Top 15 SolarMovie Alternatives Of 2018!

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Top 15 SolarMovie Alternatives Of 2018!

SolarMovie Alternatives: Do you want to watch your favorite movies online? Are you looking for a perfect website to watch latest movies free online?

Didn’t found where to watch free movies online? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” in your case, then this article is just for you.

In the era of Internet and technology, those days when you had to wait to watch a movie on television were left behind.

With the Internet, you can now watch movies online the latest or even the oldest movies at any time and from anywhere with HD quality.

For example, you can’t go to see a movie at the cinema, then you can see it on movie streaming sites without problems.

It’s not only possible to watch them, but you can even download movies to view them offline when you do not have internet.

But the main drawback is finding the best website for watching movies for free and without registering.

Many online movie websites claim to offer free movies to watch online, but when you start watching them in a few minutes, they ask you to sign up for free.

Which is not free, since you have to add the details of your credit card, debit card etc. for future payment, after your free trial version expires.

But who wants to get into so much trouble?

Fortunately, there are also some online movie streaming websites that allow you to watch free movies online and SolarMovie is one of them.

SolarMovies is a website that allows you to watch free movies and TV series online, without having to register or login.

In this article, we have discussed how to watch free movies and TV shows online on Solar Movie and 10 best alternatives to SolarMovie.

How To Watch free movies and TV shows With SolarMovie:

Below I will show you how to watch movies and free TV series on SolarMovie.

It only takes three steps to watch your favorite movie online without spending a single penny.

Follow the next steps:


Go to the SolarMovie website.

Solar Movie is an online movie service, so you need to visit your website to see the desired movie. Click here to visit the SolarMovie site.


Browse the collection of movies or search for a movie on SolarMovie website.

Now you need to browse or search for the movie or TV series you want to watch.

There are two ways to do it.

First, you can directly search for the desired movie by entering its name in the search box that is available in the upper right corner of the SolarMovie home page.

Or you can search for movies or TV shows by genre or country.

This is a good idea if you want to explore more TV shows and movies when you do not have any particular film you want to watch.

There is also a list of featured films (FEATURED) in which you can watch the best latest movies.

Find the film or the TV show you want to watch and continue to the next step.


Movie On SolarMovie Website!

Once you’ve found the movie or TV show you want to watch, click on it.

You will be directed to another page where you can see the movie.

It will also provide some servers to choose from, and you can select any of them.

I like SolarMovie a lot since it is an excellent place to watch movies online without complications.

This is undoubtedly an option that you must try and that you will surely love.

If we talk about streaming video, in recent years we have witnessed a massive increase in the number of video services.

Today, we have a lot of sites to choose from like NetFlix, YouTube, Amazon Primr etc.

Of all these SolarMovie was often considered the best video streaming websites, and users are still looking for alternatives to SolarMovie.

So, to make things easier, we have decided to share some of the best websites like solarmovie.

SolarMovie Alternatives:

1. Yes! Movies

2. Let Me Watch This

3. AllMovie

4. Yify

5. Movies.GG

6. Hulu

7. Movie Watcher

8. Rainierland

9. Vumoo

10. New Movies Online

11. Movies 4K

12. HaloA


14. FMovies

15. Niter

16. Gomovies

17. theputlockerhub

1. Yes! Movies

solarmovie alternative

Yes! Movies is the most significant online movie watching sites like SolarMovie.

It has a beautiful layout that you can quickly and instantly find the movie you like.

And the  excellent thing about this SolarMovie alternative is that the loading speed is quick as it uses the name of “Quickly Loads Everything.”

If your internet speed is adequate, then Yes! Movies can be your top choice for streaming movies online. Just like Solar Movies.

A wide variety of movies in various categories like Comedy, War, Horror and so on are stored for you to search and enjoy.

There is constantly a slideshow running on the site, informing you the forthcoming new movies.

Besides movies, you can also follow the TV series on Yes! Movies.

2. Let Me Watch This

websites like solarmovie

Let Me Watch This is an excellent website alike SolarMovie.

It is free and has an extensive collection of both classical and new release feature movies.

You can choose a movie to watch quickly or use one of their search filter capabilities to find the precise show for you.

Users can rate films to make it comfortable for others to prefer something to enjoy.

There is also a great feature “If you like this movie, you will also like…” segment on each page where related films are listed.

The only conflict of this website is the fact that they display ads before the video plays.

This is how they grip the whole service free for its users.

All you need to do is,  tick out of the ad or close the webpage that pops up to access the video.

They can even be downloaded for viewing at a later time. To read more about KatmovieHd click here

3. AllMovie


AllMovie has a powerful search engine so you can navigate through the enormous collection of movies with comfort and find the best one for you.

Besides a great collection, AllMovie offers reports about movie news, actors and actresses and other items of consequence to film buffs.

You can find box office listings in-case you want to leave your house and go to the cinema as well as many full-length films to see at home.

Video thumbnails make your choice easy!

4. Yify

solar movies

Yify is considered a high-quality alternative for SolarMovie.

It also has a quite impulsive interface so that you can quickly search and find your favorite movie.

One surprising thing is that you can watch all the movies in HD for free and that’s why it reaches here as one of the best SolarMovie alternatives to watch online.

Though Yify is a decent online movie site, it doesn’t instantly provide the movies on their website.

