Skincare Routine Over the Years: Essential Changes to Make

May 19th, 2023 by

Skincare Routine Over the Years: Essential Changes to Make

“Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort. There is no instant miracle cure.” – Karen Grant

Skincare specialist, Karen Grant hit the nail on the head when she noted that beautiful skin is a matter of continuous effort. Not only do you have to be consistent with your routines, but you also need to adapt them to your skin’s changing needs. What your skin needs today certainly won’t be the same as what it requires 10 years down the line, so make sure to take the following tips into account to ensure your skin remains smooth and firm as the years pass by.

The Power of Gentle Skincare

Beauty experts and celebrities alike are starting to simplify and minimize their skincare routines, putting an end to the trend for complicated routines, some of which had 11 steps or over. As skin ages, it becomes finer and more delicate, and it can become less adept at dealing with a barrage of different substances and chemicals. A simple skincare routine has the following stages: cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and the application of one or two anti-aging serums or creams. If you have always had combination skin, it’s time to reassess your needs and consider switching from a foaming cleanser to a gentle balm or oil-based cleanser.

The Need for Moisture

Aging skin tens to lose moisture, so it is important to place extra effort into keeping skin hydrated. If your pores tend to get clogged, opt for a non-comedogonic moisturizer. Ensure it contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid (which boosts your skin’s ability to retain moisture), ceramides (which protect the skin barrier), and niacinamide (which brightens skin). Invest in different anti-aging creams for day and night, and consider using a leave-in face mask at bedtime. Your skin will feel baby-smooth when you get up in the morning, which is a great base for your subsequent makeup routine.

Sensational Serums

Serums and specific creams for areas like the eyes are key when it comes to addressing the specific concerns that can arise with aging. Just a few active ingredients to watch out for when choosing serums and anti-wrinkle creams include retinoids (which stimulate collagen production and boost cell turnover), Vitamin C (an antioxidant that can help target age spots), and alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic and lactic acids. These acids help exfoliate skin, improve texture, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You Are What You Eat

Beauty truly comes from within, so if you want to stave off inflammation and premature aging, prioritize your diet as it merits. Stick to a Mediterrean-style diet and consume plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugar, which ages skin by causing the cross-linkage of collagen fibers. Keep refined foods to a minimum, since these products tend to have hidden sugars and other pro-inflammatory ingredients.

Achieving beautiful skin requires continuous effort and adaptation to your skin’s changing needs. Simplify your skincare routine by focusing on gentle cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Don’t forget to include powerful actives like retinoids, without overdoing it or combining too many products in  your routine.