How to Choose a Gold Necklace

January 20th, 2022 by

How to Choose a Gold Necklace

Gold necklaces are some of the most sophisticated jewelry pieces for women. It is a piece of jewelry that can be used to convey the wearer’s expensive taste and their exquisite taste. When you set out to buy a gold necklace, it is important to consider some important factors. Some of the basics include checking that you get the right karats and pure gold.

Here is what to look for in a gold necklace.

Pure gold, plated or hollow

This is the first point to consider when investing in a gold necklace. You need to check whether the necklace is made from pure gold or if it is simply gold plated.

Generally, gold plates necklaces are more affordable than pure gold necklaces. However, after some time, the plating wears off, exposing the metal under the coating. For it to last long, you will require to have the chain replated to restore the gold look.

If you are interested in a jewelry piece that will stand the test of time, solid gold is a better choice. Real gold will never wear off, and it can last forever. Some gold necklaces can be hollow, making the light in weight while others can be solid gold, which is heavier.

Hollow necklaces can be more affordable than solid gold necklaces. The downside is that they are easy to dent or break, and sometimes almost impossible to repair.

Picking the karats

When thinking about your gold necklace’s karats, you need to remember that the purer the gold, the softer the metal. If you want a necklace you will be wearing often, it is best to avoid getting one that is more than 18karats. Anything above 18k will scratch easily. Anything below 18k is stronger as it contains an alloy.

When choosing the karats, consider the metal used to make the alloy. If you are allergic to nickel, you should consider the percentage against the gold. You are more likely to get a reaction if the alloy contains too much nickel. While it may be tempting to go for a 14k gold necklace, it is better to choose an 18k one if you suffer from allergic reactions.

Choosing the link

The link you select for your gold necklace determines how easily it kinks and the possibility of breaking. For instance, flat necklaces like the herringbone and omega are more prone to twisting, which can cause damage.

If you plan to place a pendant on your necklace, ensure it can withstand the weight of the pendant. Some of the best link options for necklaces include the wheat, mariner, Figaro, anchor curb, and the box links. These are sturdy and very flexible.

The clasp

The best gold necklace for women should come with a clasp that is not easily breakable. The lobster clasp can be an ideal choice as it is solid and hard to open even when the necklace is pulled hard. Most necklaces come with the ring clast, which is spring-loaded. These are cheaper, thin and not most durable or reliable.

Therefore, insist on a lobster clasp when choosing the gold necklace.

The texture

One of the most overlooked aspects when choosing a gold necklace is the smoothness of the surface. The best choice should have a smooth surface.

When a gold necklace has a smooth surface, it shows that the jeweler employed the best workmanship to create a masterpiece. This is a good way of guaranteeing the quality of the piece. Also, a smooth surface ensures the necklace does not irritate or scratch your skin, especially if you plan to wear it often.

Run your fingers over the chain and ensure there are no jagged parts that can catch on your clothes or run your skin.

Where to buy

Where you buy your gold ornaments matters. If you are new to buying gold items, ensure you only purchase from reputable gold sellers. You probably won’t have to go far, look for a top-rated jewelry store near you. If you are buying online, only buy from trusted brands as this guarantees you will not be duped.

With this guide, you will be able to choose the best gold necklace for women, whether you are buying from an online store or offline jewelry stores.