The Benefits of Wearing Linen Dresses: Style and Comfort

October 7th, 2021 by

The Benefits of Wearing Linen Dresses: Style and Comfort

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics utilized for clothing. There was a period in ancient history when linen was only available to the nobility and the upper-class society, so it is considered a luxury to own linen clothing.

In fact, the oldest linen dress in the world was created around 2,800 B.C. Imagine, linen has been loved for hundreds of years, and up to this date, we still adore and love wearing linen dresses.

To understand why this fabric has been a global trend today, have a look at some of the benefits of wearing linen fabric that make it the favorite of royalties, fashion icons, and gurus for ages.

Heads up! You may want to switch to linen clothing for good after knowing what makes it unique and irresistible for ages.

7 Benefits of Wearing Linen Dresses

  1. Linen dress is naturally breathable.

A linen dress is indeed the perfect dress for the summer to keep you cool all day long! Thanks to the natural properties and weave formation of the flax plant allowing air to flow between the fibers making the linen dress highly breathable and perfect for hot and humid weather. The structural integrity of the flax fiber itself makes the linen dress slip softly away from your body, rather than snugging your skin keeping you more comfortable and cooler.

  1. Linen dress is moisture-resistant.

Imagine you are wearing a natural air conditioner linen dress with an effective cooling system. Your linen dress will kept your body free of moisture because linen fabric is highly absorbent and will instantly remove your sweat away from your skin at the same time releases the excess heat back into the air. Thanks to the molecular structure of linen that it can absorb a lot of liquid before it looks and feels damp. So, your linen dress will hust absorb  a lot of your sweat and have it evaporates quickly off the surface to keep you cool throughout the day!

  1. Linen dress is hypoallergenic and has many more health benefits to offer!

Linen surprisingly has anti-allergic properties and can destroy pathogenic bacteria. Because of its wick-moisture ability, it prevents the buildup of any bacteria or microbes that may harm or cause any allergies or reactions to your skin. Thanks to these natural linen properties that make your linen dress hypoallergenic- highly recommended and sought-after by people with allergies and skin conditions (even people who has diaphoresis, linen is recommended).

Another surprising benefit of wearing a linen dress is that you will keep staying fresh for a more extended time since your linen dress will harbor fewer germs and bacterial growth that may cause body odor.

  1. Linen dress lasts longer and improves as it ages.

One of the reputed highlights of linen fabric is its lasting durability compared to other textiles. For instance, based on recent studies, it is 30% more durable than cotton.  And based on several testimonies, linen does not shrink in the washing machine, unlike cotton shrinks when you wash it. Instead, linen will get softer and shinier with every wash thanks to flax fibers’ structural integrity responsible for keeping linen in proper shape for as long as 30 more years. Who knows, you will be able to pass down your linen dresses or even your linen wedding dress to your daughter or granddaughters to enjoy for years to come!

  1. Linen dress acts as a natural insect-repelling agent.

Another surprising fact you need to know about linen is that it is an insect repelling agent. You might not have noticed it, but it will be nice to see it for yourself. If you have stacked any linen clothes in your wardrobes for too long, it has no insects or moths lying on its surface that may damage it, unlike others that may be a breeding ground for moths.

  1. Linen dress is biodegradable and ideally sustainable.

 Recently, we all have been witnessing the rising popularity of environmentally friendly clothing. As we are trying and doing everything we can to save our planet, choosing or shifting to eco-friendly clothes is a great sustainable alternative to contribute to this advocacy! The flax plant, which we mentioned is the source of the linen fabric that can be cultivated, requires less water and fertilizer to frown, making it one of the world’s most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics!  It is worth mentioning that the discarded seeds of the flax plant can be used for consumption in an incredible zero-waste life cycle that is both recyclable and renewable. Not to mention, linen degrades faster than cotton. With linen being highly sustainable in nature, we can still continue to save our planet while wearing beautiful linen dresses for the rest of our lives!

  1. Linen dress is easy and practical to care for and at the same time highly versatile.

An outstanding benefit of linen dress though it is a luxury and expensive fabric, is that it is safe to wash through a washing machine and does not require any special or extra care. One thing you should always keep in mind while washing linen clothes is to use room temperature or cold water to avoid shrinkage and avoid using detergents with whitening agents, as these chemicals tend to weaken the fiber in your linen.

Another surprising benefit of linen dress is that it does not require any ironing to look good. Though it was one of the most wrinkle-prone fabrics in the world, its creasy imperfections are what makes linen charming and stylish!

Imagine yourself in an all-white linen dress on your way to the club for your friend’s party after a day out working in your office! Amazing right? No other fabric can almost compete with how a linen dress can carry you from a day of work and into a night party. At the same time, it can complement every occasion. No doubt thousands of professional women loved preferred linen clothing as their work-appropriate fashion ensemble to wear all day long!


Now that you are fully aware of the fantastic benefits of linen dress, you probably realize that it is the epitome of comfortable clothing. Not to mention, linen dresses are typically designed to have a relaxed-fit style making them appropriate and suitable for people of all ages, sizes, and shapes. So what are you waiting for? Find your next favorite linen dress that will be an essential addition to your wardrobe- elegant yet comfortable to wear every day!