Keeping Your Grill in Good Condition: Maintenance Tips

June 11th, 2022 by

Keeping Your Grill in Good Condition: Maintenance Tips

Like with any cooking appliance, a BBQ grill requires proper maintenance. This not only extends its lifespan but ensures healthy and tasty barbeques. Moreover, when it comes to gas grill maintenance, it comes to your gas safety.

In this post, we give you a brief scheme of how to keep your grill in a good condition.

Daily maintenance routines

Before each use, inspect the gas supply system to ensure your safety. To clarify, check hoses and grill-regulator connection for cracks and gas leaks. You can easily do this with soapy water, which will bubble at the cracked spot. If you detect such an issue, stop using your grill and turn for a quality grill repair service to fix the issue.

After each use, clean your outdoor. First, when you finish grilling, switch on your appliance again on its highest at least for 5-7 minutes to burn all leftover food particles. Second, leave the unit to cool down, typically, for an hour. Third, when having it cool, brush its grates and wipe its exterior. And do not forget to spray the grates with cooking oil after cleaning them. That is all, the task is completed!

Regular maintenance routines

First, when the season starts, arrange deep cleaning and overall inspection for your grill before its first use. For gas grills, arrange professional maintenance, which includes gas safety checks.

Then, undertake deep cleaning every 5-6 uses, or, at least once a month. Typically, a deep cleaning pipeline includes as follows:

  • Venturi tubes
  • Overall exterior
  • Grates and plates
  • Burners and burner protectors

And, of course, do not neglect deep cleaning at the end of the season. Indeed, storing a dirty barbeque not only gives you a lot of trouble the next season but dangers its integrity and functionality as well.

Grill storage

Indeed, among others, keeping your grill in a good condition covers a storage aspect. That is to say, cover the unit when you do not use it. The cover helps you protect your grill exterior and its components against the natural elements and dust. Besides, if possible, do not store your BBQ outside but move it to your garage, shed, etc.

When following these maintenance tips in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, you will enjoy the great performance of your grill, wonderful barbeque results, and lower breakage risks and repair expenses.