Look Vibrant and Youthful With a Brow Lift

March 1st, 2022 by

Look Vibrant and Youthful With a Brow Lift

A brow lift (forehead lift) is a cosmetic procedure that elevates the eyebrows. This enhances the appearance of your eyes, eyebrows, as well as your forehead. Many patients often choose to have this procedure done because they struggle with saggy, asymmetrical eyebrows.

A brow lift can be done in conjunction with other facial surgeries. Facial surgery includes a face lift, blepharoplasty, and much more.

What Does a Brow Lift Procedure Entail?

Brow lift surgery will enhance the appearance of the brows, forehead, and eyes. The techniques used to lift your brows vary based upon the results you want. The location of the surgical site and the subsequent scars will be determined by the technique used by your surgeon.

Your surgeon may employ one of the following methods:

Hairline Brow Lift

A small cut will be made between the start of your hairline and forehead’s top portion, by your surgeon. A tiny portion of skin and tissue will be removed from your forehead instead of your hairline.  If you have a receding hairline, you will benefit from a hairline brow lift. However, based on how well the wound heals, a scar along the hairline may be noticeable.

Coronal Brow Lift

During a coronal brow lift, a small cut can be made in several locations. This includes on the crown of your head, behind your hairline, and even from ear to ear. Your surgeon will then reposition your eyebrow, by placing the front of the scalp over the posterior scalp. This causes overlapping to occur. The overlapping skin is then cut away, and the remaining skin is stitched together.  This brow lift procedure is not usually performed on people with elevated hairlines, fine hair, or who are prone to hair loss.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Numerous tiny incisions will be made right behind your hairline by your surgeon. A slender long tube with a minute camera and light source, will be inserted. This enables the viewing of tissues as well as muscles beneath. Your surgeon will raise the tissues of your forehead and maneuver them in position with tiny screws, sutures, or another method. This is done by inserting a device via another incision. After that, your incisions are sealed with tiny clips or stitches.

Why is a Brow Lift Performed?

The brows usually move downward as we age. The spacing between the brows and eyelashes lessens as the skin as well as soft tissues lose resilience. When your brows sag, it can make you appear fatigued, mad, or unhappy. A brow lift can elevate the brows and restore a more youthful, appealing appearance.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

A brow lift carries a number of risks, such as:

  • A raised hairline or even hair reduction can occur at the surgical site. This can be remedied by scar removal or even a hair transplant.
  • Immediately after a brow lift, you may notice an imbalance of your eyebrows. In other words, one eyebrow may appear higher than the other one. Nevertheless, this should resolve once you have completely recovered. If it doesn’t, additional surgery may be needed to adjust the location of your brows.
  • Loss of feeling on the scalp or even forehead can possibly occur, which can be short-term, or, in some cases, long-term.
  • Scarring may occur after a brow lift but should improve over time.


Brow lift surgery is a surgical procedure that is used to enhance the appearance of the brows, forehead, and eyes. Our brows sag as we age, shortening the distance between the brows and the eyelashes. This can give the impression that we are tired, upset, or even sad. Brow lift surgery, however, can improve the appearance of your brows, making you look more vibrant and youthful. Contact your cosmetic surgeon if you desire to improve your overall facial appearance with a brow lift.