away from binge eating.

  1. Portion Control

The most effective way to lost weight is by measuring how much you eat in a day. By eating on a smaller plate, you will consume a lot less food than you used to. In this way, you will gradually cut down your portion size and lose more weight. Also, your stomach needs almost 20 minutes to signal your mind that it is full. So it is better to eat slowly and chew more. Try to stop eating before feeling full, as your body takes time to process food intake.

  1. Read Those Labels

Every time you buy food, check its ingredients. You may get fooled into buying organic juice, thinking it is sugar-free, but it may have processed sugar. Therefore, always read the labels before purchasing or consuming something. By knowing the ingredients list and serving sizes, you will be able to make healthier choices.

  1. Come Up With A Meal Plan

Just like planning helps in every other part of life, use it to lose that extra weight. Learn how to do some meal-prep and follow the routine correctly. By planning your breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners, you will never have to worry about ‘healthy eating.’ Additionally, making a meal plan for a week or two will give you the liberty to enjoy your new lifestyle. You will not have to worry much about what to eat if you have prepared your meals in advance.


The tips mentioned above will take you one step closer to your end goal: to get in shape. Being overweight makes your brain work slow and makes you sluggish. So take some time out for yourself and get in shape. A healthy body and mind work best. Hence start your weight loss journey from tomorrow and get a better, fitter you!