13 Habits That Are Destroying Your Skin

February 23rd, 2021 by

13 Habits That Are Destroying Your Skin

Well, many of us are doing so many worse things to our skin, and in reality, we don’t even know what’s wrong? You may have wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation on your skin, but it’s pretty hard to deal with these skin issues without knowing the right reason. In this blog, we will share a few daily routine habits that can mess up your skin health, and no one wants to do that. Let’s discuss some essential things that should be in your skincare regime to avoid these issues.

Scrubbing dirt with a loofah

If you people are scrubbing your skin with a loofah to get rid of impurities, you compromise skin health. Loofah is not a skin’s best friend forever, so avoid using this to prevent infection. Why don’t you use your hand for skin cleansing to prevent skin damage? Always exfoliate with hands twice a week to see improvement.

Hot showers

In winters, hot showers are necessary to kill germs because they provide warmth to your muscles and feel relaxed. Hot showers strip off the natural oils from the skin and make your skin dry. Take warm showers but not too hot because it would damage your skin. It’s essential to preserve the skin barrier by maintaining the hydration level. A hot shower may dehydrate your skin.

Not washing face

No one should avoid face washing, but many people are doing this before going to bed. It will build up the dirt in skin cells. Dermatologist recommend washing your face twice a day and make sure you people are using gentle moisturiser cleansers that suit your skin.

Taking diet sodas excessively

Diet sodas are full of artificial sweeteners because it triggers acne and inflammation of the skin. It also impacts insulin levels that increase inflammation. Everything you eat will show up on your face so avoid having diet sodas because it causes skin disorders like acne. Artificial sweeteners trigger different skin issues, so make sure you people are not taking it excessively.

Intake antibiotics

People who take antibiotics kill good bacteria in the intestines and cause inflammation, so it’s common with those who are on a heavy dosage of medications. You would see these issues with antibacterial soaps and hand sanitisers because both these things trigger acne and infectious bugs. Mostly antibiotics damage your skin so don’t take this without the recommendation of your doctor.

Alcohol consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption makes you dehydrated because it can wreck your skin badly and strip off the moisture. It also affects the kidneys and leaves your body devastated. Over drinkers always find their skin swollen and tired, and these are alcohol poisoning symptoms. If you want to rejuvenate your skin for the long term, stop alcohol consumption and all other drug addiction such as opioid and cocaine addiction because it won’t give you anything just fine lines and wrinkles and wreck you physically and mentally.

Skipping sunscreen

The worst thing we always do on our skin is to skip the sunscreen. Majority of skin problems occur because of leaving sunscreen. It causes skin cancer. Direct skin exposure causes premature skin aging, so make sure you use sunscreen every day either in winters or summers. Never go outside with a bare face.

Not taking veggies

You all need to know how much veggies are essential for health because they contain antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are best for reversing signs of ageing and won’t cause fine lines and brown spots. Vegetables protect your skin from sunburn and inflammation. Veggies provide free radicals that won’t damage skin health because they fuel various severe skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Always eat bright coloured veggies such as tomatoes, berries and sweet potatoes. Make sure you people are taking different supplements for the skin as well.


Many of you are in smoking but do you know it consumes antioxidants and increases production-free radicals? People who suffer from oxidative stress cause premature ageing. Smoking is not suitable for health because environmental stress puts a terrible impact on skin health.

Lack of sleep

Everyone may not take their proper sleep from 7-8 hours because of busy schedules but make sure you are not compromising with this because it promotes skin dullness, dark circles, redness and wrinkles. Sleep deprivation affects the natural skin barrier and causes skin dryness. You would see an unusual type of sensitivity to irritation. Correct your sleeping pattern because you won’t get healthy skin without this.

Taking too much caffeine

We all are indulged in excessive coffee intake to get rid of the tiredness. Let me add one thing here caffeine is somehow good for keeping skin healthy because it has some health benefits. Apart from fruits and veggies, it also has powerful antioxidants because antioxidants fight premature skin ageing issues. Don’t consume caffeine more than a cup or two because excessiveness would trigger so many health issues. You can switch to green tea to gain antioxidant power.

Popping acne

Are you one of those who always pop your skin? Do you know how much it’s bad for skin health because popping acne will push inflammatory cells into the dermis that cause scars and dark spots? What should you do to prevent pimples? Apply retinol all over the face to avoid acne. Don’t forget to consult your doctor for further tips and suggestions.

Having fat free milk

We all know fat-free products help in weight loss, but it can harm your skin. It causes acne and impacts the insulin level as well as triggers systemic inflammation. Add skin milk to your diet rather than fat-free milk. It’s essential to take the right dietary products to avoid any skin issues. Numerous people observe acne with fat-free milk, and such people are affected by milk, proteins, and whey.

These are the everyday habits that we all don’t need to follow. Get the expert doctor’s proper suggestions. They would see your routine practices and then suggest to you what is ideal and what is not. Always follow the right skincare regime. Take a proper diet and make sure you are not sleep deprived. Everything is possible to follow the same whatever the dermatologists recommend you.