Instead, the streaming is allowed by a 3rd party. But you can use it to watch movies for free from a wide collection of genres, including horror, drama, action and so on.

5. Movies.GG

websites like solarmovie

This is a free online movie streaming service that is accessible in both English and German.

You can discover Movies.GG’s extensive collection of movies through different searching aspects.

On the homepage the newest movies are presented but using the toolbar on the left side of the page you can quickly locate the latest cinema additions, the top-rated films and browse films based on genre.

Moreover, when you watch a movie, many related videos are offered to you.

Altogether, the site offers a lot fewer features and is less sophisticated compared to sites like SolarMovie.

For Example: Labeling of movies, is not that detailed and downloading is not available.

6. Hulu

solarmovie alternative

Hulu is one of the most famous movies and tv streaming websites on the Internet today and is suggested  as the best

alternatives to solarmovie.

You can find an extreme amount of subscription and free – only  HD movies and TV shows.

You have the way to the freshest episodes very soon after they are delivered, so you don’t have to miss any part of your beloved series.

No one wants to be the person defending their ears and asking people not to give any spoilers for the newest shows.

It is simple to locate for what you want on Hulu because of the compelling search, exploration and filter tools.

Have all the fun!

7. Movie Watcher


Movie Watcher is probably one of the unique sites matching SolarMovie.

You can check the list of upcoming films on the site. Here you can watch different kinds of television series and movies from the latest to recently released.

The video library is organized according to the years and its main feature on the Movie Watcher website.

If you’re not able to find your favorite movies or TV shows, go to the search engine and do a quick search.

Here you will get all the updates from the collection of movies that come in HD quality videos.

To start streaming videos in Movie Watcher, you will need to register a free account to watch a particular movie.

8. Rainierland

solar movie

Rainierland is a very rare site and has slightly different features compared to SolarMovie.

This site gives you exactly what visitors are looking for and what kind of video content they want.

Watch the latest videos online by browsing videos of different kinds of TV shows and movies.

The design of this website is well arranged and is very simple and easy to handle.

9. Vumoo


After websites like SolarMovie Vumoo is the most visited videos streaming sites that provide free services.

Here you can stream movies online or download the file and watch them later.

Never miss a single episode of your favorite TV shows, and there is no limitation.

10. New Movies Online

solarmovie tv shows

New Movies Online is the best alternatives to SolarMovies.

This site has several collections of films and TV series of different genres.

The movies available are mostly new and films of the last few years.

11. Movies 4K

solarmovies zu

Many sites share the same content as SolarMovie and Movie4k is one of them.

This site is some of the largest movie libraries in the world where you can watch almost every video.

Stream movies or TV shows in full HD quality.

Access to movie viewing is entirely free, and there is no need to go for any registration.

To watch videos on the site is free, no charge included. The streaming video qualities available are 1080p, 720p.

12. HaloA

Sites Like HaloA is the right alternative for SolarMovie to watch recent movies.

Browse your favorite movie genre whether it’s action, adventure, animation or any other. Watch the most popular movies by searching by year and notes.


solarmovie free is the best website like SolarMovie to watch free movies online in HD quality.

The video library is downloaded with different types of movies that include action, animation, horror, science fiction, and much more.

It has an extensive list of movies from A to Z on the website. And the most exciting part is that you can search for a film by actors.

TIP: If a movie is missing from the website, you can send a movie request for that particular movie. After 2 to 3 days you will find the updated movie website.

14. FMovies

solarmovie tv

If you are looking for the solarmovie alternatives, then you have to visit FMovies.

FMovies is, by far, the best movie streaming site you can visit if you want to watch free movies in HD quality.

Right now, the site hosts more than 5,000 movies, and you can also download movies for free.

Another great thing about FMovies is that users can also download the movie to their computer to watch it offline.

15. Niter

Niter is another best alternatives for SolarMovie. Here you can find a lot of high-quality movies.

The good thing about Niter is that it also has Tv shows on its platform.

The website has a great interface that makes things easier for viewers to find and broadcast movies and TV shows.

There are films of different genres like Action, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, etc.

16. Gomovies

solarmovie alternative

A site where you can find all the great stuff is Gomovies. It is a unique sort of website and a very considerate alternative to solarmovies.

It provides a good categorization to its matter like comedy, thriller, etc. You can download as well as watch for free.

It is more popular for the TV series with each and every episode of all the seasons listed in a subtle way.

You can check out the streaming movies and series in HD right here by yourself by clicking on the link provided in the name above.

17. The Putlockerhub


It’s one of the best alternatives to Solarmovie. Here, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows. The best part is that without any type of registration, you can stream any movies (old or new) for free.

The interface is clean and free from any malicious functions. They have categorically divided movies and TV shows which makes the users easy to search for their favorite movies or TV shows.

The navigation system of the website is very simple, you can access all the points pretty easily. Here you can stream your favorite movies in high-quality resolution and good quality sound.


We have shared the best 15 alternatives to SolarMovie for you to experience movies and TV shows. You can download any movies from these websites through free video downloader.

Also, the way to save those streaming films is explained. Have an excellent solution that isn’t listed here?

It’s hugely honored if you can give your view in the comments and we will consider adding your idea to the article.

Thank you!

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