Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas: Five Romantic Suggestions

January 26th, 2023 by

Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas: Five Romantic Suggestions

Are you thinking of popping the question this Valentine’s Day? If so, you will want to make sure the occasion is memorable. Whether you are looking for a traditional way to propose or considering a more unique option, here are five proposal ideas for anyone who wants to say those four little words this Valentine’s Day.

Hearts and Flowers

If you’re staying home this Valentine’s Day and planning to ask your loved one to marry you, why not take the traditional route of showering them with hearts and flowers? Decorate your home with red and pink balloons and heart-shaped decorations and present them with a bouquet of Valentines flowers as you pop the question. If you already have a ring, you may be able to add it into the bouquet – just be careful it doesn’t get lost! As an alternative, you could opt for a Valentines Day flowers delivery in Bristol instead, having your proposal written on the delivery card.

Serenade Them

If you’re a confident singer, you could always propose to your loved one with a song. There are so many love songs to choose from that it’s impossible to recommend just one, but it will make a magic moment even more special if it’s a song that already means something to you both.

Love Notes

Love letters are the ultimate romantic gesture and a perfect way for you to say exactly how you feel, especially if you think you might be nervous when proposing and forget what you want to say. Start by sharing happy memories from your time as a couple, followed by saying what it is you particularly love about your other half. End your love letter with the all-important question! If long letters aren’t your thing, why not go for a shorter option? A post-it note hidden among the mail or in their lunchbox can be such a surprise that it can have a huge impact.

Holiday Romance

When you are away from the stresses of everyday life you will be more relaxed so why not take your loved one on holiday over Valentine’s Day and propose while you’re away? Choose somewhere that has a special meaning to you both or that has spectacular views – you will want a stunning background for those engagement announcement photos.

Make a Statement

If you are a flamboyant couple who love the limelight, you might want to go all-out with your proposal. This could be by flying a plane with a proposal banner overhead, asking a celebrity to help you propose via a Cameo message or at a concert, or getting down on one knee in a crowded restaurant. This option is best reserved for those who are confident of a ‘yes’ and who know their loved one enjoys being the centre of attention.

No matter how you propose, it will be a memorable moment for you and your partner. Have your phone at the ready to capture the joy of the occasion and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!