12 Weight Loss Tips Straight From Famous Doctors

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12 Weight Loss Tips Straight From Famous Doctors

In order to get a toned body and a flat tummy, one should especially be cautious of the food he or she is eating. According to experts, our diet plays an important role in the weight loss process. In this article, we will provide you with some secrets of weight loss backed by doctors, and we also encourage you to do your own research into brands when it comes to food and supplements you are interested in to make sure that they will actually deliver the results you are looking for.

Top Secrets To Weight Loss

Here are some hacks to losing weight effectively.

1.      Eat At A Set Time

The timing of your meal plays a critical role in losing weight. Fasting during the day and having a “belly festival” in the late evening or at night will not help you become slimmer. “With such actions, everything that you ate in the evening will end up in the fat depot. After all, your body will simply not have time to burn the calories it received at night,” warns Dr. Fiolakemi Sowemimo, MD.

2.      Give Up Giant Cups Of Coffee

An adult without health loss can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day, which is approximately equal to 230 ml of coffee. Drinking more coffee promotes the removal of calcium from the body, which over time can lead to the development of osteoporosis.

It is best to replace coffee with white tea. Studies have shown that epigallocatechin gallate, which is found in tea, accelerates the breakdown of fats (lipolysis).

3.      Eliminate Alcohol Altogether

“Alcohol isn’t just empty calories! It has a huge impact on the entire weight loss process by slowing down the metabolism. Due to it, it becomes almost impossible for a person to lose weight.” warns Gabriella Vetere, a certified nutritionist.

In addition, alcoholic beverages tend to contain a lot of carbohydrates, which also makes it difficult to lose weight, especially if you drink them in bulk. Thus, a person should eliminate alcohol altogether from the diet.

Abandoning alcohol can be tough because treating alcoholism is usually expensive and challenging. But cost should not stop you from getting the treatment, so take assistance from low or no-cost alcohol treatment rehabs. They will surely help you live a life of sobriety.

4.      Eat More Leafy Greenery

According to Dr. Donald Hensrud, the best foods for weight loss are dark green vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and arugula. The fact is that these vegetables contain a minimum amount of calories, but they have abundant nutritious value.

You can cook a huge number of dishes with them, for example, salads, pasta, pesto, soups, pies, sandwiches. Of course, such a healthy and balanced diet will also benefit the body and help you in weight loss.

5.      Lean On Legumes

Legumes have been present in the human diet for a long time. They are an important part of many national cuisines. “I love chickpeas as it helps me stay fit,” says Dr. David Katz, professor, and director of the Yale University Research Center. Like most beans, chickpeas are an excellent source of protein. When it’s in your diet, you don’t need meat.

6.      Eat More Nuts

“Like no other food, nuts allow me to live a healthy life,” says Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, medical director at the University of Ottawa. He further added that nuts are delicious, nutritious, and have a lot of healthy protein and fat.

Several studies have shown that adding nuts to your diet can help you avoid many chronic diseases. In addition, they provide a long-lasting feeling of fullness, which is very important when you are trying to lose weight.

7.      Cook Oatmeal Correctly

Many people eat oatmeal every day in the belief that they are acting wisely. But before you start eating oatmeal for weight loss, you should know how to cook it!

“Store-bought cereals contain trans fats, corn syrup, and added sugars. All of these supplements help to increase the level of bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol, increasing the risk of a heart attack. Thus cook oatmeal yourself if you really want to get the best out of it,” summarizes Dr. Eugenia Gianos, MD.

8.      Ignore Processed Meat

Dr. David Katz urges that he eat plant foods, so there is no meat in his diet. According to him, those who choose animal protein should definitely give up processed foods. There is a clear link between the salt, sugar, and various chemical contents present in processed meat and an increased risk of chronic disease. If you eat meat, it must not be processed. Only this will help increase muscle mass and benefit the body.

9.      Don’t Drink Soda

“There used to be cocaine in Cola. Much time has passed since then, but the composition of the drink has not become healthier, although it has changed,” says Dr. Guillem Lomas, a sports medicine specialist. Most carbonated drinks contain phosphorus.

Too much of it interferes with calcium absorption, which is terrible for bone health. In addition, one can of cola is equivalent to 20 cubes of sugar, which is a blow to the body. And diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners that have potentially harmful effects on the body’s metabolism and brain function.

10.  Take Probiotics

“Greek yogurt is a great tasting product that is great for filling and contains healthy protein. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the beneficial microflora that is in our intestines, thereby strengthening health,” says Dr. Gerard Mullin, author of books on weight loss.

A growing body of research is pointing to probiotics as effective weight management and obesity treatment. Add yogurt and probiotic foods or take probiotic supplements to your daily diet to boost your weight loss and boost your immune system.

11.  Exercise More

“Exercise is important for many reasons. Weight loss and health promotion are just a couple of them. I advise my patients to practice strength training twice a week and cardio the rest of the time,” says Dr. Caroline Apovian, professor at Boston University School of Medicine and vice president of the Obesity Society.

12.  Go To Bed Early

“If a person sleeps less than 7-9 hours a day, the concentration of the hunger hormone ghrelin increases in his body, and the level of the satiety hormone leptin decreases. This can provoke unplanned snacks, increase the amount of food on the plate, and the preference for unhealthy foods,” Dr. Caroline Apovian.

Note: We mentioned weight loss secrets that are practiced and backed by famous doctors across the globe. You can follow them too to get beneficial results.