Styling The Colored Mink Eyelash Extension Set

May 13th, 2022 by

Styling The Colored Mink Eyelash Extension Set

One of the best parts of being a professional lash artist is having the luxury to create one-of-a-kind eyelash extension sets. And what better way to design unique sets than using colored eyelash extensions? Join us as we explore the secrets of styling colored mink lashes and how to invest in high-quality individual lashes. 

Benefits of Using Colored Mink Eyelash Extensions 


Colored eyelash extensions are one of the best ways of enhancing our appearance and confidence. From the classic and simple mink lashes to the bold Volume lash sets, eyelash extensions effortlessly express chicness and style.  

It’s no secret that colored mink eyelash extensions are the key to beautiful and adventurous lash sets. Colored mink lashes can help exhibit individuality and personal style and can let our clients be the artists behind their gorgeous lash creations!  

The Secrets Of Styling Colored Mink Eyelash Extension Sets 

         It’s very easy to style eye-catching colored mink eyelash extension sets when you hold all the secrets. Apart from taking inspiration from your client’s imagination, here are some ways you can craft truly mesmerizing colored mink eyelash extension sets.  

         First, let’s focus on color theory and how we can use colorful lashes to enhance our client’s natural eye color. This styling secret is all about using complementary colors when combining colorful individual eyelash extensions and eye colors. Orange and red lash sets work flawlessly with blue eyes, while green eyes are instantly enhanced with purple or pink-colored lashes. Matching complementary colors can help you design the lash sets of your dreams! 

         Another amazing styling secret is using pops of color in classic mink lash sets. We can elevate any eyelash extension look by incorporating colored mink lashes at the inner or outer corners. From bright yellows, greens and reds to tame browns, our clients have the freedom to choose the hues that best fit their personality!

Where To Buy Individual Lashes

         The final secret of styling colored mink eyelash extension sets is using premium lash products, but where exactly can we buy individual lashes?  Lucky for us, finding top-quality colored individual eyelash extensions has never been easier!

         The Stacy Lash Colored Eyelash Extensions are the perfect blend between rich colors, optimal lash materials and accessible prices. The premium PBT material crafts stable and thick individual lash extensions. Whether you are a beginner technician or an experienced lash artist, you deserve to work with the best-performing lashes. 

         Browse through rows of vibrant colors, hues and tints, as the Stacy Lash Colored Eyelash Extensions deliver festive and bold eyelash extension designs. Did we also mention the 20 rows of individual lashes available in every set? Visit our lash supply store and invest in affordable colored mink lashes that are the answer to extraordinary lash sets!