Top 10 Best Spa Treatments for 2020: Pamper Yourself

October 17th, 2020 by

Top 10 Best Spa Treatments for 2020: Pamper Yourself

Going to the spa is a great way to treat yourself. You can relax, detoxify, and restore your body and mind. 

The use of spa treatments for healing and rejuvenation dates back to Roman times when they used thermal baths located close to natural springs for relaxation and recovery. 

There are numerous spa treatments to choose from these days. If you love pampering your body, you may have tried a few. 

If you’ve been undergoing the same treatments and are ready for a change, there are some new ones to choose from in medicinal spas, resorts, and hotels around you. 

Here are some popular spa treatments for 2020 you can try.

1. Isolation tank therapy

If you feel overwhelmed by everything around, and you need some time to unwind, try isolation tank therapy. 

This is a spa treatment that involves floating in a tank of water with some mineral water or salt for rejuvenation. 

Research shows water immersion  has a host of beneficial properties including lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

The isolation tank therapy experience is supposed to give you time away from everything to reconnect with yourself and is an effective stress reliever.

2. Jet blitz treatment

Also known as the blitz shower, this spa treatment is ideal for anyone who loves massages. It involves the use of high-pressure water jets to massage the body.

The jet blitz treatment stimulates circulation and is similar to a deep tissue massage but with water. It’s quite refreshing and is especially ideal for anyone with deep sore muscles that need a powerful massage to relax.

This relaxation treatment is perfect to have before going away on vacation as it removes all of the tension in your body, and will allow you to enjoy your trip without any body aches or pains. Whether you are going island hopping in the Mediterranean or working your way through the extensive list of things to do in Orlando Florida, this treatment will get you vacation-ready.

3. Envelopment treatment

If you have skin problems or like to pamper your skin, envelopment treatment, also known as body wrap treatment, is a good option for you.

In these skin treatments, experts wrap you in a sheet after applying some skin-nourishing substances such as algae and mineral oils on you. You can use envelopment treatments to deal with skin conditions such as eczema.

4. Tanning treatments

Tanning treatments

Many people like to have golden, healthy-looking skin but can’t spend time under the sun to get it. There is a fear of sunburn and, in the worst case scenario, developing skin cancer. 

Fortunately, modern skin tanning spa treatments can give you that healthy glow and great color. 

Forget the fake spray tans; spas offer you the chance to use luxury tanning products that will leave your skin looking amazing without harming it. These treatments last for long and are an excellent option for anyone who loves to tan all year round.

5. Hydra facial

If a full-body treatment is not your kind of thing, perhaps you can try a facial.

Hydra facials are popular this year, and they involve a series of treatments aimed at smoothening the skin and making it look and feel youthful. 

These include dermabrasion, masking, and the application of skin serums to rejuvenate the skin. Try hydra facials if you enjoy rejuvenating facial skin treatments! 

6. Light Therapy treatment

If you would love to have a skin treatment but haven’t got a lot of time to do it,  light therapy is a good idea. 

You can lie down under LED lights for as little as fifteen minutes. The LED lights rejuvenate the skin by rebuilding collagen, clearing imperfections, and brightening the skin. After a few treatments, you’ll notice a youthful glow. It’s a stress-free, non-invasive skin treatment that works wonders.

7. Cool sculpting

Cool sculpting

Losing weight is a goal for many people and often, exercising is a great solution. Fortunately, there is more than exercise for losing weight. 

There are spa treatments like cool sculpting that are perfect for fat reduction. You can use this treatment to eliminate stubborn fat in areas such as the back, under the jaw, and around the jaws.

8. Reshape spa treatment

Once you’ve cut down on the unwanted fat, you may need to tone your body into the perfect shape. That’s where body contouring treatments come in. 

An excellent example of body sculpting procedures is the Reshape treatment that combines several non- invasive techniques to sculpt the body from head to toe. It’s ideal for clearing cellulite and contouring flabby areas leaving you with a great looking body. 

9. Laser hair removal

If you have unwanted hair, laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of it.

Laser hair removal treatments have improved significantly and are now painless. There are treatments for men and women to clear unwanted skin from the bikini line, back, upper lips, and underarms, among other areas. 

Laser treatment is much better than waxing or shaving all the time and is likely to give you great results after a few sessions. However, laser hair removal works best for certain skin tones. Therefore, it’s good to find out if it’s suitable for your type of skin before booking a session.

10.  Hyperbaric spa treatments

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are ideal for people recovering from illness or stressful issues that have taken a toll on their bodies. 

These treatments involve the use of oxygen to rejuvenate the body. The treatments take place in a chamber where one breathes in pure oxygen for some amount of time to revitalize the cells and improve circulation. 

These oxygen spa treatments are ideal for healing skin disorders and are used to enhance performance by athletes. Personal injury counselors recommend people who have had tough surgeries to use such rejuvenating treatments for faster recovery.

Are you looking for a great spa treatment?

These are a few treatments you can try to rejuvenate your body and mind. 

Whenever you feel like relaxing or treating your body to some TLC, try one of our recommended popular spa treatments in 2020 for great results. If you’re recovering from some injury, you will find some of these treatments are ideal for a fast recovery. Go ahead and give yourself a treat. You deserve it!