Dressing Tips for Your Next Christmas Party: What to Wear

September 10th, 2021 by

Dressing Tips for Your Next Christmas Party: What to Wear

You are probably going to attend a lot of parties this holiday season. Chances are, you don’t want to stand out like electric Christmas lights at them. However, since these events now tend to have dress codes on the invitation, you can get the excitement of picking out your outfit without the stress.

Instead of spending time agonizing over which Christmas sweater to wear, look at the dress code on your invitation. Then, keep reading to know exactly what you should look for in an outfit to fit in at the party.


When the invite says casual, feel free to be yourself. Whether you like jeans and sweaters or cute skirts and flats, anything goes. Basically, wear whatever you are comfortable in. You can let your individuality show since you don’t have to meet formal standards or try to stick with a theme. Just remember that it is a Christmas party. Therefore, you may want to avoid anything with unplanned rips and stains.

Smart Casual

Smart casual indicates that you should polish yourself but not get overdressed. The key here is to keep it casual and chic at the same time. For example, you would dress like you are going to a fancy cafe for lunch. That generally means you can’t wear jeans, but skirts and khakis are in. You can pair these with heels or dressy flats and a cute top and jack. Of course, you can also try a dress, but keep it simple.

Business Casual

For this, you should downplay what you would wear to the office. Your outfit should be appropriate for a business setting but not formal. In other words, leave the blazer at home. For the most part, a nice blouse will do the trick on your top half. Then, complete the look with a matching jacket and pants set and cute booties. You could also try a pencil skirt, dress shirt, long overcoat, and heels. Whatever you choose, remember to keep it on the down-low. Shoulder pads and ties are not going to fit in here.


The cocktail-style calls for a dress that is elegant but ends at or above your knee. Also, heels are a must. However, you can choose from a lot of options as long as your outfit meets these requirements. If you’re not sure what to wear, your go-to little black dress is always an option. Just ensure that it’s appropriate because you want to look sophisticated, not trashy.


Semi-formal is the hardest dress code to work with. After all, you are trying to dress formally and downplay your look at the same time. Ladies, you should go in a dress or pantsuit. Go for something nicer than a cocktail-style dress but less impressive than formal. Generally, this means keeping your dresses at or below your knees. Consider a dress with a slit for when you feel like showing skin. Pair this with heels and a clutch, and you’ll fit right in.


Ladies, this obviously means a long gown that is very dressy. Whether you go with something flowy, tight, or in the middle is up to you. Also, try to show some skin. You can do this by going with a backless or strapless dress. Just ensure that your dress looks sophisticated and elegant. Finally, you can use a clutch and heels to top off your look.


When your invitation says festive, it is time to go crazy. Still, only with your outfit, so you don’t violate any holiday safety guidelines. Generally, go for cocktail-style or semi-formal clothes that have a holiday twist. You can make it simple, like wearing red, or put a little effort in if you really want to stand out. Think Christmas prints, festive color combos, tartans, and embellishments with your outfit.


Winter-themed parties demand that you wear layers to look warm and chic. Keep each of your layers looking fabulous because you will probably want to take some off at some point. Get the right key pieces, and the rest will fall into place.

Today, all you need to do is look at your invitation to get an idea of what you should wear to a Christmas party. Then, once you find the dress code, consider following these guidelines to pick out the perfect outfit to make yourself stand out in all the right ways.