Beauty Necessities for Your Trip: Packing Guide

September 26th, 2020 by

Beauty Necessities for Your Trip: Packing Guide

Gearing up for next trip? Whether for business or pleasure, by land or air, pack these 7 travel beauty essentials and be ready for every adventure.

So you’re headed out for a trip! We’re jealous over here because you’re going to have so much fun! You’re ready to hit the road, but you have to tackle packing before you do that.

It may take a while to pack. Going on a trip is fun, but getting everything ready can be such a chore!

And when it comes to deciding on which beauty essentials to bring, you have a hard time.

Before going into full-fledged panic mode, we’ve come up with a list of beauty necessities. Check out this list, and the decision process should be a lot easier.

1. Face and Body Lotion

It doesn’t matter where you’re off to; it’s hard to take care of your skin without face and body lotion.

Keep Skin Moisturized

Keep your skin moisturized so you won’t have to deal with any dry and patchy skin.

When you’re going on adventures, you want your skin to look its best. So make sure you apply lotion as you would at home. Your skin needs moisture!

Don’t Try a New Product

Since you’re going on a fun trip, you may get tempted to try a new product. But this may not yield great results.

It’s best to bring a lotion that you already use. If you don’t, your skin could break out and itch. You never know if you’ll have an allergic reaction! So stick to what you use already and experiment with your skincare another time.

Another note: put the lotion in travel containers to not cart around large bottles.

2. Facial Cleanser

Taking care of your face during a trip is essential. That’s why we recommended using lotion. And there’s another product you should bring! That’s right. You can’t leave for your trip without a facial cleanser.

Your go-to facial cleanser will cleanse your face of impurities. When you’re out and about, your pores are more likely to get clogged by oil and dead skin cells. Yeah, we know that’s gross.

Luckily, you can combat oil and dead skin cells with a trusty facial cleanser.

Keep in mind that a change in climate can also affect your skin. Thus, if you’re traveling to a new environment, you may struggle with breakouts.

A facial cleanser will keep your skin tone even and help fight against acne. Hooray!

3. Foot Scrub

Foot scrub may not seem like an essential item to bring. Yet, you’re going to be on your feet a lot. It’s only natural for your feet to ache after spending all day walking.

A foot scrub can help your feet recover. Use it to scrub your feet while giving them a massage.

Doing this will speed up your feet’s recovery and get you ready to walk non-stop the next day!

4. Chapstick

Remember to include some chapstick when you pack!

This beauty essential will keep your lips moist and stop them from becoming chapped.

Your lips are more apt to get dried out if you’re having fun in the great outdoors. Being at the beach and going on a hike means you’ll be in the sun. Protecting your lips is just as important as protecting the rest of your face!

So pack some chapstick with SPF for your trip and make sure it’s with you when you leave the hotel. Otherwise, your lips are not going to be happy with you when your trip is over!

By the way, if you’re prone to losing chapstick, pack a few of them in case that happens.

5. Essential Oils

Whether or not you use essential oils, they’re great to have on hand during a trip. While there’s many you could bring with you, here are a few of our favorites:


Lavender is one versatile essential oil. You can use lavender as a perfume since it smells so lovely!

It’s also great to add a few drops to your lotion before applying it to your skin. This essential oil has calming properties, so it’s perfect for skin care.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is excellent for your skin, and in particular, your scalp.

You may have bought shampoo with tea tree in it. If you’d prefer to bring another shampoo with you, pack a bottle of tea tree essential oil.

Add a few oil drops to your shampoo to heal and invigorate your scalp! Tea tree can also hurry your skin’s healing time if you happen to get a cut or bruise.

Buying bulk essential oils can save you a great amount of money over time. If you’re willing to buy tree oil in bulk, VINEVIDA can be a nice option for you.

6. Nail Clipper

Don’t forget a handy nail clipper!

If you like to bite your nails (although we don’t recommend it!) or have hangnails, clippers are essential.

It’s also handy to use them as scissors to cut something, such as plastic or a tag in a pinch!

Throw them in your day bag and backpack for easy access.

7. Shampoo and Conditioner

Of course, no one can go anywhere without shampoo and conditioner!

Select your favorite shampoo and conditioner and make sure it’s securely packed. And don’t forget your tea tree essential oil like we mentioned earlier.

There may already be shampoo and conditioner in the room if you’re staying at a hotel. But it’s nice to stick with what works well with your scalp and hair.

Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are with you when you leave. It’s vital to have clean hair while you’re out and about enjoying all the sites!

In Conclusion

No journey is complete without bringing your favorite beauty necessities. You may likely forget a few, so to prevent that, make a list.

You can look over the list before hitting the road. After all, you don’t want to forget your favorite facial cleanser.

We get that it’s hard to narrow down your beauty essentials for a trip. Think about which products you use the most, and stick with those.

And look over this article before you go — that way, you’ll be confident you didn’t forget anything!