Ideal Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

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Ideal Skincare Routine for Acne Prone Skin

Acne seems like a never-ending battle, doesn’t it? Acne is common in adolescent age due to hormonal changes, but it also becomes more common in adulthood due to some reasons such as pollution, pregnancy, menstruation, stress, or excessive sweating. Taking Care of acne-prone skin is more than just slathering on products. If your skin is prone to acne, following a routine with the correct products and ingredients will help keep your skin blemish-free.

Read on for some tips on everything from picking and protruding to some effective best-selling skincare products to use.

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Acne Prone Skin: Special Care Needed

Healthy skin starts with clean skin, especially when it comes to acne or oily skin! A good acne skin care routine is essential when you’re prone to breakouts. Following a daily skin care regimen can help remove excess oil from the skin, keep pores clear, and help speed up the healing of blemishes.

With so many products available in the market and so much contradictory information, creating the right skincare routine for acne can seem difficult. But your daily skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

Skin Care Routine For Acne Prone Skin

Step 1 – Use A Natural Face Cleanser

Why is cleansing oily and acne skin so important? Because that’s where it all begins. According to a facial specialists from spas Fredericton, there is no use trying to have blemish-free skin or applying products to treat blackheads or sebum if the skin has not been properly cleansed. It will not work! Oily skin secretes excess sebum, which blocks pores. The result is glowing skin and enlarged pores with blackheads. In addition, they can become stains if bacteria proliferate. Only with rigorous daily hygiene will this vicious cycle be broken.

In the morning and at night, the skin is naturally dirty with sweat, sebum, dead skin, bacteria, makeup, sunscreen, dust, and other polluting particles that adhere to the surface. Cleaning twice a day is the only way to remove all these impurities that accumulate on the skin.

Your skincare routine should always begin with the best facial cleanser.

Always look for a gentle organic face cleanser that penetrates the pores and removes dead cells, oil and bacteria without depleting the skin of its natural oils. We recommend using The LAMAV Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser, a purifying deep cleansing gel infused with Fruit Acids to clean and balance oily/combination skin.

Face Cleanser

Step 2 – Exfoliate Twice A Week

To fight acne, you need to target it where it starts—in the pores. Exfoliating your skin provides deep cleansing of the epidermis and will help the skin to renew itself naturally. It removes dead skin cell buildup, reduces the formation of comedones, and helps smooth and soften the skin. One of the best exfoliating face scrub is LAMAV AHA face exfoliant, a powerful 2-in-1 exfoliator that stimulates cell turnover leaving the skin smooth.

Step 3 – Use A Toner (Morning And Night)

Natural skin toners can aid in removing excess oil, hydrate, and fight blackheads and blemishes. Toners help balance the skin’s pH levels after cleansing, leaving your skin soft, supple, and hydrated. Acne-prone skin types should reach for toners with a unique blend of probiotics that will help to balance the skin’s microbiome like the LAMAV Probiotic Toner that reduces pore size and refines texture.

Step 4 – Hydrate Your Skin (Morning And Night)

Many people with oily skin steer clear of moisturizers and serums. Forget the myth that oily skin does not need to hydrate. It is false that a moisturizer or serum only contributes to adding oil to the skin, on the contrary, applying a good, oil-free product won’t trigger breakouts but will help you create a mattifying effect and control the amount of sebum produced by the skin. Applying a hydrating natural facial serum nourishes, heals, and calms the irritated skin. For acne-prone oily skin try LAMAV Skin Balancing Fluid, a lightweight, mattifying fluid that reduces shine to reveal a balanced complexion.

Step 5 – Yes Or Yes, Sun Protection!

Sunscreen is the key for acne-prone skin. It is important to choose the correct sunscreen, otherwise, you run the risk of clogging your pores and causing more pimples to appear. Lack of sun protection will cause acne wounds to end up leaving spots as if they were scars, in addition to being exposed to other risks caused by UVA / UVB rays such as premature aging or more serious damage such as skin cancer.

Other Recommended Tips:

  • Do not let your hair fall on your face as the sebum and dirt in the hair cause acne.
  • Clean your face after hair wash. Many hair products contain ingredients that can cause pimples
  • Don’t touch them! We know it is very tempting, but avoid touching your face. Doing so only causes bacteria to spread or scar
  • Bacteria-free pillow. Every night your skin comes into contact with a combination of dirt, bacteria, and dead skin that accumulates on your pillow. Change the cover regularly!
  • Exercise daily
  • Learn to be less stressed
  • Follow a healthy diet

Great skin doesn’t revolve around heredity alone, your daily habits and routine play a significant role in what you see in the mirror. So, the next time those unwanted visitors pop, you know the basics!

AUTHOR BIO: Thomas Willson is a digital marketer at LAMAV Organic Skin Science – World’s first Certified Organic Skincare brand infused with scientifically proven bio-actives and natural skin care products in Australia for all skin types. Tarj Mavi, the CEO and founder of LAMAV Organic Skin Science, believes that “No woman has to sacrifice her health for beauty.”