Breaking Stigmas: Encouraging Open Conversations About STD Testing in Hyderabad

September 24th, 2023 by

Breaking Stigmas: Encouraging Open Conversations About STD Testing in Hyderabad

The terms “STI” and “STD” (sexually transmitted illnesses and diseases) are used interchangeably. Globally, millions of people are facing illness due to STD contraction. One of the major reasons is the lack of conversation or ideas about sexual disease. Similarly, in Hyderabad, people avoid having conversations about STD testing. This is the reason why the percentage of STD testing in Hyderabad is low.

For many couples, STD testing topics may not be encouraging enough to have a conversation about, especially when there is a stigma attached. However, starting the discussion can help you and your partner preserve your health, stop the spread of STDs and other diseases, and possibly give you peace of mind when having physical intimacy.

So, how do you start the conversation about STD testing? We have listed down points about steps you can follow to break the stigma and have open conversations.

9 Ways to have Open Conversations about STD testing in Hyderabad.

  1. Having Facts Presented

Before bringing up the STI testing topic with your partner, it’s critical to educate yourself about the subject due to the widespread stigma and misunderstanding surrounding them. Remember that people who have STIs have just minor or no symptoms. Make sure you are aware of the symptoms and prevention methods for STIs. When having this conversation, it might also be beneficial to have a basic understanding of how to get tested and what your potential treatment choices would be if you or your partner had an STI. At the initial stage, you may wonder how your partner would take it, but being open is the only way to have a better and safer relationship.

Ask your partner if they are comfortable talking about their sexual health with you and how well-versed they are in STD/STI testing.

  1. Identifying your Boundaries

You and your partner may hold different beliefs or viewpoints about intimacy and safe sex. Even if you and your partner disagree, it is important you stand firm and that you are aware of your boundaries and limitations. Think about the aspects of physical intimacy with which you are and are not comfortable. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your body or your health.

Be direct when defining your boundaries. Make sure your partner is aware of any non-negotiable demands. Also, be ready for things to go differently than you had hoped.

  1. Creating Safe Environment

When speaking with a partner about sexual health and protection for the first time, it’s normal to feel a little awkward or nervous. For both of you to be able to open up and benefit from your talk, ensure you can have a comfortable environment. Making each other feel safe and fostering an environment of openness is crucial both before and during intercourse because this can be a highly intimate conversation with your partner.

When talking about private issues like your sexual health, it’s ideal to keep distractions to a minimum and locate a private environment where you both feel at ease to express yourselves freely.

It can also be beneficial to establish some ground rules, such as no judgment or keeping any discussions between the two of you.

We’ve designed a game of “Never Have I Ever,” which is the best method to learn more about your partner’s sexual health and boundaries once you’re prepared to have a safe sex talk with them.

  1. Normalize Conversations

Stress that STD testing in Hyderabad is a common practice in responsible sexual behavior to normalize conversations about sexual health and the prevention of STDs. Moreover, you must create a sense of trust about normalizing STD testing.

  1. De-stigmatize STDs

Challenge and alter unfavorable attitudes and notions about STDs. Insist on the fact that STDs are treatable and can affect anyone. When talking about these subjects, promote compassion, empathy, and understanding.

  1. Using Examples

The best way to create a conversation is to use examples. Others may feel more comfortable talking openly and comfortably about their sexual health if you do.

  1. Getting STD Testing Together

Be open and truthful about your sexual health by admitting any STI suspicions or prior STI history before engaging in sexual activity. It is crucial that you get tested before having intercourse, even if you don’t believe you have an STI. As you take the test alone, you could feel anxious and lonely. If so, taking the exam together with your partner might allay your concerns and bring you both comfort.

Make plans for what to do if one or both of you end up testing positive for an STD before you get tested. Consider your feelings as well as those of your spouse over any outcomes. You might wish to break up, or you might be committed to rekindling your romance.

  1. Connect with a Supportive Healthcare Expert

Encourage supportive healthcare providers to bring up STD testing during routine check-ups and consultations. If you are going for a full body checkup in Hyderabad, make sure you also get the STD testing done. Medical professionals who take a proactive stance promote the value of testing and make it a regular topic of discussion in healthcare.

  1. Peer-to-Peer Support:

Promote discussions among peers in which people can discuss their experiences, worries, and information regarding STD testing. Peer support can be especially useful in removing obstacles and normalizing these conversations.


By using these tips, you may foster an atmosphere where candid discussions regarding STD testing in Hyderabad can be held. This will be beneficial to have a strong physical activity and trust in both. For a full body checkup in Hyderabad with your partner, you can choose Orange Health Lab. Our team will visit your place to collect samples and deliver the report.