Impact of Mental Health on Marriage: How It Might Affect You

January 18th, 2021 by

Impact of Mental Health on Marriage: How It Might Affect You

Marriage is a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by the law, across the globe. Marriage is celebrated all over, irrespective of religion, culture, or race. It holds certain significance in every culture and the end of it is still considered a taboo in various regions. This apparently simple relationship has innumerable complexities attached to it.

The phrase “tying the knot” often used to represent marriage clearly describes the complexity and delicateness of this sacred relationship. One string snaps and the whole relationship may fall apart.

More often than not women are held responsible for not holding the string tight enough to prevent it from snapping. Active sexual relationships, strong emotional connection, stable monetary conditions, and normal social life are considered to be the essential blocks of a happy marriage.

But “healthy mental state”; one aspect that usually affects all other essential aspects is often neglected. If you want to keep yourself sane it’s time you consult psychologists in Karachi

The burden of mental illnesses continues to grow, showing its effects on not only the ill person but people and relationships surrounding them. Mental health translates to a marital relationship but a poor marital relationship can also affect one’s mental health.

It is necessary to determine the root cause to start devising solutions and working towards healthier marital relationships. Deteriorated mental health can show its effects in all domains of a marriage. If you or your partner are suffering from any sort of mental illness, it may likely translate into your marriage. So it is wise to recognize the problem and start working towards a solution.

In many societies, women are held responsible for saving or drowning a marriage. They are expected to neglect their body and mind, to work relentlessly on saving their marriage. They are trained to serve and nurture.

Little do people know that an uncomfortable woman will remain incapable of providing comfort to others. Her mental state will translate into every aspect of her marriage. Noting all the aspects that may get affected by poor mental health, can highlight the importance of a healthy mind to maintain a healthy marriage.

 Compromised sexual relationships

Poor mental health directly translates to poor sexual relationships. Sexual interactions with a mentally ill person are compromised both in quality and quantity. If you are planning to hide your mental state from your partner, it is highly likely that they already know that something is off.

Struggle with mental health is directly associated with fewer arousals. Mental disorders also cause low self-esteem, leading to less frequent sexual encounters. It is also important to know that certain medications for mental illnesses can affect one’s sex life too, making it necessary to consult a psychologist for therapy.

Abusive relationships

As shown by researches, women are more likely to be at the receiving end of abuse. But a woman suffering from mental illnesses can be at the generating end too. It is very less likely, considering the way women are brought up and trained. But the fact that abuse is not only physical can increase the incidence of overall abuse significantly.

Putting undue emotional pressure on your partner and being overly controlling and authoritative can cause your marriage to collapse. The string holding your marriage together can snap anytime you snap at your partner.

If you are suffering from mental illness it is more probable than normal that you might be causing mental abuse to your partner too. This abuse is often the cause of broken marriages.

 Financial issues

Every household has its setup of the division of labor. In some cases, both partners earn while in others one stays at home attending to the children and the house. In both cases compromised mental and physical health of the partner affects the finances drastically.

Whether you are a stay at home person or are efficiently earning money, your sanity will keep the finances in check. If you are actively earning your mental illness will obviously affect your work and hence your earning.

But even if you are staying at home, it is highly likely that your mental state is interfering with your daily tasks and your significant other has to take care of it. This will compromise their work performance leading to lesser earnings and hence a financial crisis.

 Affected children

Marriage is not only limited to the relationship of two immediate partners. The children are active members of a healthy marriage too. The compromised mental state of a mother shows adverse effects on a child’s’ mental state too.

Maternal depression and other mental illnesses are known to have a broad influence on child health and well-being. Such children are at risk of developmental delay. They may face behavioral problems, depression, and injuries.

Maternal mental health having such a massive influence on child behavior has increased the attention towards mental health in women.

If you are suffering from any mental issue then planning to let it slip might not be the greatest idea. If you want to look after your children it is important to look after yourself first.

The bottom line is, to maintain a healthy home you need to maintain a healthy self. Women being the nurturers often forget to nurture themselves and devote their selves to serve their families.

Little do they realize that people around them need them and their healthy minds. The above-mentioned factors are only a few factors influenced by poor mental health.

Threats posed by poor Mental health go beyond the realms of a household. If you are diagnosed with mental health issues are trying to keep your marriage alive and healthy you should consult a sexologist in Karachi.