Best Trench Coat For Men

April 9th, 2022 by

Best Trench Coat For Men

Do you know that the trend of trench coat is eternal? The seasons change, moments fade and many trends come and go but they still in the industry. These long, stylish and swooping coats are for military use and after some time it out of the trend and the civilian world have remixed and reworked on the coats. Many designer and fashion blog or subcultures try to adopt this trend over the years.

If you want to know the history of the trench coat then you should know first that they are designed for the army officers. But after then it get adopted and now around the century. Then it starts getting in fashion world and in the influential designers. They design and upgrade the level of trench coat and become the upmost trend for everyone.

People love wearing the trench coats. Even when the time passes the trench coats are wearable in all age community. First trench coat hype up in women but now men are also beat the vibe and style their self in trench coat. And if you already read above then this coat is basically design for men in military region.  so let’s find what are the best  brands for trench coat and let the men’s be capable to style themselves in the coat.

It is the one of two British labels that is known as the London’s Burberry.  All credit goes to them because they are one responsible for inventing the trench coat. Thomas Burberry is behind the back of this coat.  They invented the first version of waterproofed trench coat by using the individual strand of cotton and wool fiber.  These are top water resilient and breathable when you wear them.

Imagine that they still made from it?

Yes, their trench coat can be recognizable in this iconic pattern and style.  These are infused in the street style fashion after some while but still available in the stores as well.

  • Ralph Lauren

These are manufactured as the new version in the New York. You can easily bet the money on these trench coats because they are remotely smart.  Trench coats have no exception and them still in the trend. Ralph Lauren is currently tried to produce their original and oversized coat in the goat-suede fabric.  But it is available at many stores like farfetch and gives a nice look.

  • Saint Laurent

Parisian designer have leading the Saint Laurent designed collections. Their collections are based on the overcoat style and the rotation occurs mostly. The leading cause for the Saint Laurent popularity is that their staple Laurent collection is the trench coats. They are known for their slim cuts and the traditional details from the first day.

  • Bottega Veneta

The trench coats are cropping up in the collection since the years but there is no difference then others. They are designing the creative outwear look for the people and still try to add the modern touch up in the belt or buckle part of the coat.


Trench coats for mens are of different quality and design. So be wise to pick one for you that is comfortable in wearing.