Anti-Aging Tips: 10 Factors That Age Women and How to Look Younger

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Anti-Aging Tips: 10 Factors That Age Women and How to Look Younger

The wrong make-up, discolored teeth, or the wrong shade of foundation can quickly make your face look old. You can avoid precisely that with a few tips. INKBEAU knows the worst aging traps – and the best advice against it.

To look good, things you can do to make yourself appear younger, many women focus on fighting wrinkles – and try anti-aging creams or botox. The actual reason is often not wrinkled but straightforward beauty traps. For example, the wrong lipstick can quickly cheat a few years more than your likable laugh lines.

Uneven complexion 

Pigment disorders on the face and hands make every woman look older. They are caused by increased production of the skin pigment melanin—the genes, years of sunbathing without UV protection, or hormonal changes.

What helps with uneven complexion?

Apply for UV protection every day as a preventive measure! Special foundations cover existing stains, and a lightning care product or serum corrects them permanently. However, in the case of very dark spots, only laser therapy or chemical peeling by a dermatologist can help.

Discolored teeth

Teeth, unfortunately, darken with age and usually have a slightly yellowish cast. With radiantly beautiful teeth, you look younger in no time.

What helps with discolored teeth?

Take regular dental hygiene at the doctor’s chamber. Slight discoloration and tartar are gently polished away here, and the dentist can usually bleach the teeth a shade lighter with hydrogen.

Nothing can be worst than a wrong hairstyle.


No wrinkles on your face, your body is taut, and yet you look a lot older than you are? Then it could be because of your hairstyle! Blow-dried hairstyles, teased updos, middle parting, and long hair make us look old quickly.

What helps with the wrong hairstyle?

A classic bob or half-length lob always looks young, and fringe hides forehead wrinkles. Hair color that is very dark or too light can also make you look older, and strands of different shades are better.

Too much make-up

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner is only 22 but looks ten years older. The reason: your natural beauty is unfortunately heavily covered with make-up. Too much make-up makes you look old and settles in the wrinkles, which further accentuates them.

What helps with too much make-up?

Apply light BB creams instead of heavy foundations and generally apply a little less heavily.

Too dark lipstick

Dark lip colors appear hard, make the lips appear narrower, and can even make the teeth appear yellower.

What helps if lipstick is too dark?

Pink tones and nude shades come closest to the natural lip color and quickly rejuvenate us by a few years. They also make the mouth look fuller.

Gray hairline

When we turn gray is determined by the genes, young women are not immune to that either. The problem: Silver highlights automatically make us look older.

What helps with gray hairline?

Dry shampoos with color or hairline concealing sprays help in between, and they cover the approach of gray hair in no time. Otherwise, only the hairdresser or his gray mane will help.

Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers


Thanks to anti-wrinkle injections and collagen, many young Hollywood ladies look quite good and younger. Though there are some misconceptions about them, hold on! We all know anything used in large amounts is bad.

What helps with anti-aging treatments?

There are so many advantages to having anti-aging treatments. We all know that we are unable to prevent the growing process, but we can delay it to some extent. Want to know how?

Well, a better appearance is conjoined to feeling better. If you are assured about your perfect look, then the way you feel gains more confidence. 

Automatically, it has a huge influence on the remnant of your life. From your career to your relationships – feeling confident and happy can sweeten every facet of your day-to-day lifestyle.

Anti-aging injections do not require any rehab time. Therefore, you won’t have to take a day or two off from work or school. You can continue your regular activities right after.

But if a workout is part of your everyday routine, wait at least 24 hours. Your cosmetologist might recommend postponing for several days as exercise raises blood flow.

Too extreme diets

When pounds tumble thanks to crash diets, it’s usually due to the body’s loss of water and protein. However, the skin ages prematurely as a result of protein burning. The result: wrinkled skin all over the body. Even the hands of skinny women quickly look older and bonier.

What helps with extreme diets?

Stay away from all crashes and extreme diets. It’s better to change your diet in the long term – and don’t quarrel about a few extra pounds. They make you look younger.

Dry skin

Dehydrated skin will age you in no time as small creases form. The more cared for the skin, the younger it looks.

What helps with dry skin?


Drink plenty of water! You can see the effect immediately. Your skin will immediately appear fresher and plumper. Also, use creams with urea. The urea binds water, helps the skin to store moisture in deeper layers, and acts as a protective film against rain, wind, and cold.

Pale colors

Even if the earth color looks elegant at first glance – beige makes the complexion look extremely pale and therefore older.

What helps with pale colors?

Combine at least one bright, orange-red lipstick with pale colors. Otherwise, it is better to use intense colors.

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