Health + Write For Us -Guest Post On Health Care, Mental Health, Medical

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Health + Write For Us -Guest Post On Health Care, Mental Health, Medical

Health + Write For Us:  Do you want to contribute to We greet the writer’s who want to become part of our proficient editorial team to share their expertise, experience, and advice on health + write for us + guest post. is a knowledge hub providing guest posts about health, fitness, mental health, medical, etc. Contributing doctors, researchers, and health care professionals around the world with medical education that is reliable, honest, and accessible. 

NOTE: The ideas must be appropriate for the target audience of health, medical, and freelance writers. 

Inkbeau hosts three blogs for health, mental health, medical for health “write for us” professionals, Inkbeau, The Fit Scene, Beauty n Fashion Blog.

Beauty n Fashion Blog is a website where medical experts can find and share researched and thoughtfully composed content with one another on a global scale.

It focuses on current evolutions in medicine and health care, including medications, devices, treatments, and remedies that have recently introduced, are being developed, or are in research worldwide, as well as on emerging health care issues that affect medical communities around the globe.

The Fit Scene focuses on creating discussion around problems of public health policy, health care delivery, medical ethics, and medical education, issues that are in the news or subjects that aren’t being talked about but should be.

NOTE: We’re interested in unique and well-written articles that inspire our fast-growing community of health and fitness readers.

If you’re interested in these blogs and if your draft connected to health, mental health, medical, etc. Please review the following guidelines. 

Thank you!

Health + “Write For Us” Guidelines

health + write for us + guest post

All Blog Posts written by health write for us authors must comply with the following guidelines and criteria:

Focus Topic :

 A wide variety of posts on health care and medical progress are acceptable, but here are some ideas. Posts may:

  • Relay specialist medical knowledge related to topics trending in the news.
  • Inform health care experts on problems they are facing today or are assumed to meet in future.
  • Bring awareness to relevant new investigations.


The health tips write for us blog posts should be of 700-2000 words. And please be brief about the topic and check the overall readability. 

Longer drafts are welcome as long as they are well-studied and add reliable and related information that is important to our users.


The health + write for us + guest posts should be in English. It should be informative and educational. Our readers include researchers, patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers, donors, and the global public.

Every health “write for us” draft must have 5 headings that should be no more than eight words. And use small paragraphs that are simple to read.


The quality of the content should be helpful and should not in the way to advertise (infomercial) about your website or blog.


Inkbeau will select a featured photo for your health + “write for us” article. 

The health write for us authors are required to suggest at least two photos with their articles. 

The dimensions are 600 pixels width by 500 pixels height. Please make sure that you have the authorization to use these pictures. 

NOTE: You can choose images from & (Please send pictures URL along with images).


Two essential and authority outbound links are allotted in the health tips write for us article and must be related to the topic.


The health + write for us + guest post content must be of your own work that has not published on any forum, website, or social media site. Plagiarism, breach, or copyright is not allowed.

If there’re any photographs, they should not have any restraints to use. A photo of yours, if any, will be happily placed.


Inkbeau will edit your health “write for us” drafts for accurate grammar, and format to ensure the post is consistent with the values of before publication. 

We may also break up long sections of text to boost readability. 

Inkbeau owns the right to edit, remove, pass or otherwise modify blog comments posted.


Inkbeau will share the health + “write for us” blog post on different social media channels.

You can share your blog post on your website or other social media channels via a link to the article on the Inkbeau blog.


By contributing a health write for us blog post to Inkbeau, you acknowledge that you’re not a part of the website, nor shall you be a member of it.


Lastly, please don’t send the robotic toned or spammy draft for your submissions, be real, and give us the best of your work. 

I have perfect readers here, and we don’t want to deceive them one bit!

Health Tips Write for Us Benefits

Health Write For Us

Helps You To Reach a New Audience.

By publishing your health + write for us draft on, your article will reach over 422,000+ people per month & brings in over 5,000 monthly visitors health communicators and grow your profile.

We are one of the best providers of health and wellness news, knowledge, information on the web, and try to develop our audience lives one day at a time.

Fastens Your Industry Authority.

Publishing on a leading blog, is a form of support. Through this, you’ll earn much-needed credibility to occupy the crowd.

Holistic Health + Write For Us + Guest Post Brings Traffic.

Guest posting can benefit you get high-quality traffic to your website/blog. A user can only hit your site after reading your guest posts if they’re genuinely engaged in what you do.

That is why the quality of traffic is such high. Such a guest is on the tail end of purchasing a product.

Health “Write For Us” Is A Link Building Tactic.

Health + “write for us” guest posting is also a beneficial white hat link building strategy. When your guest article gets published on the inkbeau blog, you’ll receive a backlink. It improves the search engine rankings.

Health Write For Us Payments.

Additional details, including payment price, will be given if your pitch is allowed.

Health Tips Write For Us Our Secret Sauce

Your holistic health + write for us guest posts sare permanent on our website, but we go beyond that by sharing the link with our social media channels.

But guess what? We do that various times for your guest post with a unique tweet format during a year! What do you think?

The second part in our secret sauce is our mantra: submit your health + write for us + guest post draft and get published now!

Yes, we aim for a soft and swift health “write for us” publication method. Your guest post should get published within 24 hours.

Note: Due to the awful volume of submissions and inappropriate guest post spam, you’ll only receive a response if your email is successful.

Disclaimer: If numerous drafts are submitted at once (either by one person or by several), Inkbeau may pause their publications to guarantee each blog has enough time on the home page.


By contributing to our blog post, you admit that you have read this note and accept to be bound by it.

NOTE: We can’t accept SEO-driven and a promotional piece of content. All the drafts are verified before publication.

Ready to submit?

Please submit your complete article to the editor at []. You’ll get a live URL when your article is published.

Please put holistic health + “write for us” in the subject and the full text in the body of the email.

Write For us on the following:

Here is a list of some recommended topics you can write about:

  • EHR/EMR + Write For Us
  • Pharma IT + Write For Us
  • Biotech/Life sciences + Write For Us
  • Big Data + Write For Us.
  • Cybersecurity + Write For Us.
  • Health management tools + Write For Us.
  • Remote patient monitoring (i.e., wearables) + Write For Us.
  • ICD-10 + Write For Us.
  • Wellness and fitness portals + Write For Us.
  • Telemedicine + Write For Us.
  • Bioinformatics + Write For Us.
  • Proteomics + Write For Us.
  • Digital Health startups/events/research   + Write For Us.
  • Medical travel and tourism + Write For Us.
  • Healthcare UI/UX + Write For Us.
  • Medical devices + Write For Us.
  • Patient care systems + Write For Us.
  • Healthcare providers/patents/research + Write For Us.
  • Medical Devices & Technology + Write For Us.
  • Patient Care & Treatment Stories + Write For Us.
  • Fitness and Workout + Write For Us.
  • Nutrition and Food + Write For Us.
  • Lifestyle and Relationships + Write For Us.

And any related topics…

Health Care Advertising

Our Inkbeau blog offers a variety of health & medical advertising options. Sponsored product reviews, banner ads & more.

Health Tips Write For Us Frequently Asked Questions

Health + Write For Us

What are the deadlines?

  • There are no deadlines, send what you have when it’s available.​

What should I write about?

  • The content should be relevant to health, health tips, medicine, research on health, disease conditions, health policies, research on health policies, similar health policies, etc.

What I have to do after I submit my post?

  • When your article goes live, we believe you’ll be engaged in the comments, replying to readers’ issues or ideas.
  • We thank you for your health + write for us contribution in advance!

Do you accept info-graphics?

Yes. It should be well optimized and well researched. 


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