Formal Dresses for your body shape

July 27th, 2022 by

Formal Dresses for your body shape

When you’re shopping for dresses, the world is very much your oyster. After all, every woman is different, and that’s something to celebrate! Whether you’re a traditional kind of gal or prefer something a little more daring, there are so many dresses out there that can satisfy your fashion goals. What’s more, be it midi or maxi, you deserve a show-stopping dress that delivers maximum impact. Read on to find out what this season has in store for you, no matter your body shape.

Dreamy jacquard

Some occasions require a head-turning dress; there are no two ways about it. So, if you want to be the queen of glam at a summer soirée, look no further than this radiant puff-sleeve jacquard dress from Chi Chi. Hugging your curves in all the right places, the intricate floral detailing and the gorgeous colour scheme ensure you will look the belle of the ball, no matter where you find yourself this summer. Round things off with your favourite heels and a piece of statement jewellery to turn heads for all the right reasons this summer.

Ruched in mesh

There’s something about a dreamy red dress that captures the attention of your suitors. If you’re single and ready to mingle, there’s no better way to show off your style and physique than in a one-shoulder ruched maxi dress, which flaunts your unique style in every possible way. As you prepare for a flashy event during the warm summer months, nothing says glam like a ruched maxi, and red is the perfect colour in which to capture the imagination of all attendees.

Winning corsets

While they’re often overlooked, cheeky corsets are a brilliant addition to any summer wardrobe. Specifically, a cam corset-style floral midi dress delivers the perfect balance between chic and elegance and is a contender for any summer event that you find yourself at, from a boozy brunch to a warm-weather picnic. With a classic bodycon fit, expect to feel the height of sophistication and charm as you impress in a stunning corset. Finish your outfit off with your dependable heels and elevate your style to all-new levels this summer.

Embroidered Empress

It would be impossible to do this article justice without showcasing the elegance of embroidery. Maximise your length this summer as you benefit from this gorgeous embroidered dress with a flattering halter neck design. For those occasions where feeling like a lady is the order of the day, this dress delivers a true sense of feminine charm. So, to bring some elegance and grace to your summer wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with embroidery.

Pop those colours

Your summer collection is incomplete without a generous pop of bold colours. There’s no better way to add some variety to your wardrobe than with a stunning one-shoulder wrap detail dress in a gorgeous green. Featuring a bodycon refresh, the dress oozes class and sophistication and is a perfect choice for those summer evening get-togethers. No matter your choice of colour, bring some energy to the party and feel your brilliant best as you socialise with your nearest and dearest this summer.

Choosing the right dress for any occasion is a big challenge, particularly when you’re faced with so many choices. But we hope you’re now inspired to add to your wardrobe with some vibrant and elegant numbers this summer. No matter what you get up to, treat yourself to something stylish, so you can turn heads for all the right reasons as you make your way to any event.